11th USENIX Security Symposium 2002 Aug. 5, 2002 to Aug. 9, 2002, San Francisco, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: Information Security In The 21St Century Whitfield Diffie Although its origins may be ancient, the first component of information security, communication security, was ... Security Keynote
Graphic Of A Penguin Sitting In A Glass Containerawarded Best Paper! Security 9 Russ Cox, Eric Grosse , Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, Avaya Labs , Sean Quinlan, Security
Linux Security Modules: General Security Support For The Linux Kernel Stephen Smalley , Christian Wright , Greg Kroah-hartman , Crispin Cowan , James Morris Security
Using Cqual For Static Analysis Of Authorization Hook Placement Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Antony Edwards , Trent Jaeger None Security Analysis
Wireless Access Point Mapping Simon D. Byers This talk relates our experiences in 2.4 GHz wireless AP mapping, giving a broad sweep ... Security Wireless Access
Detecting Manipulated Remote Call Streams Somesh Jha , Jonathon T. Giffin , Barton P. Miller None Security
Type-Assisted Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detection Kyung-suk Lhee , Steve J. Chapin None Security
Freedom To Tinker Edward W. Felten "Freedom to Tinker" is the freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and improve the technological devices ... Security Legal
Access And Integrity Control In A Public-Access, High-Assurance Configuration Management System Jonathan S. Shapiro , John Vanderburgh None Security Access
Biometric Authentication Technologies: Hype Meets The Test Results (Pdf) James L. Wayman Biometric authentication is automatic identification or identity verification based on behavioral and physiological characteristics. Its ... Security Access
Verisign Czag: Privacy Leak In X.509 Certificates Scott G. Renfro , Yahoo! None Security Privacy
How To Own The Internet In Your Spare Time University of California , Stuart Staniford , Vern Paxson , Icsi Weaver None Security
Network Telescopes: Observing Small Or Distant Security Events David Moore , Caida , San Center None Security
Setuid Demystified University of California , Hao Wagner , Sri International Security
Secure Execution Via Program Shepherding Vladimir Kiriansky , Derek Bruening , Saman Amarasinghe None Security
A Flexible Containment Mechanism For Executing Untrusted Code University of California , David S. Peterson , Matt Bishop , Raju Pandey , Davis None Security
Illusions Of Security (Pdf) Paul Kocher , Cryptography Research None Security
Sslacc: A Clustered Ssl Accelerator Eric Rescorla , Adam Cain , Brian Korver Security SSL
Trusted Paths For Browsers Sean W. Smith , Zishuang (Eileen) Ye , Dartmouth College None Security
Formal Methods And Computer Security John C. Mitchell None Security
Toward Speech-Generated Cryptographic Keys On Resource-Constrained Devices Fabian Monrose , Lucent Reiter , Carnegie Li , Daniel P. Lopresti , Chilin Shih Security
Secure History Preservation Through Timeline Entanglement Petros Baker None Security
How Come We Still Don'T Have Ipsec, Dammit? John Ioannidis None Security
Graphic Of Archaeologists Looking At Ancient Scrollslessons Learned In Implementing And Deploying Crypto Software Peter Gutmann None Security
Side-Channel Attacks On Symmetric Encryption Schemes: The Case For Authenticated Encryption John Urtubia , University of Nevada , Reno None Security
Making Mix Nets Robust For Electronic Voting By Randomized Partial Checking Markus Juels , Ronald l. Rivest None Security
Implications Of The Dmca Anti-Circumvention For Security, Research, And Innovation Pam Samuelson None Security