Infiltratecon 2016 April 7, 2016 to April 8, 2016, miami,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Dave Aitel N/A
Keynote Nate Fick N/A
Why nationstate malwares target Telco Networks Omer Coskun N/A
All Your Browsers Are Belong To Us Benjamin Watson N/A
The Tao of Hardware, the Te of Implants Joseph Fitzpatrick N/A
Java deserialization vulnerabilities Matthias Kaiser N/A
Hack the Pentagon Lisa Wiswell N/A
Automatic RootCause Identification for Crashing Executions Sean Heelan N/A
Pwning Adobe Reader Sebastian Apelt N/A
Genetic Malware Travis Morrow , Josh Pitts N/A
The Secret Life of ActionScript Natalie Silvanovich N/A
Swift Reversing Ryan Stortz N/A
Xenpwn Felix Wilhelm N/A
Making a scalable automated hacking system Artem Dinaburg N/A