12th USENIX Security Symposium 2003 Aug. 4, 2003 to Aug. 8, 2003, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: Reflections On A Decade Of Pseudonymity Black Unicorn What is identity? What is reputation? What is trust? Are these concepts as self-explanatory as ... Security Keynote
Attacks John Mchugh None Security
Remote Timing Attacks Are Practical Dan Boneh , David Brumley None Security
802.11 Denial-Of-Service Attacks: Real Vulnerabilities And Practical Solutions Stefan Savage , John Bellardo None Security
Denial Of Service Via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks Scott A. Crosby , Dan S. Wallach None Security
Distributing Security: Defending Web Sites With 13,000 Servers Andy Ellis Early models of Web site defense focused on the challenges of appropriately hardening a small ... Security Web
Ids And Logging Tina Bird None Security
Coping With The Real World Crispin Cowan None Security
Plug-And-Play Pki: A Pki Your Mother Can Use Peter Gutmann None Security
Analyzing Integrity Protection In The Selinux Example Policy Trent Jaeger , Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Reiner Sailer None Security
Security Holes . . . Who Cares? Eric Rescorla None Security
Protecting The Internet Infrastructure John Ioannidis All Internet services depend on two infrastructure components: the Domain Name System and the routing ... Security Infrastructure
Cryptography Matt Blaze Matt Blaze's research focuses on the architecture and design of secure systems based on cryptographic ... Security Cryptography
Panel: Electronic Voting Aviel D. Rubin , Dan S. Wallach , David Elliot , David Dill , Douglas Jones , Sanford Morganstein , Jim Adler , Brian O'connor The U.S. national elections in 2000 demonstrated numerous problems with punch-card voting systems. Many states ... Security
Internet Security: An Optimist Gropes For Hope William R. Cheswick By all accounts the Internet has grown more dangerous since its inception. Most of the ... Security Malware Business
Firewalls And Internet Security Steve Bellovin Steve Bellovin is an AT&T Fellow in the Network Services Research Lab at AT&T Labs ... Security
Hardening I David A. Wagner None Security
Pointguard: Protecting Pointers From Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities Crispin Cowan , Steve Beattie , Perry Wagle , Jon Johansen None Security
Address Obfuscation: An Efficient Approach To Combat A Broad Range Of Memory Error Exploits R. Sekar , Sandeep Bhatkar , Daniel C. Duvarney None Security
High Coverage Detection Of Input-Related Security Faults Eric Larson , Todd Austin None Security
When Policies Collide: Will The Copyright Wars Roll Back The Computer Revolution? Mike Godwin The last two years have seen an unprecedented effort by content companies--notably the movie studios--to ... Security
Pki Models, Distributed Nested Groups, And Revocation Radia Perlman None Security
Detection Dawn Song None Security
Storage-Based Intrusion Detection: Watching Storage Activity For Suspicious Behavior Adam G. Pennington , John D. Strunk , John Linwood Griffin , Craig A.N. Soules , Garth R. Goodson , Ganger None Security
Detecting Malicious Java Code Using Virtual Machine Auditing Giovanni Vigna , Sunil Soman , Chandra Krintz None Security Auditing
Static Analysis Of Executables To Detect Malicious Patterns Somesh Jha , Mihai Christodorescu None Security Analysis
Physical Security: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Mark Seiden Physical security is an oft-overlooked but critical prerequisite for good information security. A bad guy ... Security
Application-Level Security Protocols: Pgp, S/Mime, Ssl, And Ssh Peter Gutmann Peter Gutmann arrived on earth some eons ago when his physical essence filtered down from ... Security
Applied Crypto Patrick Mcdaniel None Security
Ssl Splitting: Securely Serving Data From Untrusted Caches Chris Lesniewski-laas , M. Frans Kaashoek None Security SSL
A New Two-Server Approach For Authentication With Short Secrets Ari Juels , John Brainard , Burt Kaliski , Michael Szydlo None Security
Domain-Based Administration Of Identity-Based Cryptosystems For Secure Email And Ipsec Diana K. Smetters , Glenn Durfee None Security
The Internet As The Ultimate Surveillance Network Richard M. Smith This session will look at the economic, technological, and political forces which are changing the ... Security Wireless
Network Mapping William R. Cheswick Bill Cheswick has worked on (and against) operating system security for over 30 years. While ... Security Firewall Media
Panel: Revisiting Trusted Computing David Farber , Lucky Doorn , Bill Arbaugh , Peter Biddle Suddenly, cybersecurity is on the lips of senior government officials, high-level corporate executives, and even ... Security
Honeyd, Honeypots Niels Provos Niels Provos is an experimental computer scientist conducting research in steganography and in computer and ... Security
Hardening Ii Steve Bellovin None Security
Preventing Privilege Escalation Peter Honeyman , Niels Provos , Markus Friedl None Security
Dynamic Detection And Prevention Of Race Conditions In File Accesses Eugene Yee None Security
Improving Host Security With System Call Policies Niels Provos None Security
The Internet Is Too Secure Already Eric Rescorla The cryptographers and COMSEC engineers have given us an incredible number of fundamental security primitives. ... Security
The Road Less Traveled Dan Boneh None Security
Scrash: A System For Generating Secure Crash Information Pete Broadwell , Matt Harren , Naveen Sastry None Security
Implementing And Testing A Virus Throttle Jamie Twycross , Matthew M. Williamson None Security Testing
Establishing The Genuinity Of Remote Computer Systems Rick Kennell , Leah H. Jamieson None Security
The Case For Assurance In Security Products Brian Snow Security products need to work as intended, especially in the presence of malice. This requires ... Security Legal