QuBit 2016 April 13, 2016 to April 14, 2016, prague,czech republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Conference opening Maria Kalicakova N/A
A Tale of Two Cities : Fire Sale and the Evolution of Cyber Espionage Michael Goedeker N/A
Securing Your Company for Today’s Cyber War Peter Allor N/A
Digital Leaders Stuart Hyde N/A
The Dark Side of the Internet Force Aamir Lakhani N/A
Cyber jujutsu - using attacker’s force against himself Etay Maor N/A
Release Your BetWorm on Your Infrastructure Yehia Mamdouh N/A
BYOD - Based Corporate Forensics Radim Polcak N/A
Best Practices for Proactive Hunting Justin Harvey , Fidelis N/A
Incident Handling in Financial Sector Tomas Hladek , Marek Zeman , Lukas Hlavicka , Jiri Slaby N/A
Phishing and Ransomware Attacks in the Czech Republic (2012-2015) Jan Kolouch , Ales Padrta N/A
Anatomy of DDoS Attacks Eldad Chai N/A
GPS Hacking – From Beautiful Equations To Serious Threats Tomas Rosa N/A
Board of Directors Addressing Cybersecurity and Hacking Threats, Performance of Boards Alex Holden , Phil Cracknel , Thomas Pache N/A
(In)Security of Mobile Technologies Ivan Bacigal N/A
How to Leverage Agentless Endpoint Analysis to Perform Detection of Breaches Joe Bernik N/A
Adapting the Security Operations Model to How We Work Josh Pyorre N/A
Mentoring Fundamentals for the Security Professional Jeff Silver N/A
Future Malware Analysis & Detection within an Advanced Trusted Environment Markus Maybaum N/A
Forensic Investigator 2015, satiric dialogs Ondrej Nemcok N/A
Stories from Last Decade of Data Breach Ondrej Krehel N/A
Abuse of Virtual Currencies by Criminals Jarek Jakubcek N/A
(Digital) Democracy and Massive-control in the Post-Snowden Age Raul “nobody” Chiesa N/A
Big Data Everywhere – The Tricks and Pitfalls of Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation Philipp Schaumann N/A
Building a Cyber Security Operations Center - Case Study Shah Sheikh N/A
A Case Study on the Security of Application Whitelisting René Freingruber N/A
The Difference Between a Simple Perimeter Breach and a Cyber Catastrophe Joe Carson N/A
How a CISO May Deal with the New European Privacy and Security Legal Instruments? Yves le Roux , Tomas Kolomaznik N/A
Digital Forensics Under the Hood Ahmed M. Neil N/A
Advanced Methods of Detection & Protection against Security Threats on the Level of National ISP Milos Mastnik , Pavel Minarik N/A
Architecture of a modern cross channel fraud detection Jiri Slaby N/A
eIDAS Implementation – Obstacles and Opportunities Petra Zabudkova , Josef Donat , Robert Piffl N/A
Mobile Threat Protection - New Ways of Protecting Mobile Devices Jan Andrascik N/A
Network and Information Security Directive (the NIS Directive) Zuzana Hecko N/A
How to talk successfully about “CYBER” risk mitigation and transfer to managers Thomas Pache N/A
Industrial Automatisation - Hackers’ Paradise as in 90-ties Tomáš Zaťko N/A