SecureWorldPhiladelphia 2016 April 20, 2016 to April 21, 2016, philadelphia,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Executive Advisory Council Breakfast:: Cybersecurity in an Interconnected World VIP / INVITE ONLY Patrick Gray N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Building a Successful Information Security Awareness Program (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Dan Lohrmann N/A
SecureWorld Plus: DevOps and APPSec: Building an AppSec Pipeline - (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Aaron Weaver N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Handling & Managing Security Incidents - (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) John O'leary N/A
Computer Security for ML Business & Government Marvin Stein N/A
Data Breach Digest - Scenarios from the Field John Grim N/A
Narco-Terror and Security Issues We Face Ioan Grillo N/A
SecureAuth: Identity in Security - Know Who’s in Your Network Scott Drucker N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Digital Doomsday - a Message from the U.S. Cyber Defense Advisor to NATO Curtis ks Levinson N/A
A 2016 Perspective on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Leeza Garber N/A
Garbo, D-Day and Ultimate Social Engineering John O'leary N/A
Radware: Cyber War Chronicles - Stories From the Virtual Trenches Ron Winward N/A
Wombat: The State of Phishing Attacks and How to Reduce Their Impact Trevor Hawthorn N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Radware - Safety, Sanctuary and Security: The Societal Impact of Ever-Permeating Connectivity Ben Desjardins N/A
Panel: Current Threatscape Misha Govshteyn , Mike Warner , Kevin Peterson , Ron Winward , Craig Johnson , Adam Winn N/A
Panel: Locking Down the Endpoints Ed Greene , Carl Banzhof , Ravi Patel , Chris Guarino , George Waterman N/A
Frugal Girl's Guide to Threat Management Amy Mushahwar N/A
New Twists on Moving Target Defense Christopher Zarcone N/A
Service Provider Management and Oversight Dave Snyder N/A
20 Years of Auditing - Lessons Learned John Kveragas N/A
Cloud Service Best Practices Anthony Meholic N/A
Security Enhanced ComposerRalph DeFrangesco Stephanie J. Defrangesco N/A
Welcome to the Desert of the New Cybersecurity World Colin Morgan N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Hacked Again - It Can Happen to Anyone, Even a Cybersecurity Expert Scott n. Schober N/A
Check Point Software: The Critical Need for Incident Response Tim Otis N/A
Edgar Allan Poe: Paradox, Enigma, Genius John O'leary N/A
Information Overload Robert A. Mckosky N/A
LogicNow: Data Breach Risk Intelligence That Matters Carl Banzhof N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: The Confluence of Data Security Challenges Patrick Gray N/A
Panel: After the Hack Patrick Gray , Peter Iancic , Peter Merriken , Lid Tadesse N/A
Panel: You've Got Humans on Your Network Scott Drucker , Trevor Hawthorn , John Kveragas , John Rostern , Gregg Laroche N/A
From Security Director to Risk Leader : Continuous Monitoring, Transparency and Accountability in the New Era of Security Risk Management Robert Weaver N/A
HIPAA-HITECH Enforcement Update: Preparing Your Organization for the Phase II Audits and Possible Enforcement Joan Antokol N/A
Secure Digital Password Storage - Are You Doing it Right? Steve Frein N/A