ACSC 2016 April 12, 2016 to April 14, 2016, canberra,austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Securing a Digital Enterprise Latha Maripuri N/A
Airbus Group: A journey to adapt security to modern day threats Stephane Lenco N/A
Growing demands, evolving from a CERT to a National Cyber Security Centre Antti Kiuru N/A
I like Blockchain and I cannot lie! Wade Alcorn N/A
Increasing visibility to enhance security Ashutosh Kapse N/A
Joining the dots - using graph analysis to detect and contain Cryptolocker related activity Andre Miranda N/A
The changing targets of cyber criminals Scott Mellis N/A
Is cyber security the next big science? Jackie Craig N/A
From IoT to Smart Cities - security challenges continued Ilias Chantzos N/A
Cyber Cluedo Scott Ceely N/A
Get out of my logs, get into my report Karl Denton N/A
The Hunted become the Hunters - Turning Security Operations on its head Nick Race N/A
The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Tobias Feakin N/A
Delivering Australia's Cyber Security Strategy: a view from the independent advisory panel Tobias Feakin N/A
We *prove* the trustworthiness of our systems June Andronick N/A
Cyber 2020 - Changing the way we look at cyber security from lessons learnt Mike Brown N/A
Industrial Control Systems - Current Threat Landscape Marty Edwards N/A
Secure at the (Software) Source Pieter Danhieux N/A
Transport Futures: Moving Targets and Multi-dimensional Fragmentation - Multipathed, Multiplexed and Multilateral Network Security Catherine Pearce N/A
The Blindspot: Why your adversary is a gold frequent flyer Wayne Ronaldson N/A
Creating and leveraging the cyber security ideas boom Gary Blair N/A
Where are all the women you ask? Shanna Daly N/A
Application Security in a DevOps World Peter Freiberg N/A
Satellite Navigation Forensics Peter Hannay N/A
The current cybercrime threat picture for Australia Charlotte Wood N/A
Trustworthy Remote Entities: Cheap,Efficient, Secure Multiparty Computation Andrew Martin N/A
Security Operations: Moving to a Narrative-Driven Model Josh Goldfarb N/A
Incident Response: engineering a more resilient internet Maarten Van Horenbeeck N/A
Regin Networking: Leverage Malware Network Structure to Improve Defence Matthieu Kaczamarek N/A
Alarming your Neighbours Britta Offergeld N/A
Mysterious 'Phase 2' - The Attacker's View Chad Hunt , Mark Ray N/A
Program synthesis in reverse engineering Rolf Rolles N/A
ASD's experience enabling, managing and conducting cyber incident response David C. Lewis N/A
Australia in the global economy: How cyber security underpins prosperity Lynwen Connick N/A
Hunting at Stage 3 Andrzej Dereszowski N/A
The Dusty Web - an Exploration of Australian Website Security Kayne Naughton N/A
Getting value from security testing Adam ( met1storm ) Boileau N/A
Oracle Parfait: The Flavour of Real-World Vulnerability Detection Cristina Cifuentes N/A
Humans are under rated Don Jokhan N/A
Cyber Security meets Export Controls Leonard Wills N/A
What has your National CERT been up to? Scott Brown N/A
Retaking surrendered ground: getting serious about cybercrime Chris Pogue N/A
Comparing attack surfaces of various organisations using OSINT Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh N/A
Research Panel: Vulnerabilities Rolf Rolles , Andrew Martin , June Andronick , Cristina Cifuentes N/A
Security in an Innovation Culture Craig Davies N/A
Data Combat - warfare in the age of big data Craig Searle N/A
Eyes on Glass - Lessons Learned in Implementing Battle-Ready SIEM Systems Clive Reeves N/A
Mandiant Shanna Solomon N/A
How to stop worrying and love the hack Sri Parameswaran N/A
Communicating cyber security to executives and managers Patricia Mcmillan N/A
Giving the Keys to the Kingdom via Citrix Chathura Abeydeera N/A
Surving a data breach - communicating in a crisis to protect your reputation Wayne Tufek N/A
Internet of Malware (Inside the Criminal Malware Machine) Richard Perlotto N/A
Post-Quantum Crytopgraphy Brian Lamacchia N/A
Visibility into the Threat Landscape Aaron Hackworth N/A
Top 35 Opsec Toolkit David Cottingham N/A
What risks are hiding inside your network? Jack Klecha N/A
Active Incident Response Brian Candlish , Christian Teutenberg N/A
Beyond the Top 35: Browser exploitation in hardened networks Tim Willis N/A
Tactical Diversion-Driven Defense Trent Heisler N/A
The Shadowy Cyber Attack - State Sponsors of Terror and Cyber Terrorists Andre Mcgregor N/A
The role of intelligence in commercial security operations Adam Cartwright N/A
The Human Aspects of Cyber Security (HACS) collaboration Marcus Butavicius N/A
Where are your products manufactured? Brad Minnis N/A
Tracking down the Advanced Threats - detect an internal attack in real-time Chun Fai Chui N/A
Hacking Fibre Channel (FC) Networks Kylie Peak N/A
DevOps - a How To for Agility with Security Murray Goldschmidt N/A
New challenges from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks Chris Leckie N/A
Are CISOs an endangered species? If so, we're in serious trouble James Turner N/A
Introduction to AWS Security by Design - a solution to automate security, compliance and auditing in AWS John Hilderbrandt N/A
Emulators for the Masses Chris Eagle N/A
Research Panel: How do we foster innovation in cyber security? Adrian Turner , Jackie Craig , Sandra Ragg N/A