ANCS 2016 May 17, 2016 to May 18, 2016, Santa Clara,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
BASEL (Buffer mAnagement SpEcification Language) Patrick Eugster , Kirill Kogan , Danushka Menikkumbura , Gustavo Petri , Youngtae Noh , Sergey Nikolenko N/A
Links as a Service (LaaS): Guaranteed Tenant Isolation in the Shared Cloud Ori Rottenstreich , Eitan Zahavi , Alexander Shpiner , Avinoam Kolodny , Isaac Keslassy N/A
PFPSim: A Programmable Forwarding Plane Simulator Samar Abdi , Umair Aftab , Gordon Bailey , Bochra Boughzala , Faras Dewal , Shafigh Parsazad , Eric Tremblay N/A
Is memory disaggregation feasible?: A case study with Spark SQL George Porter , Pramod Biligiri N/A
Memory-Efficient String Matching for Intrusion Detection Systems using a High-Precision Pattern Grouping Algorithm Bochra Boughzala , Shervin Vakili , J.m. Pierre Langlois , Yvon Savaria N/A
High Throughput Forwarding for ICN with Descriptors and Locators Michele Papalini , Koorosh Khazaei , Antonio Carzaniga , Daniele Rogora N/A
HyPaFilter: A Versatile Hybrid FPGA Packet Filter Björn Scheuermann , Andrew W. Moore , Andreas Fiessler , Sven Hager N/A
O3FA: A Scalable Finite Automata-based Pattern-Matching Engine for Out-of-Order Deep Packet Inspection Wu-chun Feng , Xiaodong Yu , Danfeng , Yao , Michela Becchi N/A
Optimizing VM Live Migration Strategy Based on Migration Time Cost Modeling Ziyu Li , Gang Wu N/A
Many-Field Packet Classification for Software-Defined Networking Switches Cheng-liang Hsieh , Ning Weng N/A
A Study of Speed Mismatches Between Communicating Virtual Machines Luigi Rizzo , Giuseppe Lettieri , Stefano Garzarella , Vincenzo Maffione N/A
Stick to The Script: Monitoring The Policy Compliance of SDN Data Plane Peng Zhang , Hao Li , Chengchen Hu , Liujia Hu , Lei Xiong N/A
Node configuration for the Aho-Corasick algorithm in Intrusion Detection Systems J.m. Pierre Langlois , Alexsandre B. Lacroix , François-raymond Boyer , Antoine Gosselin , Guy Bois N/A
Software Defined Networks-on-Chip for Multi/Many-Core Systems: A Performance Evaluation Remberto Sandoval-arechiga , Ramon Parra-michel , Jose L. Vazquez-avila , Jorge Flores-troncoso , Salvador Ibarra-delgado N/A
Forwarding Strategies for Applications in Named Data Networking Patrick Crowley , Hila Ben Abraham N/A
Enterprise LTE and WiFi Interworking System and A Proposed Network Selection Solution Shuai Wang , Lina Xu , Junqing Xie , Xunteng Xu N/A
Cache Sharing Using a Bloom Filter in Named Data Networking Ju Hyoung Mun , Hyesook Lim N/A
ParaRegex: Towards Fast Regular Expression Matching in Parallel Jun Li , Zhe Liu N/A
P4GPU: Accelerate Packet Processing of a P4 Program with a CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architecture Peilong Li , Yan Luo N/A
A One-Way Proof-of-Work Protocol to Protect Controllers in Software-Defined Networks Tilman Wolf , Jingrui Li N/A
On Data Plane Latency and Pseudo-TCP Congestion in Software-Defined Networking Ting Zhang , Bin Liu , Dongzhe Tai , Huichen Dai N/A
Evaluating Information-Centric Networks in Disconnected, Intermittent, and Low-Bandwidth Environments Thiago Teixeira , Michael Zink N/A
NI + Router Microarchitecture for NoC-based Communication Systems Remberto Sandoval-arechiga , Jose L. Vazquez-avila , R. Parra-michel , Blanca I. Gea-garcia N/A
Minflate: Combining Rule Set Minimization with Jump-based Expansion for Fast Packet Classification Björn Scheuermann , Andreas Fiessler , Sven Hager , Patrik John N/A
Virtual Network Functions Instantiation on SDN Switches for Policy-Aware Traffic Steering Cheng-liang Hsieh , Ning Weng N/A