13th USENIX Security Symposium 2004 Aug. 9, 2004 to Aug. 13, 2004, San Diego, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks, Awards, And Keynote Matt Blaze Security Keynote
Keynote Address: Back To The Future William "Earl" Boebert The speaker will review his 30-year association with research into "predictable systems," that is, those ... Security Keynote
Attack Containment Angelos Keromytis None Security
A Virtual Honeypot Framework Niels Provos None Security
Collapsar: A Vm-Based Architecture For Network Attack Detention Center Xuxian Jiang , Dongyan Xu None Security
Very Fast Containment Of Scanning Worms Vern Paxson , Stuart Staniford , Nicholas Weaver None Security
Rfid: Security And Privacy For Five-Cent Computers Ari Juels RFID tags are microchip-enhanced, next-generation barcodes capable of transmitting a small amount of information over ... Security Privacy
Panel: Capture The Flag Tina Bird Major Ronald Dodge, Marc Dougherty, Chris Eagle,Riley Eller, Capture the Flag competitions are a popular ... Security Testing
Fighting Computer Virus Attacks Peter Szor Every month, critical vulnerabilities are reported on a wide variety of operating systems and applications. ... Security Analysis
Protecting Software I Sotiris Ioannidis None Security
Tied, Libsafeplus: Tools For Runtime Buffer Overflow Protection Kumar Avijit , Prateek Gupta , Deepak Gupta None Security
Privtrans: Automatically Partitioning Programs For Privilege Separation Dawn Song , David Brumley None Security
Avfs: An On-Access Anti-Virus File System Erez Zadok , Yevgeniy Miretskiy , Abhijith Das , Charles P. Wright None Security
I Voted? How The Law Increasingly Restricts Independent Security Research Cindy Cohn Are our elections secure? Can we trust our insurance companies' websites to secure our medical ... Security Legal
Protecting Software Ii Adrian Perrig None Security
Side Effects Are Not Sufficient To Authenticate Software Umesh Shankar , Monica Chew , J. D. Tygar None Security
On Gray-Box Program Tracking For Anomaly Detection Debin Gao , Dawn Song , Michael K. Reiter None Security
Finding User/Kernel Pointer Bugs With Type Inference David A. Wagner , Rob Johnson None Security
Metrics, Economics, And Shared Risk At The National Scale (Pdf) Dan Geer None Security Risk
The Human Interface Greg Rose None Security
Graphical Dictionaries And The Memorable Space Of Graphical Passwords Paul Van Oorschot , Julie Thorpe None Security
On User Choice In Graphical Password Schemes Fabian Monrose , Michael K. Reiter , Darren Davis None Security
Design Of The Eros Trusted Window System Jonathan S. Shapiro , John Vanderburgh , Eric Northup , David Chizmadia None Security
Exploiting Software (Pdf) Gary Mcgraw Software vulnerability and software exploits are the root causes of a majority of computer security ... Security Rootkits
Panel: Patch Management Crispin Cowan , Patrick Mcdaniel , Bob Cowles , Eric Schultz Much of the damage caused by contemporary viruses and worms is preventable. Administrators can minimize ... Security Panel
Military Strategy In Cyberspace Stuart Staniford I will discuss basic principals of military strategy and then apply them to cyberspace. I ... Security Cyberwar
Security Engineering Carl Ellison None Security
Copilota Coprocessor-Based Kernel Runtime Integrity Monitor Nick L. Petroni , Jr. , Timothy Fraser , Jesus Molina , William A. Arbaugh None Security
Fixing Races For Fun And Profit: How To Use Access(2) Drew Dean , Alan J. Hu None Security
Network-In-A-Box: How To Set Up A Secure Wireless Network In Under A Minute Dirk Balfanz , Glenn Durfee , Rebecca E. Grinter , Diana K. Smetters , Paul Stewart None Security Wireless
Design And Implementation Of A Tcg-Based Integrity Measurement Architecture Trent Jaeger , Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Reiner Sailer , Leendert van Doorn Security
What Biology Can (And Can'T) Teach Us About Security David Evans Nature provides an existence proof that complex, robust behavior can be produced from remarkably simple ... Security
Forensics And Response Niels Provos None Security Forensics
Privacy-Preserving Sharing And Correlation Of Security Alerts Vitaly Shmatikov , Phillip Porras , Patrick Lincoln None Security
Static Disassembly Of Obfuscated Binaries Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , William Robertson , Fredrik Valeur None Security
Autograph: Toward Automated, Distributed Worm Signature Detection Brad Karp , Hyang-ah Kim None Security
Nuclear Weapons, Permissive Action Links, And The History Of Public Key Cryptography (Pdf) Steve Bellovin From a security perspective, command and control of nuclear weapons presents a challenge. The security ... Security Cryptography
Data Privacy William Aiello None Security Privacy
Fairplaya Secure Two-Party Computation System Dahlia Malkhi , Noam Nisan , Benny Pinkas , Yaron Sella None Security
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router Roger Dingledine , Nick Mathewson , Paul Syverson None Security
Understanding Data Lifetime Via Whole System Simulation Tal Garfinkel , Jim Chow , Ben Pfaff , Kevin Christopher , Mendel Rosenblum None Security