14th USENIX Security Symposium 2005 Aug. 1, 2005 to Aug. 5, 2005, Baltimore, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: Computer Security In The Real World Butler W. Lampson After thirty years of work on computer security, why are almost all the systems in ... Security Keynote
Securing Real Systems Adrian Perrig None Security
Security Analysis Of A Cryptographically-Enabled Rfid Device Aviel D. Rubin , Ari Juels , Adam Stubblefield , Steve Bono , Matthew Green , Michael Szydlo None Security Analysis
Stronger Password Authentication Using Browser Extensions Dan Boneh , Collin Jackson , Blake Ross , Nick Miyake , John C Mitchell None Security Browser
Cryptographic Voting Protocols: A Systems Perspective David A. Wagner , Naveen Sastry , Chris Karlof None Security
Human-Computer Interaction Opportunities For Improving Security Ben Shneiderman Creating a more secure computing and communications environment requires cooperation among many disciplines. Human-computer interaction ... Security Monitoring Analysis Development
Panel National Id Cards Carl Ellison , Niels Provos , Drew Dean , Daniel Weitzner None Security Panel
Homeland Security: Networking, Security, And Policy Douglas Maughan This presentation will provide an overview of the recently created Department of Homeland Security, its ... Security Infrastructure
Diagnosing The Net Angelos Keromytis None Security
Empirical Study Of Tolerating Denial-Of-Service Attacks With A Proxy Network Ju Wang , Xin Liu , Andrew A. Chien None Security
Robust Tcp Stream Reassembly In The Presence Of Adversaries Vern Paxson , Sarang Dharmapurikar None Security
Countering Targeted File Attacks Using Locationguard Mudhakar Liu None Security
Electronic Voting In The United States: An Update Aviel D. Rubin In July 2003, my research team published an analysis of Diebold's Accuvote TS and TSX ... Security Analysis
Managing Secure Networks Adam Stubblefield None Security
An Architecture For Generating Semantic Aware Signatures Somesh Jha , Jonathon T. Giffin , Vinod Yegneswaran , Paul Barford None Security
Mulval: A Logic-Based Network Security Analyzer Xinming Ou , Sudhakar Govindavajhala , Andrew W. Appel None Security
Detecting Targeted Attacks Using Shadow Honeypots Kostas Anagnostakis , Stelios Sidiroglou , Periklis Akritidis , K. Xinidis , Evangelos P. Markatos , Angelos D. Keromytis None Security
Cybersecurity: Opportunity And Challenges Pradeep K. Khosla This presentation will provide an overview of the research in CyLab. CyLab is a university-wide ... Security
Sniffing Conference Networks: Is It Legal? Is It Right? Paul Ohm , William R. Cheswick , Abe Singer , Mike Scher It has become commonplace at some computer conferences, especially security conferences, for someone to "sniff" ... Security Panel Legal
Treacherous Or Trusted Computing: Black Helicopters, An Increase In Assurance, Or Both? Bill Arbaugh A lively and mostly healthy debate has focused on the trusted computing initiatives of several ... Security
Attacks R. Sekar None Security
Where'S The Feeb The Effectiveness Of Instruction Set Randomization David Evans , Ana Nora Sovarel , Nathanael Paul None Security
Automating Mimicry Attacks Using Static Binary Analysis Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Darren Mutz None Security Analysis
Non-Control-Data Attacks Are Realistic Threats Jun (Jim) Xu , Shuo Chen , Emre C. Sezer None Security
How To Find Serious Bugs In Real Code Dawson Engler This talk will describe new dynamic bug-finding techniques that work well on real code, our ... Security
Protecting The Network Niels Provos None Security
Mapping Internet Sensors With Probe Response Attacks John Bethencourt , Jason Franklin , Mary Vernon None Security
Vulnerabilities Of Passive Internet Threat Monitors Yoichi Shinoda , Ko Ikai , Motomu Itoh None Security
On The Effectiveness Of Distributed Worm Monitoring Moheeb Abu Rajab , Andreas Terzis , Fabian Monrose Monitoring Security
Open Problems With Certifying Compilation Greg Morrisett Proof-carrying code was introduced by Necula and Lee as a technique for minimizing trusted code: ... Security Monitoring
Defenses Yoshi Khono None Security
Protecting Against Unexpected System Calls C. M. Linn , M. Rajagopalan , S. Baker , C. Collberg , Saumya K. Debray , J. H. Hartman None Security
Efficient Techniques For Comprehensive Protection From Memory Error Exploits R. Sekar , Sandeep Bhatkar , Daniel C. Duvarney None Security
Finding Security Vulnerabilities In Java Applications With Static Analysis V. Benjamin Livshits , Monica S. Lam None Security Analysis
Opus: Online Patches And Updates For Security Gautam Altekar , Ilya Bagrak , Paul Burstein , Andrew Schultz None Security
What Are We Trying To Prove? On The Relevance Of Certified Code To Computer Security Peter Lee Since 1996 there has been tremendous progress in developing the idea of certified code, including ... Security Development
Building Secure Systems Somesh Jha None Security
Fixing Races For Fun And Profit: How To Abuse Atime Nikita Borisov , David A. Wagner , Naveen Sastry , Rob Johnson None Security
Building An Application-Aware Ipsec Policy System Haining Wang , Heng Yin None Security
Shredding Your Garbage: Reducing Data Lifetime Through Secure Deallocation Tal Garfinkel , Jim Chow , Ben Pfaff , Mendel Rosenblum None Security