HITBAmsterdam 2016 March 23, 2016 to March 27, 2016, amsterdam,netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Patricia M. Zorko N/A
KEYNOTE 1 - Beyond FBI vs Apple: What's Next for the Crypto Wars John Adams N/A
Virtualization System Vulnerability Discovery Framework Tang Qinghao N/A
Hardsploit Project: An All-In-One Tool for Hardware Security Audits Yann Allain , Julien Moinard N/A
Droid-FF: The First Android Fuzzing Framework Anto Joseph N/A
Escape From The Docker-KVM-QEMU Machine Xu Liu , Shengping Wang N/A
CSP Oddities Michele Spagnuolo , Lukas Weichselbaum N/A
TeLeScope: Peering Into the Depths of TLS Traffic in Real-Time Radu Caragea N/A
Kernel Exploit Hunting and Mitigation Broderick Aquilino , Wayne Low N/A
Mobile Application Security for iOS and Android Tushar Dalvi , Tony Trummer N/A
Using the Observer Effect & Cyber Feng Shui Jacob Torrey N/A
SandJacking: Profiting from iOS Malware Chilik Tamir N/A
Exploit Kits: Hunting the Hunters Nick Biasini N/A
IRON-HID: Create Your Own Bad USB Device Seunghun Han N/A
Vulnerability Discovery Using Machine Learning Gustavo Grieco N/A
Forcing a Targeted LTE Cellphone into an Eavesdropping Network Lin Huang N/A
Adaptive Android Kernel Live Patching Yulong Zhang , Tim Xia N/A
Time is On My Side: Forging a Wireless Time Signal to Attack NTP Servers Haoqi Shan , Yuwei Zheng N/A
Go Speed Tracer: Guided Fuzzing Richard Johnson N/A
Electronic Access Control Security Matteo Beccaro N/A
Cache Side Channel Attacks: CPU Design as a Security Problem Anders Fogh N/A
New Methods for Exploiting ORM Injections in Java Applications Sergey Soldatov , Mikhail Egorov N/A
KEYNOTE 2 - The Future Has Arrived and it's Effin' Hilarious Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
In Plain Sight: The Perfect Exfiltration Itzik Kotler , Amit Klein N/A
Perf: From Profiling to Kernel Exploiting Wish Wu N/A
Hardware Security – Buses, Protocols and Oscilloscopes Anibal Sacco , Federico Muttis N/A
Attacking Next-Generation Firewalls:Breaking PAN-OS Felix Wilhelm N/A
Advanced Exploitation: Xen Hypervisor VM Escape Shangcong Luan N/A
CANsee: An automobile intrusion detection system Jun Li N/A
in stickers we trust: breaking naive ESSID/WPA2 key generaation algorithims Peter \xe2\x80\x98blasty\xe2\x80\x99 Geissler N/A