15th USENIX Security Symposium 2006 July 31, 2006 to Aug. 4, 2006, Vancouver, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: The Current State Of The War On Terrorism And What It Means For Homeland Security And Technology Richard A. Clarke None Security Keynote
Authentication Tara Whalen None Security
A Usability Study And Critique Of Two Password Managers Sonia Chiasson , P.c. van Oorschot , Robert Biddle None Security
On The Release Of Crls In Public Key Infrastructure Chengyu Ma , Nan Li None Security Infrastructure
Biometric Authentication Revisited: Understanding The Impact Of Wolves In Sheep'S Clothing Lucas Ballard , Daniel P. Lopresti , Fabian Monrose Security
Selling Security To Software Developers: Lessons Learned While Building A Commercial Static Analysis Tool Brian Chess Over the past ten years, static analysis has undergone a rebirth in both the academic ... Security Analysis
Security Vulnerabilities, Exploits, And Attack Patterns: 15 Years Of Art, Pseudo-Science, Fun, And Profit Iván Arce The emergence and widespread adoption of home computers in the '80s helped raise a generation ... Security Development
Attacks Niels Provos None Security
How To Build A Low-Cost, Extended-Range Rfid Skimmer Avishai Wool , Ilan Kirschenbaum None Security
Keyboards And Covert Channels Matt Blaze , Gaurav Shah , Andres Molina None Security
Lessons From The Sony Cd Drm Episode Edward W. Felten , J. Alex Halderman Security
Panel Usable Security: Quo Vadis? Dirk Balfanz , Tara Whalen , Paul Van Oorschot , Konstantin Beznosov , Ka-ping Yee There are a growing number of researchers working in the intersection of human computer interaction ... Security Panel
Software Anil Somayaji None Security
Milk Or Wine: Does Software Security Improve With Age? Andy Ozment , Stuart E. Schechter None Security
N-Variant Systems: A Secretless Framework For Security Through Diversity David Evans , Benjamin Cox , Adrian Filipi , Jonathan Rowanhill , Wei Hu , Jack Davidson , John Knight , Anh Nguyen-tuong , Jason Hiser None Security
Taint-Enhanced Policy Enforcement: A Practical Approach To Defeat A Wide Range Of Attacks R. Sekar , Sandeep Bhatkar , Wei Xu None Security
Signaling Vulnerabilities In Law Enforcement Wiretapping Systems Matt Blaze The politics of wiretapping is a hot topic (again) lately. But how do the police ... Security Legal
Network Security Trent Jaeger None Security
Sane: A Protection Architecture For Enterprise Networks Dan Boneh , Martin Garfinkel , Aditya Akella , Michael J. Freedman , Nick Mckeown None Security
Phas: A Prefix Hijack Alert System Dan Pei , Mohit Lad , Dan Massey , Yiguo Wu , Beichuan Zhang , Lixia Zhang None Security
Passive Data Link Layer 802.11 Wireless Device Driver Fingerprinting Damon Mccoy , Jason Franklin , Parisa Tabriz , Vicentiu Neagoe , Jamie Van Randwyk , Douglas Sicker , Scott Shenker None Security Wireless
Turing Around The Security Problem Crispin Cowan Computers have advanced so much in the 75 years of computing history that one might ... Security
Major Security Blunders Of The Past 30 Years Matt Blaze , Peter G. Neumann , Virgil Gligor In this panel we discuss the major security blunders of the past 30 years in ... Security Panel Development
Aspect-Oriented Programming: Radical Research In Modularity Gregor Kiczales Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is based on a radical exploration of modularity in software development. By ... Security Others
Static Analysis For Security David A. Wagner None Security Analysis
Static Detection Of Security Vulnerabilities In Scripting Languages Yichen Xie , Alex Aiken None Security
Rule-Based Static Analysis Of Network Protocol Implementations Jeffrey S. Foster , Octavian Udrea , Cristian Lumezanu None Security Analysis
Evaluating Sfi For A Cisc Architecture Greg Morrisett , Stephen Mccamant None Security
Surviving Moore'S Law: Security, Ai, And Last Mover Advantage Paul Kocher Most computer security research focuses on the pursuit of a "binary" ideal of security, such ... Security Others
Intrusion Detection R. Sekar None Security
Sigfree: A Signature-Free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker Xinran Wang , Chi-chun Pan , Peng Liu , Sencun Zhu None Security
Polymorphic Blending Attacks Roberto Perdisci , Wenke Lee , Prahlad Fogla , Monirul Sharif , Oleg Kolesnikov None Security
Dynamic Application-Layer Protocol Analysis For Network Intrusion Detection Vern Paxson , Holger Dreger , Anja Feldmann , Michael Mai , Robin Sommer None Security Analysis
Behavior-Based Spyware Detection Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Engin Kirda , Greg Banks , Richard A. Kemmerer None Security
Drm Wars: The Next Generation Edward W. Felten Technologists, lawyers, and politicians have been fighting for years over digital rights/restrictions management (DRM) technology. ... Security
System Assurance Vassilis Prevelakis None Security
An Architecture For Specification-Based Detection Of Semantic Integrity Violations In Kernel Dynamic Data Nick L. Petroni , Jr. , Timothy Fraser , William A. Arbaugh , Aaron Walters None Security
Vtpm: Virtualizing The Trusted Platform Module Reiner Sailer , Stefan Berger , Ram�n C�ceres , Kenneth A. Goldman , Ronald Perez , Leendert van Doorn None Security
Designing Voting Machines For Verification Tadayoshi Kohno , David A. Wagner , Naveen Sastry None Security
Academic Department Or Corporate Lab, Which Fits? Bill Aiello After 15 years in two of the Bell Labs' progeny, the last 5 as a ... Security Cryptography