16th USENIX Security Symposium 2007 Aug. 6, 2007 to Aug. 10, 2007, Boston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: How The Ipod Shuffled The World As We Know It Steven Levy None Security Keynote
Www Security Wenke Lee None Security
Sif: Enforcing Confidentiality And Integrity In Web Applications Stephen Chong , K. Vikram , Andrew C. Myers None Security Web
Combating Click Fraud Via Premium Clicks Sid Stamm , Ari Juels , Markus Jakobsson None Security
Spyproxy: Execution-Based Detection Of Malicious Web Content Henry M. Levy , Alexander Moshchuk , Tanya Bragin , Damien Deville , Steven D. Gribble , Un None Security Web
The Human Factor In Online Fraud Markus Jakobsson While most Internet security research addresses mathematical and algorithmic aspects, there is a recent trend ... Security Privacy Development
Privacy Paul Van Oorschot None Security Privacy
Language Identification Of Encrypted Voip Traffic: Alejandra Y Roberto Or Alice And Bob? Fabian Monrose , Lucas Ballard , Charles V. Wright , Masson None Security
Devices That Tell On You: Privacy Trends In Consumer Ubiquitous Computing T. Scott Saponas , Jonathan Lester , Carl Hartung , Sameer Agarwal , Tadayoshi Kohno None Security Privacy
Web-Based Inference Detection Jessica Staddon , Philippe Golle , Bryce Zimny None Security
Windows Vista Content Protection Peter Gutmann Windows Vista includes an extensive reworking of core OS elements in order to provide content ... Security
Authentication Tadayoshi Kohno None Security
Keep Your Enemies Close: Distance Bounding Against Smartcard Relay Attacks Steven J. Murdoch , Saar Drimer None Security
Human-Seeded Attacks And Exploiting Hot-Spots In Graphical Passwords Julie Thorpe , P.c. van Oorschot None Security
Halting Password Puzzles: Hard-To-Break Encryption From Human-Memorable Keys Xavier Boyen None Security
How To Obtain And Assert Composable Security Ran Canetti , Ibm Research Capturing the security requirements of distributed systems and applications in a meaningful way is a ... Security Analysis
Threats Fabian Monrose None Security
Spamscatter: Characterizing Internet Scam Hosting Infrastructure Geoffrey M. Voelker , Stefan Savage , David S. Anderson , Chris Fleizach None Security Infrastructure
Exploiting Network Structure For Proactive Spam Mitigation Subhabrata Sen , Oliver Spatscheck , Shobha Venkataraman , Patrick Haffner None Security
Bothunter: Detecting Malware Infection Through Ids-Driven Dialog Correlation Wenke Lee , Phillip Porras , Guofei Gu , Vinod Yegneswaran , Martin Fong None Security Malware
Exploiting Online Games Gary Mcgraw This talk (based on a book of the same title co-authored by Greg Hoglund) frankly ... Security Privacy
Analysis Hao Chen None Security Analysis
Integrity Checking In Cryptographic File Systems With Constant Trusted Storage Michael K. Reiter , Alina Oprea None Security
Discoverer: Automatic Protocol Reverse Engineering From Network Traces Helen J. Wang , Weidong Cui , Jayanthkumar Kannan None Security
Towards Automatic Discovery Of Deviations In Binary Implementations With Applications To Error Detection And Fingerprint Generation Dawn Song , David Brumley , Juan Caballero , Zhenkai Liang , James Newsome None Security
Computer Security In A Large Enterprise Jerry Brady , Morgan Stanley Computer security is one of the most complex challenges facing large enterprises today. Securing a ... Security Risk
Cellular Network Security Patrick Traynor , Davis , Hao Chen , Ron Buskey , Motorola; John Larson , Simon Mizikovsky , Thomas La Porta None Security
Mobile Malware Mikko Hypponen The first real viruses for mobile phones were found in June 2004. Since then, scores ... Security Malware
Low Level Tal Garfinkel None Security
Oslo: Improving The Security Of Trusted Computing Bernhard Kauer None Security
Secretly Monopolizing The Cpu Without Superuser Privileges Dan Tsafrir , Yoav Etsion , Dror G. Feitelson None Security
Memory Performance Attacks: Denial Of Memory Service In Multi-Core Systems Thomas Moscibroda , Onur Mutlu None Security
Computer Security And Voting David Dill It is now quite clear that most electronic voting systems were designed with only minor ... Security
Report Of The California Voting Systems Review David A. Wagner None Security
Panel: E-Voting Matt Blaze , Giovanni Vigna , Alex Halderman , Santa Wallach None Security
Obfuscation Wietse Venema None Security
Binary Obfuscation Using Signals Igor V. Popov , Saumya K. Debray , Gregory R. Andrews None Security
Active Hardware Metering For Intellectual Property Protection And Security Yousra M. Alkabani , Farinaz Koushanfar None Security
Advanced Rootkits Greg Hoglund Rootkits are backdoor programs that can be placed in a computer without detection. Virus scanners ... Security Rootkits
Network Security Angelos Stavrou None Security
On Attack Causality In Internet-Connected Cellular Networks Patrick Mcdaniel , Patrick Traynor , Thomas La Porta None Security
Proximity Breeds Danger: Emerging Threats In Metro-Area Wireless Networks Stelios Sidiroglou , Periklis Akritidis , W.y. Chin , V.t. Lam , Kostas Anagnostakis None Security Wireless
On Web Browsing Privacy In Anonymized Netflows S.e. Coull , Michael Collins , Christian Wright , Fabian Monrose , M.k. Reiter None Security Web Privacy