Confidence 2016 May 19, 2016 to May 20, 2016, karkow,poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
State of The Net Mikko Hypponen N/A
QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain't one! Alex Plaskett , Georgi Geshev N/A
Secure software, start appreciating your developers! Martin Knobloch N/A
SAP, dos, dos, race conditions => rce Dmitry Yudin , Dmitrii Chastuhin N/A
Lessons from Vanity. Zero-Knowledge Work, or: What To Trust The C[lr]o[uw]d With David Fuhr N/A
OWASP-SKF Making the web secure by design, become empowered, be THE Neo Glenn Ten Cate N/A
Red Team - najlepszy przyjaciel Blue Teamu Piotr Kazmierczak , Seweryn Kucharski N/A
Torturing the PHP interpreter Mateusz Kocielski N/A
Honey(pot) flavored hunt for cyber enemy. Leszek Miś N/A
Security and forensic projects based on Raspberry Pi devices. Marcin Kaczmarek N/A
Simple bugs to pwn the devs Andrey Plastunov N/A
Ransomware – A technical deep dive in its evolution: methods and techniques used to hinder the decryption of the user’s files Andrea Allievi N/A
Introduction to iOS Application Security Testing Sławomir Kosowski N/A
Designing security scenarios for capturing suspicious activities - yes it's possible. Krzysztof Cudak N/A
Android RE and malware analysis 101 Alexander Antukh , Daniel Ramirez Martin N/A
Game of kiosks : A song of touchable screens and hacking Zakaria Rachid N/A
Making sense out of the Security Operations Gaweł Mikołajczyk N/A
Large-scale security - a practical and pragmatic view Wojtek Swiatek N/A
Smart Sheriff, Dumb Idea. The wild west of government assisted parenting Abraham Aranguren , Fabian Fäßler N/A
SOTI and Attacks. Marco Pacchiardo N/A
Big problems with big data - crash course on hacking Hadoop environments Jakub Kałużny , Mateusz Olejarka N/A
Niebezpieczni prawnicy Piotr Konieczny N/A
Recover a RSA private key from a TLS session with Perfect Forward Secrecy Marco Ortisi N/A
Internet of Things - Internet of Bugs Michal Sajdak N/A
When the medicine is more dangerous than the disease: mobile antivirus security assessment Alexander Bolshev , Ivan Yushkevich N/A
AuthN i AuthZ w mikroserwisach Maciej Sawicki N/A
Wordlists: from statistics to genetic Ivan Yushkevich N/A