ecrime 2016 May 31, 2016 to May 3, 2016, toronto,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Sonia Chiasson N/A
Cybercrime State of the Union – A Law Enforcement Perspective Kenrick Bagnall N/A
Cybercrime in the Financial Sector, 2010-2015 Alice Hutchings N/A
Bitcoin: an impartial assessment of its use and potential for cybercrime Jeremy Clark N/A
Understanding Fraud -- A case study Linda Lister N/A
Cyber Threat Detection through Behaviour Analytics Ashkan Amiri N/A
Introducing the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange Robert Gordon N/A
Closing comments Sonia Chiasson N/A
Welcome and Opening Remarks Peter Cassidy , Foy Shiver N/A
Phishing Trend in Japan and the Counteraction taken as the Council of Anti-Phishing Japan Hajime Komaba N/A
Updated on Cybercrime Conditions in the Latin American Region Graciela Martínez Giordano N/A
The South Asian Cybercrime Scene Report Shubhamangala Sunil N/A
The Brazilian Approach on Cybercrime Trends Richard Pandolfi N/A
The Russian Cybercrime Scene Nicholas Palmer N/A
The Differences and Niches in the Major Global Criminal Undergrounds Sasha Hellberg N/A
An Inside Look at PayPal’s Automated Intelligence Exchange Brad Wardman N/A
Scam Affiliates Redirecting to Google Play and iTunes Store James Pleger N/A
Of Extortion and Mutation: Ransomware's Evolutionary Path Jack Mott N/A
Predicting Phishing Infrastructure Saeed Abui-nimeh N/A
Crimeware Repurposed as a Criminal Homing Device Roberto Martinez N/A
WHOIS as Forensic Goldmine Norm Richie , Drew Bagley N/A
APWG ESP + Phishing Panel David Campbell , Matt Vernhout , Chelsea Maldonado , Paul Kincaid-smith , Sam Silberman N/A
ENTRADA: Enabling DNS Big Data Applications Maarten Wullink , Moritz Müller , Marco Davids , Giovane Moura , Cristian Hesselman N/A
REAPER: An automated, scalable solution for mass user credential harvesting and OSINT Brad Wardman , Blake Butler , Nate Pratt N/A
Evaluating Randomness in Cyber Attack Textual Artifacts Matt Wolff , Xuan Zhao , Jay Luan N/A
Knowing your Enemies: Leveraging Data Analysis to Expose Phishing Patterns Against a Major US Financial Institution Javier Vargas , Alejandro Correa Bahnsen , Sergio Villegas N/A
The Global Phishing Report on Abuse of TLDs Rod Rasmussen , Greg Aaron N/A
Clearinghouse as Forge for a Unified Response to Cybercrime Mike D'ambrogia N/A
Rakuten Case Study: The Effectiveness of the eCX on Persistent Phishing Attacks Yoji Masumura N/A
Data Law, Regulation & Policy Initiatives at APWG Pat Cain N/A
Going Dutch: National Collaboration Fighting Botnets in the Netherlands Bert Ten Brinke N/A
The Abridged BEC/Spear Phish Defensive Playbook Dylan Sachs N/A
Banks, Blockchain and Bitcoin Dave Jevans N/A
From the Caribbean to the Caspian to the West Pacific:STOP. THINK. CONNECT.’s Planetary Footprint Michael Hausding , Aimee Larsen-kirkpatrick N/A
Profiling Underground Merchants Based on Network Behavior Damon Mccoy , Vern Paxson , Sadia Afroz , Srikanth Sundaresan N/A
Geo-Phisher: The Design and Evaluation of Information Visualizations about Internet Phishing Trends Sonia Chiasson , Robert Biddle , Leah Zhang-kennedy , Elias Fares N/A
Behind Closed Doors: Measurement and Analysis of CryptoLocker Ransoms in Bitcoin Adam Doupe , Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Kevin Liao N/A
CUDA turbocharged lions and Veracrypt: A GPU accelerated oclHashcat attack for Veracrypt protected data Domingo Montanaro N/A
Taking Down Websites to Prevent Crime Richard Clayton , Ross Anderson , Alice Hutchings N/A
When Cybercrimes Strike Undergraduates Jens Grossklags , Morvareed Bidgoli , Bart P. Knijnenburg N/A
“Smells Phishy?”: An Educational Game about Online Phishing Scams Sonia Chiasson , Malak Baslyman N/A