ESCARusa 2016 June 1, 2016 to June 2, 2016, detroit,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Automated Vehicle Vulnerabilities Jonathan Petit N/A
Threat Analysis for Cooperative Automated Driving Di Ma , André Weimerskirch , Sumeet Chhawri , Derrick Dominic , Ryan Eustice N/A
Efficient Group Key Establishment for Automotive Controller Area Network Shalabh Jain , Jorge Guajardo N/A
Towards a Scalable Group Vehicle-based Security System Nathanael Paul , Jason Carter N/A
Production Key Server (PKS) – A Secure Key Injection Solution for Industrial-Scale Embedded Device Production Environments Lars Wolleschensky , Moritz Minzlaff , Marko Wolf , Norbert Bissmeyer N/A
Auto-ISAC Overview Tom Mooney N/A
Risk-driven Security Engineering in the Automotive Domain Daniel Angermeier , Jörn Eichler N/A
The Future of the Cybersecurity Framework and How It May Affect the Automotive Industry Suzanne Lightman N/A
Cryptography in a Post-Quantum World Dustin Moody N/A
Back to the Future of Vehicle Cybersecurity Corey Thuen N/A
Software Defined Radios and Automotive Security Karl Koscher N/A
CAN Disabler: Hardware-based Prevention method of Unauthorized Transmission in CAN and CAN-FD networks Satoshi Horihata , David Pyun , Hiroshi Ueda , Ryo Kurachi , Shinya Honda , Hiroaki Takada N/A
CAN Bus Security Research Across Multiple Sectors Kenneth Rohde , Jonathan Chugg N/A
Out-of-Bound Attacks - Proving the Wireless Link to be the Weakest Link in the Chain Yuval Weisglass , Zachi Avatichi , Tomer Gilad , Roee Salomon N/A
Automotive Vulnerability Detection System Jeffrey Smith , David Wittenberg , Robert Gray N/A
Federal R&D in Vehicle and Cyber Physical Systems: Secure Updates, Side Channels, Secure Micro Kernels, and Government Needs Dan Massey N/A
NHTSA Cybersecurity Research Update – Anomaly Detection, Cybersecurity of Firmware Updates, Heavy Vehicle Cybersecurity, and Secure V2V Parser Development Arthur Carter N/A
Car Hacking: Tools of the Trade Craig Smith N/A
Evaluation of Lightweight TPMs for Automotive Software Updates Over the Air Christoph Krauß , Richard Petri , Markus Springer , Daniel Zelle , Ira Mcdonald , Andreas Fuchs N/A