HotCloud 2016 June 20, 2016 to June 21, 2016, denver,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Austin T. Clements , Tyson Condie N/A
Cloud Economics Fred Douglis N/A
How Not to Bid the Cloud Prashant Shenoy , David Irwin , Prateek Sharma N/A
QoX: Quality of Service and Consumption in the Cloud Eric Keller , Hani Jamjoom , Murad Kablan N/A
Cloud Spot Markets are Not Sustainable: The Case for Transient Guarantees David Irwin , Supreeth Subramanya , Amr Rizk N/A
Programming Models Irene Zhang N/A
Interactive Debugging for Big Data Analytics Todd Millstein , Muhammad Ali Gulzar , Xueyuan Han , Matteo Interlandi , Shaghayegh Mardani , Sai Deep Tetali , Miryung Kim N/A
Ovid: A Software-Defined Distributed Systems Framework Robbert Van Renesse , Deniz Altınbüken N/A
Serverless Computation with OpenLambda Venkateshwaran Venkataramani , Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Tyler Harter , Scott Hendrickson , Stephen Sturdevant N/A
Networking Angela Demke Brown N/A
Accelerating Complex Data Transfer for Cluster Computing Eyal De Lara , Alexey Khrabrov N/A
HyperOptics: A High Throughput and Low Latency Multicast Architecture for Datacenters T. Ng , Xin Huang , Yiting Xia , Dingming Wu , Xiaoye Sun N/A
Graviton: Twisting Space and Time to Speed-up CoFlows Y. Charlie Hu , Rohan Gandhi , Akshay Jajoo N/A
Architecture Tyson Condie N/A
Mlcached: Multi-level DRAM-NAND Key-value Cache Yang-suk Kee , I. Stephen Choi , Byoung Young Ahn N/A
When Spark Meets FPGAs: A Case Study for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Acceleration Jason Cong , Yu-ting Chen , Zhenman Fang , Jie Lei , Peng Wei N/A
Unikernel Monitors: Extending Minimalism Outside of the Box Dan Williams , Ricardo Koller N/A
What's Changing in Big Data? Matei Zaharia Big data analytics became a hot research topic nearly ten years ago, but since that ...
Cross Cloud Nisha Talagala N/A
Mapping Cross-Cloud Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Yehia Elkhatib N/A
Towards a Network Marketplace in a Cloud Rodrigo Fonseca , Luo Mai , Orran Krieger , Da Yu , Somaya Arianfar , David Oran N/A
Neutrality in Future Public Clouds: Implications and Challenges George Kesidis , Bhuvan Urgaonkar , Neda Nasiriani , Cheng Wang N/A
Virtual Machines and Containers Dilma Da Silva N/A
Scalable Cloud Security via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Introspection Timothy Wood , Emery D. Berger , Sundaresan Rajasekaran , Zhen Ni , Harpreet Singh Chawla , Neel Shah N/A
Low-Profile Source-side Deduplication for Virtual Machine Backup Wei Zhang , Daniel Agun , Tao Yang N/A
Design Patterns for Container-based Distributed Systems David Oppenheimer , Brendan Burns N/A
Performance Austin T. Clements N/A
An Experiment on Bare-Metal BigData Provisioning Peter Desnoyers , Ata Turk , Orran Krieger , Ravi S. Gudimetla , Emine Ugur Kaynar , Jason Hennessey , Sahil Tikale N/A
The Tail at Scale: How to Predict It? Yu Lei , Hong Jiang , Minh Nguyen , Zhongwei Li , Feng Duan , Hao Che N/A