HotStorage 2016 June 20, 2016 to June 21, 2016, denver,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Sam H. Noh , Nitin Agrawal N/A
Analyzing Analytics Nitin Agrawal N/A
Quartet: Harmonizing Task Scheduling and Caching for Cluster Computing Ashvin Goel , Angela Demke Brown , George Amvrosiadis , Francis Deslauriers , Peter Mccormick N/A
Lazy Analytics: Let Other Queries Do the Work For You Rob Johnson , Donald E. Porter , William Jannen , Martin Farach-colton , Bradley C. Kuszmaul , Michael A. Bender N/A
SEeSAW - Similarity Exploiting Storage for Accelerating Analytics Workflows Kalapriya Kannan , Suparna Bhattacharya , Kumar Raj , Muthukumar Murugan , Doug Voigt N/A
Neutrino: Revisiting Memory Caching for Iterative Data Analytics Lawrence Chiu , Mohit Saxena , Erci Xu N/A
Not Your Father's HDD Vasily Tarasov N/A
Feeding the Pelican: Using Archival Hard Drives for Cold Storage Racks Austin Donnelly , Antony Rowstron , Richard Black , Dave Harper , Aaron Ogus N/A
ZEA, A Data Management Approach for SMR Cyril Guyot , Noah Watkins , Carlos Maltzahn , Adam Manzanares , Damien Lemoal , Zvonimr Bandic N/A
Evaluating Host Aware SMR Drives Fenggang Wu , Ming-chang Yang , Ziqi Fan , Baoquan Zhang , Xiongzi Ge , David H.c. Du N/A
Flash Looking New Song Jiang N/A
Avoiding the Streetlight Effect: I/O Workload Analysis with SSDs in Mind Gala Yadgar , Moshe Gabel N/A
NVMeDirect: A User-space I/O Framework for Application-specific Optimization on NVMe SSDs Jin-soo Kim , Hyeong-jun Kim , Young-sik Lee N/A
Optimizing Flash-based Key-value Cache Systems Zhaoyan Shen , Zili Shao , Feng Chen , Yichen Jia N/A
On Being Distributed Marcos k. Aguilera N/A
ClusterOn: Building Highly Configurable and Reusable Clustered Data Services Using Simple Data Nodes Ali R. Butt , Yue Cheng , Hai Huang , Ali Anwar N/A
Silver: A Scalable, Distributed, Multi-versioning, Always Growing (Ag) File System Dahlia Malkhi , Michael Wei , Steven Swanson , Amy Tai , Chris Rossbach , Ittai Abraham , Udi Wieder N/A
Exo-clones: Better Container Runtime Image Management across the Clouds Richard P. Spillane , Wenguang Wang , Luke Lu , Maxime Austruy , Christos Karamanolis , Rawlinson Rivera N/A
Finding Consistency in an Inconsistent World: Towards Deep Semantic Understanding of Scale-out Distributed Databases Hyojun Kim , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Neville Carvalho , Maohua Lu , Prasenjit Sarkar , Rohit Shekhar , Tarun Thakur , Pin Zhou N/A
What's Changing in Big Data? Matei Zaharia Big data analytics became a hot research topic nearly ten years ago, but since that ...
Revisiting Mobile Storage, Again! Vijay Chidambaram N/A
Why Do We Always Blame The Storage Stack? Hong Jiang , Hao Luo , Myra B. Cohen N/A
An Empirical Study of File-System Fragmentation in Mobile Storage Systems Qiao Li , Liang Shi , Chun Jason Xue , Cheng Ji , Li-pin Chang , Chao Wu N/A
Pixelsior: Photo Management as a Platform Service for Mobile Apps Sharath Chandrashekhara , Karthik Dantu , Steven Y. Ko , Kyungho Jeon N/A
Replicate, Dedup, then NVM William J. Bolosky N/A
99 Deduplication Problems Philip Shilane , Ravi Chitloor , Uday Kiran Jonnala N/A
A Simulation Result of Replicating Data with Another Layout for Reducing Media Exchange of Cold Storage Satoshi Iwata , Kensuke Shiozawa N/A
Deduplicating Compressed Contents in Cloud Storage Environment Yujuan Tan , Hong Jiang , Hao Luo , Zhichao Yan N/A
Non-volatile Memory through Customized Key-value Stores Marcos k. Aguilera , Leonardo Marmol , Jorge Guerra N/A
Be More Flashy Fred Douglis N/A
Write Amplification Reduction in Flash-Based SSDs Through Extent-Based Temperature Identification Peter Desnoyers , Mansour Shafaei , Jim Fitzpatrick N/A
Improving I/O Resource Sharing of Linux Cgroup for NVMe SSDs on Multi-core Systems Jihong Kim , Sungyong Ahn , Kwanghyun La N/A