S4X16 2016 Jan. 12, 2016 to Jan. 14, 2016, miami beach,generic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Mini-Keynote, Dale Peterson N/A
Keynote, Cyber Security: Why Is This (still) So Hard? Michael v. Hayden N/A
What ICS Products & Vulns Matter? Bryan Owen N/A
The Easy Button Reid Wightman N/A
KNX in(Security) or How To Steal A Skyscraper Egor Litvinov N/A
Kaspersky Session: Inside The KasperskyOS Kiril Kruglov N/A
Critical Penetration Analysis Ralph Langner N/A
With ARMs Wide Open Ron Fabela , Charles Perine N/A
How To Do ICS Cyber Regulation Right Tom Alrich N/A
Cisco Session: Are We Doing It All Wrong? Marc Blackmer N/A
Is My ICS Compromised? Dan Scali N/A
Langsec Applied: DNP3 Tool Bratus , Crain , Hallberg , Patterson N/A
Measuring Success in Vuln Disclosure Katie Moussouris N/A
Amazing Elevator Stories Deviant Ollam N/A
ICS Summer School Tim Yardley N/A
Threat Intel, Info Sharing, Myths Patrick Miller N/A
Parsons Session: Moving Engineering Firms to Cyberspace 3:00 Biff Lyons N/A
Controlling Without Modifying: The Stale Data Problem Jason Larsen N/A
Honeywell Session: Can Remote Management of ICS be an Effective & Viable Security Measure? Andrew Nolan N/A
Applied ICS in Manufacturing Gernot Ladstaetter N/A
Detecting All Types of Cyber Incidents Damiano Bolzoni N/A
Belden Session: ICS Security Considerations – An Evolving Terrain Jeff Caldwell N/A
The Return of the Witch Doctor Darren Highfill N/A
Infusion Pump Teardown Billy Rios N/A
Keynote -Cyber Geopolitics Mikko Hypponen N/A
Dale Peterson Interviews Marty Edwards, Dale Peterson , Marty Edwards N/A
Traversing the CANBUS and Exploiting the Automobile Craig Smith N/A
Langner Group Session: The myRIPE Operations Technology Management System Ralph Langner N/A
Hardware Hacking Live Andrew Zonenberg N/A
Supply Chain Compromise Matt Caldwell N/A
mGuard Session: Connecting Machines To The Cloud And Then Safely Back Home Torsten Roessell N/A
Intel Analysis To De-Hype ICS Attacks Including Recent Ukrainian Activity Robert E. Lee N/A
Obtaining Funding for ICS Security Michael Radigan N/A
OSIsoft Session: Is My Data Mission Critical? Glenn Moffett N/A
Keynote - In The Wild Dave Aitel N/A
Economic Costs , Benefits Jason Healey N/A
Into The Security Wilderness Jack Whitsitt N/A
Network Switches: Go Deeper Reid Wightman N/A
Siemens Session: Securing The Digital Factory Ken Keiser N/A
ICSsec STEM – Lessons Learned Matthew Luallen N/A
Case Study: Deploying NSM on ICS Moses Schwartz N/A
Waterfall Session: Attack Modeling Andrew Ginter N/A
Lockheed Martin Session: Threat Intelligence inProcess Control Fields Mike Dugent N/A
IMPACT Dale Peterson N/A
Monitoring the Physics of ICS Alvaro A. Cárdenas N/A
Gridstrike Sean Mcbride N/A
Forensics of CANBUS Daniel Lance N/A
Darktrace Session: An Industrial Immune System Jeffrey Cornelius N/A
Attacking Plant Through WirelessHART Jalal Bouhdada , Erwin Paternotte N/A