SecureWorldExpo 2016 June 1, 2016 to June 2, 2016, atlanta,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
SecureWorld Plus: Building a Successful Information Security Awareness Program (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Dan Lohrmann N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Larry Wilson N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Handling & Managing Security Incidents - (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) John O'leary N/A
Are You Trading Your Privacy for Magic Beans? Phillip Mahan N/A
Evolving Your Security Strategy for the Complex Connected IoT Environment M.j. Vaidya N/A
Forensics on Mobile Devices David Benton N/A
Privacy & Security Issues in Cloud Contracts Robert Scott N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Digital Doomsday - a Message from the U.S. Cyber Defense Advisor to NATO Curtis ks Levinson N/A
Edgar Allan Poe: Paradox, Enigma, Genius John O'leary N/A
How to Stop Ransomware from Pwning Healthcare! Jon Neiditz , Meghan Farmer N/A
Radware: Cyber War Chronicles - Stories From the Virtual Trenches Ron Winward N/A
Trend Micro: The State of the Online Underground Ed Cabrera N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Radware - Safety, Sanctuary and Security: The Societal Impact of Ever-Permeating Connectivity Ben Desjardins N/A
ASDFED Chapter Meeting - Moving Digital Evidence the Right Way - Open to All Attendees Danny Mares N/A
SecureAuth: Identity in Security -­ Know Who’s in Your Network Jeff Raper N/A
(ISC)2 Chapter Meeting - Presenting: Cloud Storage Risk - Open to All Attendees Mikal Hass N/A
Cybersecurity: A New Paradigm David Barton N/A
Mistakes Are the Portal to Discovery Anthony Morton N/A
Privacy, Risk, and the Internet of Things Phillip Mahan N/A
Understanding & Stopping Insider Threats Michael Holcomb N/A
InfraGard Chapter Meeting - Open to All Attendees - Geopurgatory: An Internet Mystery and a Haunted House David Maynor N/A
Data Breach Digest - Scenarios from the Field Bhavesh Chauhan N/A
IT Governance: Why You Don't Always Have to Keep Up With the Joneses Akira Ebisawa N/A
Navigating the Vulnerability Management Maze Darryl Defendorf N/A
Security & Risk Strategy Development Through an Original Feedback Loop Kevin Morrison N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Phishing Dark Waters: Don’t End up on the Hook Christopher Hadnagy N/A
ISSA Chapter Meeting - Open to all Attendees - Compliant Yes, Secure No, What Does My Cyber Insurance Cover? The Controversy Continues… Ralph Pasquariello N/A
Cisco: Strategies for Defending Against a New Breed of Attacks John E. Ode N/A
Emerging Technology and Security Strategy Gram Ludlow N/A
I See What You Say: Effectively Communicating with Non-Technical Staff Tamika Bass N/A
The Horse Has Left the Barn and We Have the Saddle - Our Journey Into the Cloud Joe Dibiase N/A
Georgia ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) Meeting - Open to All Attendees "Understanding the Cyber-Security Landscape" David Forrestall N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Trend Micro - The Year of Cyber Extortion Ed Cabrera N/A
Developing Trends in Cyber Information Warfare Stanley Francois N/A
Information Security - Beyond the Perimeter Roy Wilkinson N/A
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing - Why? Mick Williams N/A