17th USENIX Security Symposium 2008 July 28, 2008 to Aug. 1, 2008, San Jose, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks, Awards, And Keynote Address Paul Van Oorschot None Security Keynote
Bowen Keynote Address Dr. Ballot Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State Security Keynote
Web Security Catherine Zhang , Ibm Research None Security Web
All Your Iframes Point To Us Moheeb Abu Rajab , Panayiotis Mavrommatis , Niels Provos , Fabian Monrose Security
Securing Frame Communication In Browsers John C. Mitchell , Collin Jackson , Adam Barth Security
Automatic Generation Of Xss And Sql Injection Attacks With Goal-Directed Model Checking Michael Lam None Security SQL
Political Ddos: Estonia And Beyond Jose Nazario In the spring of 2007, the country of Estonia suffered a deluge of distributed denial ... Security
Cryptographic Keys Dan Boneh None Security
Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks On Encryption Keys Jacob Appelbaum , Edward W. Felten , J. Alex Halderman , Seth D. Schoen , Nadia Heninger , William Clarkson , William Paul , Joseph A. Calandrino , Ariel J. Feldman None Security
The Practical Subtleties Of Biometric Key Generation Lucas Ballard , Seny Kamara , Michael K. Reiter None Security
Unidirectional Key Distribution Across Time And Space With Applications To Rfid Security Ari Juels , Ravikanth Pappu , Bryan Parno None Security
Building The Successful Security Software Company Ted Schlein Ted will discuss the security market, past and present. He will review what it takes ... Security
Network Defenses Angelos Stavrou None Security
Cloudav: N-Version Antivirus In The Network Cloud Jon Oberheide , Evan Cooke , Farnam Jahanian None Security Cloud
Highly Predictive Blacklisting Jian Zhang , Phillip Porras , Johannes Ullrich None Security
Proactive Surge Protection: A Defense Mechanism For Bandwidth-Based Attacks Jerry Chou , Bill Lin , Subhabrata Sen , Oliver Spatscheck None Security
From The Casebooks Of . . . Mark Seiden In a field with few design principles ("defense in depth"? separate duties?), few rules of ... Security
Botnet Detection Wietse Venema None Security
Botminer: Clustering Analysis Of Network Traffic For Protocol- And Structure-Independent Botnet Detection Roberto Perdisci , Wenke Lee , Guofei Gu , Junjie Zhang None Security Analysis
Measurement And Classification Of Humans And Bots In Internet Chat Steven Gianvecchio , Mengjun Xie , Zhengyu Wu , Haining Wang None Security
To Catch A Predator: A Natural Language Approach For Eliciting Malicious Payloads Fabian Monrose , Niels Provos , Sam Small , Joshua Mason , Adam Stubblefield None Security
Security Analysis Of Network Protocols John C. Mitchell Network security protocols, such as key-exchange and key-management protocols, are notoriously difficult to design and ... Security Analysis
Hardware And Security Yoshi Kohno None Security
Reverse-Engineering A Cryptographic Rfid Tag Karsten Nohl , David Evans , Henryk Plötz None Security
Practical Symmetric Key Cryptography On Modern Graphics Hardware Owen Harrison , John Waldron None Security Cryptography
An Improved Clock-Skew Measurement Technique For Revealing Hidden Services Steven J. Murdoch , Sebastian Zander None Security
Enterprise Security In The Brave New (Virtual) World Tal Garfinkel The move to virtual machineñbased computing platforms is perhaps the most significant change in how ... Security Infrastructure
Systems Security Wenke Lee None Security
Netauth: Supporting User-Based Network Services Manigandan Radhakrishnan , Jon A. Solworth None Security
Hypervisor Support For Identifying Covertly Executing Binaries David Lie , Lionel Litty , H. AndrÈs Lagar-cavilla None Security
Selective Versioning In A Secure Disk System Swaminathan Sundararaman , Gopalan Sivathanu , Erez Zadok None Security
Hackernomics Hugh Thompson Security processes inside most commercial development teams haven't caught up with the growing threat from ... Security Exploitation Development Automation
Privacy Patrick Traynor None Security Privacy
Privacy-Preserving Location Tracking Of Lost Or Stolen Devices: Cryptographic Techniques And Replacing Trusted Third Parties With Dhts Tadayoshi Kohno , Arvind Krishnamurthy , Thomas Ristenpart , Gabriel Maganis None Security
Panalyst: Privacy-Aware Remote Error Analysis On Commodity Software Xiaofeng Wang , Rui Wang , Zhuowei Li None Security Analysis
Multi-Flow Attacks Against Network Flow Watermarking Schemes Nikita Borisov , Negar Kiyavash , Amir Houmansadr None Security
A Couple Billion Lines Of Code Later: Static Checking In The Real World Dawson Engler , Ben Chelf , Andy Chou , Seth Hallem This talk describes lessons learned taking an academic tool that "worked fine" in the lab ... Security
Setting Dns'S Hair On Fire Paul Vixie , David Dagon , Niels Provos None Security
Voting And Trusted Systems Rachna Dhamija None Security
Verifying Compliance Of Trusted Programs Dave King , Trent Jaeger , Sandra Rueda None Security Compliance
Helios: Web-Based Open-Audit Voting Ben Adida None Security
Votebox: A Tamper-Evident, Verifiable Electronic Voting System Dan S. Wallach , Daniel Sandler , Kyle Derr None Security
The Ghost In The Browser And Other Frightening Stories About Web Malware Niels Provos While the Web provides information and services that enrich our lives in many ways, it ... Security Web Malware Browser
Software Security David Lie None Security
An Empirical Security Study Of The Native Code In The Jdk Gang Tan , Jason Croft None Security
Autoises: Automatically Inferring Security Specification And Detecting Violations Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Lin Tan , Xiao Ma , Weiwei Xiong , Yuanyuan Zhou None Security
Real-World Buffer Overflow Protection For Userspace & Kernelspace Michael Dalton , Christos Kozyrakis , Hari Kannan None Security