18th USENIX Security Symposium 2009 Aug. 10, 2009 to Aug. 14, 2009, Montreal, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks, Awards, And Keynote Address Fabian Monrose None Security Keynote
Keynote Address: Android: Securing A Mobile Platform From The Ground Up Rich Cannings Android is an open source mobile platform designed to support easy and open development of ... Security Keynote
Attacks On Privacy Steven M. Bellovin Proceedings of all papers in this session Security Privacy
Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations Of Wired And Wireless Keyboards Martin Pasini None Security Wireless
Peeping Tom In The Neighborhood: Keystroke Eavesdropping On Multi-User Systems Kehuan Zhang , Xiaofeng Wang None Security
A Practical Congestion Attack On Tor Using Long Paths Roger Dingledine , Nathan S. Evans , Christian Grothoff None Security
The Building Security In Maturity Model (Bsimm) Gary Mcgraw , Brian Chess None Security
Memory Safety Tal Garfinkel None Security
Baggy Bounds Checking: An Efficient And Backwards-Compatible Defense Against Out-Of-Bounds Errors Periklis Akritidis , Manuel Costa , Miguel Castro , Steven Hand None Security
Dynamic Test Generation To Find Integer Bugs In X86 Binary Linux Programs David Molnar , Xue Cong Li , David A. Wagner None Security
Nozzle: A Defense Against Heap-Spraying Code Injection Attacks Paruj Ratanaworabhan , Benjamin Livshits , Benjamin Zorn None Security
Toward A New Legal Framework For Cybersecurity Deirdre K. Mulligan None Security Legal
Network Security Wietse Venema None Security
Detecting Spammers With Snare: Spatio-Temporal Network-Level Automatic Reputation Engine Nick Feamster , Shuang Hao , Nadeem Ahmed Syed , Alexander G. Gray , Sven Krasser None Security
Improving Tor Using A Tcp-Over-Dtls Tunnel Ian Goldberg , Joel Reardon None Security
Locating Prefix Hijackers Using Lock Tongqing Qiu , Lusheng Ji , Dan Pei , Jia Wang , Jun (Jim) Xu , Hitesh Ballani None Security
Modern Exploitation And Memory Protection Bypasses Alexander Sotirov None Security Exploitation
Javascript Security Lucas Ballard None Security
Gatekeeper: Mostly Static Enforcement Of Security And Reliability Policies For Javascript Code Benjamin Livshits , Salvatore Guarnieri None Security
Cross-Origin Javascript Capability Leaks: Detection, Exploitation, And Defense Adam Barth , Joel Weinberger , Dawn Song None Security
Memory Safety For Low-Level Software/Hardware Interactions John Criswell , Nicolas Geoffray , Vikram Adve None Security
How The Pursuit Of Truth Led Me To Selling Viagra Vern Paxson For an empiricist, at the heart of the pursuit of truth lies measurement. This talk ... Security
Radio Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang None Security
Physical-Layer Identification Of Rfid Devices Srdjan Capkun , Boris Danev , Thomas S. Heydt-benjamin None Security
Cccp: Secure Remote Storage For Computational Rfids Kevin Fu , Mastooreh Salajegheh , Shane Clark , Benjamin Ransford , Ari Juels None Security
Jamming-Resistant Broadcast Communication Without Shared Keys Mario Strasser , Srdjan Capkun , Christina Pˆpper None Security
Designing Trustworthy User Agents For A Hostile Web Eric Lawrence In a world where organized criminals and myriad misfits work tirelessly to exploit users via ... Security Web
Securing Web Apps David A. Wagner None Security Web
Xbook: Redesigning Privacy Control In Social Networking Platforms Wenke Lee , Kapil Singh , Sumeer Bhola None Security Privacy
Nemesis: Preventing Authentication & Access Control Vulnerabilities In Web Applications Michael Dalton , Christos Kozyrakis None Security Web Access
Static Enforcement Of Web Application Integrity Through Strong Typing Giovanni Vigna , William Robertson None Security Web
Compression, Correction, Confidentiality, And Comprehension: A Modern Look At Commercial Telegraph Codes Steven M. Bellovin Telegraph codes are a more or less forgotten part of technological history. In their day, ... Security
Applied Crypto Ian Goldberg None Security
Vanish: Increasing Data Privacy With Self-Destructing Data Tadayoshi Kohno , Roxana Geambasu , Amit A. Levy , Henry M. Levy None Security Privacy
Efficient Data Structures For Tamper-Evident Logging Scott A. Crosby , Dan S. Wallach None Security
Vpriv: Protecting Privacy In Location-Based Vehicular Services Raluca Ada Popa , Hari Balakrishnan , Mandrew J. Blumberg None Security Privacy
Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques Of 2008: What'S Possible, Not Probable Jeremiah Grossman The polls are closed, votes are in, and we have the winners making up the ... Security Web
Malware Detection And Protection Niels Provos None Security Malware
Effective And Efficient Malware Detection At The End Host Christopher Kruegel , Xiaofeng Wang , Clemens Kolbitsch , Paolo Milani Comparetti , Engin Kirda , Sophia Zhou None Security Malware
Protecting Confidential Data On Personal Computers With Storage Capsules Atul Prakash , Kevin Borders , Eric Vander Weele , Billy Lau None Security
Return-Oriented Rootkits: Bypassing Kernel Code Integrity Protection Mechanisms Thorsten Holz , Ralf Hund , Felix C. Freiling None Security
Hash Functions And Their Many Uses In Cryptography Shai Halevi Hash functions have many uses in cryptography, from encryption through authentication and signatures to key ... Security Cryptography
Browser Security Patrick Traynor None Security Browser
Crying Wolf: An Empirical Study Of Ssl Warning Effectiveness Joshua Sunshine , Serge Egelman , Hazim Almuhimedi , Neha Atri , Lorrie Faith Cranor None Security SSL
The Multi-Principal Os Construction Of The Gazelle Web Browser Samuel T. King , Helen J. Wang , Alexander Moshchuk , Chris Grier , Piali Choudhury , Herman Venter Security Web Browser