Dimva 2016 July 7, 2016 to July 8, 2016, Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE 1: Engin Kirda N/A
Subverting Operating System Properties through Evolutionary DKOM Attacks Davide Balzarotti , Mariano Graziano , Andrea Lanzi , Lorenzo Flore N/A
Extended abstract: Deepfuzz: Triggering Vulnerabilities Deeply Hidden in Binaries Claudia Eckert , Konstantin Böttinger N/A
AutoRand: Automatic Keyword Randomization to Prevent Injection Attacks Martin Rinard , Jeff Perkins , Jordan Eikenberry , Alessandro Coglio , Daniel Willenson , Stelios Sidirouglou-douskos N/A
AVRAND: A Software-Based Defense Against Code Reuse Attacks for AVR Embedded Devices Pedro Peris-lopez , Sergio Pastrana , Juan E Tapiador , Guillermo Suarez-de-tangil N/A
Towards Vulnerability Discovery Using Extended Compile-time Analysis Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Konrad Rieck , Jean-pierre Seifert , Bhargava Shastry N/A
Comprehensive Analysis and Detection of Flash-based Malware Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Konrad Rieck , Daniel Arp , Christian Wressnegger N/A
Reviewer Integration and Performance Measurement for Malware Detection Brad Miller , Sadia Afroz , Ling Huang , Alex Kantchelian , Michael Carl Tschantz , Rekha Bachwani , Riyaz Faizullabhoy , Vaishaal Shankar , Tony Wu , George Yiu , Anthony D Joseph , Jd Tygar N/A
On the Lack of Consensus in Anti-Virus Decisions Kevin Allix , Jacques Klein , Tegawende Bissyande , Médéric Hurier , Yives Le Traon N/A
Probfuscation: An Obfuscation Approach using Probabilistic Control Flows Thorsten Holz , Moritz Contag , Andre Pawlowski N/A
RAMBO: Run-time packer Analysis with Multiple Branch Observation Davide Balzarotti , Igor Santos , Xabier Ugarte-pedrero , Pablo garcía bringas N/A
Detecting Hardware-Assisted Virtualized Systems Michael Backes , Christian Rossow , Michael Brengel N/A
Financial Lower Bounds of Online Advertising Abuse David Dagon , Manos Antonakakis , Wenke Lee , Yacin Nadji , Yizheng Chen , Michael Farrell , Panagiotis Kintis N/A
Google Dorks: Analysis, Creation, and new Defenses Davide Balzarotti , Flavio Toffalini , Maurizio Abba , Damiano Carra N/A
Flush+Flush: A Fast and Stealthy Cache Attack Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss , Stefan Mangard , Klaus Wagner N/A
Rowhammerjs: A Cache Attack to Induce Hardware Faults from a Website Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss , Stefan Mangard N/A
Detile: Fine-Grained Information Leak Detection in Script Engines Thorsten Holz , Behrad Garmany , Robert Gawlik , Benjamin Kollenda , Philipp Koppe , Andre Pawlowski N/A
Extended Abstract: Understanding the Privacy Implications of ECS David Dagon , Manos Antonakakis , Yacin Nadji , Michael Farrell , Panagiotis Kintis N/A
Analysing the Security of Google’s implementation of OpenID Connect Chris Mitchell , Wanpeng Li N/A
Leveraging Sensor Fingerprinting for Mobile Device Authentication Thorsten Holz , Thomas Hupperich , Henry Hosseini N/A
MtNet: A Multi-Task Neural Network for Dynamic Malware Classification Wenyi Huang , Jack W Stokes N/A