FIRST 2016 July 13, 2016 to July 17, 2016, Seoul,South Korea

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Presentation Jong In Lim N/A
Java RATs: Not Even Your Macs Are Safe Anthony Kasza N/A
The Missing Link Between Cybercrime Gangs Yurii Khvyl N/A
Mach-O Libre: Pile Driving Apple Malware with Static Analysis, Big-Data, and Automation Will Peteroy , Aaron Stephens N/A
Effective Protection Against Phishing and Automated Theft Alexander Kalinin , Victor Ivanovsky N/A
Chasing the Operation After the Infection of the Continuing Cyber Attacks - Emdivi - Hiroki Iwai , Kenzo Masamoto , Takahiro Kakumaru N/A
MPD: Malicious PDF Files Detection Mohamed Shawkey , Samir G. Sayed , Sherif Hashem , Waleed Zakarya N/A
EvilEngine: Metamorphic Engine for Kernel Mode Rootkits Adhokshaj Mishra N/A
Data Breach Break Downs - A Review Of The Worst Breach Responses Jake Kouns N/A
Advanced Threats in an Exchange Environment Steven Adair N/A
Workshop Tutorial: Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure for Vendors Art Manion , Christopher King N/A
Practical Application of STIX/TAXII Kevin Thomsen N/A
Empower Researcher with Enriched Data to Find the Needle From the Hay Feng Xue , Hong Jia N/A
Detecting Malicious Infrastructure and Calculating Risk Scores Using Contextual Information From Open and Dark Web Sources Staffan Truve N/A
The Dark Side of Online Advertisements Rami Kogan , Daniel Chechik N/A
Sharing is Caring: Understanding and Measuring Threat Intelligence Sharing Effectiveness Alex Sieira N/A
Evaluating National Level Cyber Risk, the DHS Approach Mark Bristow N/A
Workshop: Hunting Malware Across the Enterprise Greg Hoglund N/A
Beyond Sharing: Cyber Threat Intelligence Making a Difference Richard Struse N/A
Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Understanding Security Notifications At Scale Frank h. Li N/A
Detecting Targeted Web Compromises James Sheppard N/A
Tasty Malware Analysis with T.A.C.O.: Bringing Cuckoo Metadata into IDA Pro Jason Jones N/A
Keynote Presentation: The Journey of Building a 24x7 Incident Response Operation Clay Lin N/A
Forensic Examination of Critical Infrastructure Compromises Fyodor Yarochkin , Vladimir borisovich Kropotov N/A
Building Robust Tabletop Exercises to Strengthen Your Incident Response Capabilities Kenneth van Wyk N/A
Practical Forensic Readiness in Security Operations Clem Craven , Ian Wilson , Matthew Scott N/A
Leveraging 3rd Party Sinkhole Operations for Computer Network Defense and Threat Analysis Michael J. Jacobs N/A
Survey on CSIRT Maturity Level in Japan Takuho Mitsunaga N/A
Yara: An Introduction and Real-World Use Case Matt Brooks N/A
Barncat: Mining Malware at Scale to Create an Encyclopedia of Malware John Bambenek N/A
Decade of Change: 10 Years of Product Incident Response at Adobe David Lenoe , Tom Cignarella N/A
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Incident Response Omar Cruz N/A
Usability and Incentives for Threat Information Sharing Technology Tomas Sander , Brian Hein N/A
The Role of Intel and IR for Risk Management Toni Gidwani N/A
Does it Pay to Be Cyber-Insured? Eireann Leverett , Marie Moe N/A
Keynote Presentation: Fostering Security Innovation – Silicon Valley VC Perspective Doug Dooley N/A
Friend or Foe? Probably Both. Yonathan Klijnsma N/A
Towards a Methodology for Evaluating Threat Intelligence Feeds Piotr Kijewski , Pawel Pawlinski , Andrew Kompanek N/A
Webshell Classification at Scale Thomas Kastner Msc. N/A
Workshop: Qualification in the Web – Using NLP for Adversary Identification & Prioritization Levi Gundert , Filip Reesalu N/A
Facing the Darkness: Domain Shadowing is Ruining the Internet James Pleger , William Macarthur N/A
DDoS Differentiators: How to Gain New Insights on Attribution From Different Angles of the Same Problem Lance James , Allison Nixon N/A
Correlating Threats Using Internet Snapshots Brandon Dixon , Steve Ginty N/A
Incident Response Made Better by Agile Robots Antti Kiuru N/A
Best Practices and Big Mistakes in Responding to Major Incidents Chris Butera N/A
Attacks on Software Publishing Infrastructure and Windows Detection Capabilities to Thwart that Runbook. David Jones , Imran Islam N/A
Workshop: Leadership Training Jeremy Sparks N/A
The Emergence of CSIRTs as Political Actors: Representing Ourselves and Our Stakeholders by Effectively Informing Policy Tom Millar N/A
Insider Threat Mitigation Guidance Balaji Balakrishnan N/A
Building an Information Sharing Community Katherine Gagnon N/A
Approach and Outcome of “AOKI” – DNS Sinkhole by JPCERT/CC Sho Aoki N/A
How to Discover Cyber Security Talents Moataz Salah N/A
The Evolution of Russian Android Banking Trojans Alexander Kalinin , Victor Ivanovsky N/A
Keynote Presentation: The Other Billion Kilnam Chon N/A
Workshop: Practical DDoS Mitigation Krassimir Tzvetanov N/A
A Fistful of Metrics Eireann Leverett , John Matherly N/A
Barbarians At The Gate(way): An Examination Of The Attacker's Tool Box Dave Lewis N/A
It's Not Just About the Ones and Zeros Anymore Denise Anderson N/A
Cybersecurity Readiness for Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games Ko Ikai N/A
CSIRT Management Workflow: Practical Guide for Critical Infrastucture Organizations Aswami Ariffin , Azlan Nor , Nurul Mohd , Zahri Yunos N/A
From Cyber Incident Response to Cyber Resilience: A Case Study J.r. Reagan N/A
Busted! Point of Sale Threat Actor Attribution through POS Honeypots Kyle Wilhoit N/A
Your Money is My Money: The Dynamics of a Banking Trojan Tim Slaybaugh N/A
Choose Your Battles, How to Fight the Right Wars Eyal Paz N/A
Shell No! – Adversary Web Shell Trends & Mitigations Levi Gundert N/A
Inspecting Linux Malwares using Limon Sandbox Monnappa K A N/A
Taking the Red Pill - Incident Response outside The Matrix Lorenz Inglin , Stephan Rickauer N/A
Keynote Presentation - Powering Prevention: Lessons Learned from Building a Global Security Response Team Christopher Clark N/A
DIY Threat Intelligence with Real-Time Data Paul A. Vixie N/A
Adversary Recon and Practical Defenses Using Domain and DNS OSINT Timothy Helming N/A
Collaboration as the Key to Keep a Nation Safe Michael Hausding , Serge Droz N/A
Workshop: MISP, the Threat Sharing Platform, a Developer Perspective to Extensions and Collaboration. Alexandre Dulaunoy , Raphaël Vinot , Andras Iklody N/A