PETS 2016 July 19, 2016 to July 22, 2016, darmstadt,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Towards Mining Latent Client Identifiers from Network Traffic Mobin Javed , Sakshi Jain , Vern Paxon N/A
Are You Sure You Want to Contact Us? Quantifying the Leakage of PII via Website Contact Forms Phillipa Gill , Nick Nikiforakis , Oleksii Starov N/A
Automobile Driver Fingerprinting Tadayoshi Kohno , Karl Koscher , Miro Enev , Alex Takakuwa N/A
Blogs, Twitter Feeds, and Reddit Comments: Cross-domain Authorship Attribution Rebekah Overdorf , Rachel Greenstadt N/A
Isolating Graphical Failure-Inducing Input for Privacy Protection in Error Reporting Systems João Matos , João Garcia , Nuno Coração N/A
SoK: Making Sense of Censorship Resistance Systems Ian Goldberg , Steven J. Murdoch , Sheharbano Khattak , Colleen M. Swanson , Tariq Elahi , Laurent Simon N/A
CovertCast: Using Live Streaming to Evade Internet Censorship Vitaly Shmatikov , Amir Houmansadr , Richard Mcpherson N/A
Salmon: Robust Proxy Distribution for Censorship Circumvention Matthew Caesar , Frederick Douglas , Rorshach , Weiyang Pan N/A
Mailet: Instant Social Networking under Censorship Nicholas Hopper , Shuai Li N/A
A Framework for the Game-theoretic Analysis of Censorship Resistance Ian Goldberg , Steven J. Murdoch , Tariq Elahi , John A. Doucette , Hadi Hosseini N/A
Riffle: Efficient Communication System With Strong Anonymity Bryan Ford , David Lazar , Albert Kwon , Srinivas Devadas N/A
Data-plane Defenses against Routing Attacks on Tor Micah Sherr , Wenchao Zhou , Da Henry Tan N/A
Selfrando: Securing the Tor Browser against De-anonymization Exploits Mike Perry , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Christopher Liebchen , Mauro Conti , Stephen Crane , Andrei Homescu , Per Larsen , Tommaso Frassetto , Georg Koppen N/A
Scalable and Anonymous Group Communication with MTor Micah Sherr , Boon Thau Loo , Dong Lin N/A
Your Choice MATor(s): Large-scale Quantitative Anonymity Assessment of Tor Path Selection Algorithms against Structural Attacks Michael Backes , Sebastian Meiser , Marcin Slowik N/A
Anonymity in Peer-assisted CDNs: Inference Attacks and Mitigation Zhenkai Liang , Prateek Saxena , Yaoqi Jia , Guangdong Bai N/A
DeNASA: Destination-Naive AS-Awareness in Anonymous Communications Matthew Wright , Armon Barton N/A
Lower-Cost epsilon-Private Information Retrieval Ian Goldberg , George Danezis , Raphael R. Toledo N/A
XPIR : Private Information Retrieval for Everyone Marc-olivier Killijian , Carlos Aguilar-melchor , Joris Barrier , Laurent Fousse N/A
Polynomial Batch Codes for Efficient IT-PIR Ryan Henry N/A
Keynote IFIP TM: Trust Enhanced Secure Role-based Access Control on Encrypted Data in Cloud Vijay Varadharajan N/A
Keynote PETS: Goodbye Passwords, Hello Biometrics - Do We Understand the Privacy Implications? Angela Sasse N/A
Keynote WiSec:EPFL: The Ultimate Frontier for Privacy and Security: Medicine Jean-pierre Hubaux N/A
Students and Taxes: a Privacy-Preserving Social Study Using Secure Computation Dan Bogdanov , Riivo Talviste , Liina Kamm , Baldur Kubo , Reimo Rebane , Ville Sokk N/A
Crowdsourcing for Context: Regarding Privacy in Beacon Encounters via Contextual Integrity Mohamed Shehab , Emmanuel Bello-ogunu N/A
Efficient Verifiable Range and Closest Point Queries in Zero-Knowledge Esha Ghosh , Olga Ohrimenko , Roberto Tamassia N/A
Access Denied! Contrasting Data Access in the United States and Ireland Samuel Grogan , Aleecia M. Mcdonald N/A
Linking Health Records for Federated Query Processing Toan Ong , Rinku Dewri , Ramakrishna Thurimella N/A
Individual versus Organizational Computer Security Concerns in Journalism Franziska Roesner , Kelly Caine , Susan E. Mcgregor N/A
Highly Efficient Server-Aided 2PC for Mobiles Ben Riva , Payman Mohassel , Ostap Orobets N/A
The Right to be Forgotten in the Media: A Data-Driven Study, Minhui Xue (East China Normal University / NYU Shanghai) Keith W. Ross , Gabriel Magno , Evandro Cunha , Virgilio Almeida N/A
Efficient Server-Aided Secure Two-Party Function Evaluation with Applications to Genomic Computation Marina Blanton , Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani N/A
(Do Not) Track Me Sometimes: Users' Contextual Preferences for Web Tracking Mihai Christodorescu , Lujo Bauer , Pedro g. Leon , William Melicher , Mahmood Sharif , Joshua Tan N/A
Beeswax: A Platform for Private Web Apps William Aiello , Jean-sebastien Legare , Robert J. Sumi N/A
Towards a Model on the Factors Influencing Social App Users' Valuation of Interdependent Privacy Jens Grossklags , Yu Pu N/A
Black-Box Accumulation: Collecting Incentives in a Privacy-Preserving Way Andy Rupp , Tibor Jager N/A
Flying Eyes and Hidden Controllers: Privacy Perceptions of Drones Yang Wang , Yun Huang , Huichuan Xia , Yaxing Yao N/A
Circuit-Extension Handshakes for Tor Achieving Forward Secrecy in a Quantum World William Whyte , John M. Schanck , Zhenfei Zhang N/A
Tales from the Dark Side:Privacy Dark Strategies and Privacy Dark Patterns Frank Kargl , Henning Kopp , Christoph Bösch , Benjamin Erb , Stefan Pfattheicher N/A
Achieving Better Privacy for the 3GPP AKA Protocol Pierre-alain Fouque , Cristina Onete , Benjamin Richard N/A
The Curious Case of the PDF Converter that Likes Mozart: Dissecting and Mitigating the Privacy Risk of Personal Cloud Apps Karl Aberer , Hamza Harkous , Rameez Rahman , Bojan Karlaš N/A
Privately Evaluating Decision Trees and Random Forests Michael Naehrig , David J. Wu , Tony Feng , Kristin Lauter N/A
On the (In)effectiveness of Mosaicing and Blurring as Tools for Document Redaction Hovav Shacham , Lawrence K. Saul , Steven Hill , Zhimin Zhou N/A
Fingerprinting Mobile Devices Using Personalized Configurations Konrad Rieck , Felix C. Freiling , Andreas Kurtz , Hugo Gascon , Tobias Becker N/A
On Realistically Attacking Tor with Website Fingerprinting Ian Goldberg , Tao Wang N/A
Near-Optimal Fingerprinting with Constraints Claude Castelluccia , Gabor Gyorgy Gulyas , Gergely Acs N/A
Building a RAPPOR with the Unknown: Privacy-Preserving Learning of Associations and Data Dictionaries Ulfar Erlingsson , Giulia Fanti , Vasyl Pihur N/A
Listening to Whispers of Ripple: Linking Wallets and DeanonymizingTransactions in the Ripple Network Aniket Kate , Pedro Moreno-sanchez , Muhammad Bilal Zafar N/A
SoK: Privacy on Mobile Devices – It’s Complicated Richard Shay , Ari Trachtenberg , Chad Spensky , Jeffrey Stewart , Arkady Yerukhimovich , Rick Housley , Robert K. Cunningham N/A
Don't Interrupt Me While I Type: Inferring Text Entered Through Gesture Typing on Android Keyboards Ross Anderson , Laurent Simon , Wenduan Xu N/A
Privacy Challenges in the Quantified Self Movement - An EU Perspective Christoph Sorge , Ronald Petrlic , Frederik Möllers , Dominik Leibenger , Anna Petrlic N/A
On the Privacy Implications of Location Semantics Urs Hengartner , Jean-pierre Hubaux , Kévin Huguenin , Berker Ağır N/A
Location Privacy with Randomness Consistency Yih-chun Hu , Hao Wu N/A