WiSec 2016 July 18, 2016 to July 20, 2016, darmstadt,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Secure Motion Verification using the Doppler Effect Vincent Lenders , Matthias Schäfer , Patrick Leu , Jens B. Schmitt N/A
Fingerprinting WiFi Devices using Software Defined Radios Guevara Noubir , Tien D. Vo-huu , Triet D. Vo-huu N/A
Dissecting Customized Protocols: Automatic Analysis for Customized Protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4 Yongdae Kim , Yunmok Son , Hocheol Shin , Juhwan Noh , Kibum Choi , Jaeyeong Choi N/A
Exploiting Data-Usage Statistics for Website Fingerprinting Attacks on Android Thomas Korak , Raphael Spreitzer , Stefan Mangard , Simone Griesmayr N/A
Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Adaptive Wormholes for the 5G Tactile Internet Christof Paar , Benedikt Driessen , Christian T. Zenger , Jan Zimmer , Mario Pietersz N/A
Slogger: Smashing Motion-based Touchstroke Logging with Transparent System Noise Nitesh Saxena , Manar Mohamed , Prakash Shrestha N/A
Don’t Touch that Column: Portable, Fine-Grained Access Control for Android’s Native Content Providers Golden Iii , Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , Aisha Ali-gombe N/A
More Semantics More Robust: Improving Android Malware Classifiers Igor Muttik , Charles Sutton , David Aspinall , Wei Chen , Andrew D. Gordon N/A
Shatter: Using Threshold Cryptography to Protect Single Users with Multiple Devices Urs Hengartner , Erinn Atwater N/A
Profiling the Strength of Physical-Layer Security: A Study in Orthogonal Blinding Yao Zheng , Wenjng Lou , Y. Thomas Hou , Matthias Schulz , Matthias Hollick N/A
Interleaving Jamming in Wi-Fi Networks Guevara Noubir , Tien D. Vo-huu , Triet D. Vo-huu N/A
DARPA: Device Attestation Resilient to Physical Attacks Gene Tsudik , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Ahmad Ibrahim , Shaza Zeitouni N/A
A Prover-Anonymous and Terrorist-Fraud Resistant Distance Bounding Protocol Cristina Onete , Pascal Lafourcade , Jean-marc Robert , Sebastien Gambs , Xavier Bultel , David Gerault N/A
Smart-Phones Attacking Smart-Homes Roksana Boreli , Vijay Sivaraman , Dominic Chan , Dylan Earl N/A
Evading Android Runtime Analysis Through Detecting Programmed Interactions Kehuan Zhang , Zhou Li , Wenrui Diao , Xiangyu Liu N/A
Trust The Wire, They Always Told Me! On Practical Non-Destructive Wire-Tap Attacks Against Ethernet Erik Tews , Stefan Katzenbeisser , Matthias Hollick , Matthias Schulz , Patrick Klapper N/A
Can Android Applications Be Identified Using Only TCP/IP Headers of Their Launch Time Traffic? Hasan Faik Alan , Jasleen Kaur N/A
Defeating MAC Address Randomization Through Timing Attacks Mathy Vanhoef , Matte Célestin , Cunche Mathieu , Rousseau Franck N/A
Vibreaker: Securing Vibrational Pairing with Deliberate Acoustic Noise S Abhishek Anand , Nitesh Saxena N/A
Detecting SMS Spam in the Age of Legitimate Bulk Messaging Patrick Traynor , Kevin Butler , Dave Tian , Bradley Reaves , Logan Blue N/A
Far Away and Yet Nearby - A Framework for Practical Distance Fraud on Proximity Services for Mobile Devices Matthias Hollick , Tobias Schultes , Markus Grau , Daniel Steinmetzer N/A
Panoptiphone: How Unique is Your Wi-Fi Device? Matte Célestin , Cunche Mathieu N/A
Demonstrating Practical Known-Plaintext Attacks against Physical Layer Matthias Hollick , Matthias Schulz , Adrian Loch N/A
Using NexMon, the C-based WiFi Firmware Modification Framework Matthias Hollick , Matthias Schulz , Daniel Wegemer N/A
Design Ideas for Privacy-aware User Interfaces for Mobile Devices Ying He , Neel Tailor , Isabel Wagner N/A
Assessing the Impact of 802.11 Vulnerabilities using Wicability Pieter Robyns , Bram Bonné , Peter Quax , Wim Lamotte N/A
Friend or Foe? Context Authentication for Trust Domain Separation in IoT Environments N. Asokan , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Markus Miettinen , Thien Duc Nguyen , Jialin Huang N/A
Security Design Patterns With Good Usability Hans-joachim Hof , Gudrun Socher N/A
Experimental Analysis of Popular Anonymous, Ephemeral, and End-to-End Encrypted Apps Emiliano de Cristofaro , Lucky Onwuzurike N/A
Toward a Secure and Scalable Attestation Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Gregory Neven , Moreno Ambrosin , Mauro Conti , Ahmad Ibrahim , Matthias Schunter N/A