ASE 2016 Aug. 9, 2016 to Aug. 9, 2016, austin,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Reversing and Exploitation Exercises Adam Aviv N/A
Learning From Others’ Mistakes: Penetration Testing IoT Devices in the Classroom Tom Chothia , Joeri De Ruiter N/A
A Tool for Teaching Reverse Engineering Christian Collberg , Clark Taylor N/A
On the Design of Security Games: From Frustrating to Engaging Learning Miloš Barták , Jan Vykopal N/A
Teaching Data-Driven Security: A Course on Security Analytics Rakesh Verma N/A
Mentorship of Women in Computer Security Cynthia E. Irvine , Terry Benzel , Rakesh Verma , Ambareen Siraj , Ashley Podhradsky N/A
SATC Transition to Practice Perspective: Why and How? Rebecca Bace N/A
Introspection and Self Awareness Wu-chang Feng N/A
Self-Efficacy in Cybersecurity Tasks and Its Relationship with Cybersecurity Competition and Work-Related Outcomes Nasir Memon , Masooda Bashir , Jian Wee N/A
Development of Peer Instruction Questions for Cybersecurity Education Golden Iii , Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , William E. Johnson , Allison Luzader , Cynthia B. Lee N/A
Finding the Balance Between Guidance and Independence in Cybersecurity Exercises Michael E. Locasto , Richard Weiss , Frankly Turbak , Jens Mache , Erik Nilsen N/A
Gamification for Teaching and Learning Computer Security in Higher Education Z. Cliffe Schreuders , Emlyn Butterfield N/A
Security Education Outside the Security Classroom Mark A. Gondree N/A
Teaching Computer Science With Cybersecurity Education Built-in Chuan Yue N/A
A "Divergent"-Themed CTF and Urban Race for Introducing Security and Cryptography Wu-chang Feng N/A
Mentoring Talent in IT Security–A Case Study Mark Felegyhazi , Levente Buttyan , Gábor Pék N/A
The Use of Cyber-Defense Exercises in Undergraduate Computing Education Ryan Hand , W. Michael Petullo , Kyle Moses , Ben Klimkowski , Karl Olson N/A