BSidesAugusta 2016 Sept. 10, 2016 to Sept. 10, 2016, georgia,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Rob Joyce N/A
Mobile Hacking Aaron Guzman N/A
Anyone Can be a Hunter: A Cognitive Perspective Chris Sanders N/A
Gamification for the Win Josh Rykowski , Scott Hamilton N/A
A worm in the Apple - examining OSX malware Wes Widner N/A
Incident Response Awakens Tom Webb N/A
This one weird trick will secure your web server! David Coursey N/A
IDS/IPS Choices: Benefits, Drawback and Configurations Forgottensec N/A
You TOO can defend against MILLIONS of cyber attacks Michael Banks N/A
Dr. Pentester or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Blue Team Ryan O'Horo N/A
This is not your Momma’s Threat Intelligence Rob Gresham N/A
Zero Days and Zero Trust - Microsegmentation and Security Jack Koons N/A
Finding Evil in DNS Traffic Keelyn Roberts N/A
Exploit Kits/ Machine Learning Patrick Perry N/A
Moving Target Defense: Evasive Maneuvers in Cyberspace Adam Duby N/A
Adventures in RAT dev Hunter Hardman N/A
Ransomware Threats to the Healthcare Industry Tim Gurganus N/A
Detection of malicious capabilities using YARA Brian Bell N/A
Beyond Math: Practical Security Analytics Martin Holste N/A
Linux privilege escalation for fun, profit, and all around mischief Jake Williams N/A
Using Ransomware Against Itself Tim Crothers , Ryan Borre N/A
Owning MS Outlook with Powershell Andrew Cole N/A
Exploit Kits and Indicators of Compromise Brad Duncan N/A
How About a Piece of Pi - Experiences with Robots and Raspberry Pi Hacking John Krautheim N/A
Hunting: Defense Against The Dark Arts Jacqueline Stokes , Danny Akacki , Stephen Hinck N/A
RAT Reusing Adversary Tradecraft Alexander Rymdeko-harvey N/A
ICS/SCADA Threat Hunting Robert m. Lee , Jon Lavender N/A
Flaying out the Blockchain Ledger for Fun, Profit, and Hip Hop Andrew Morris N/A
Automating Malware Analysis for Threat Intelligence Paul Melson N/A
Internet of Terrible Brandon Mccrillis N/A
Detection Planning: Those bad guys ain't gonna find themselves! David J. Bianco N/A
Network Situational Awareness with Flow Data Jason Smith N/A