19th USENIX Security Symposium 2010 Aug. 11, 2010 to Aug. 13, 2010, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks, Awards, And Keynote Address Ian Goldberg Security Keynote
Proving Voltaire Right: Security Blunders Dumber Than Dog Snot Roger G. Johnston Security Keynote Voltaire famously said (sort of) that the main problem with common sense is ... Security Access
Protection Mechanisms Micah Sherr None Security
Adapting Software Fault Isolation To Contemporary Cpu Architectures David Sehr , Robert Muth , Cliff Biffle , Victor Khimenko , Egor Pasko , Karl Schimpf , Bennet Yee , Brad Chen None Security
Making Linux Protection Mechanisms Egalitarian With Userfs Taesoo Kim , Nickolai Zeldovich None Security
Capsicum: Practical Capabilities For Unix Ben Laurie , Robert N.M. Watson , Jonathan Anderson , Kris Kennaway None Security Unix
Toward An Open And Secure Platform For Using The Web Will Drewry As users spend more of their computing time in the highly interconnected world of the ... Security Web
Privacy Tara Whalen None Security Privacy
Structuring Protocol Implementations To Protect Sensitive Data Petr Marchenko , Brad Karp None Security
Pretp: Privacy-Preserving Electronic Toll Pricing Josep Balasch , Alfredo Rial , Carmela Troncoso , Bart Preneel , Ingrid Verbauwhede , Christophe Geuens None Security
An Analysis Of Private Browsing Modes In Modern Browsers Elie Bursztein , Gaurav Aggarwal , Collin Jackson , Dan Boneh None Security Analysis
Windows 7 Security From A Unix Perspective Crispin Cowan UNIX advocates, including me, have long mocked Windows for having a fundamentally insecure computing model. ... Unix Security
Detection Of Network Attacks Niels Provos Security
Botgrep: Finding P2P Bots With Structured Graph Analysis Shishir Nagaraja , Prateek Mittal , Chi-yao Hong , Matthew Caesar , Nikita Borisov None Security Analysis
Fast Regular Expression Matching Using Small Tcams For Network Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems Chad R. Meiners , Jignesh Patel , Eric Norige , Eric Torng , Alex X. Liu None Security
Searching The Searchers With Searchaudit John P. John , Ufang Xie , Martìn Abadi , Santa Cruz , Arvind Krishnamurthy Security
Docile No More: The Tussle To Redefine The Internet James Lewis The Internet and its technologies were largely designed by Americans, and thus mirror the values ... Security
Dissecting Bugs David Lie Security
Toward Automated Detection Of Logic Vulnerabilities In Web Applications Viktoria Felmetsger , Ludovico Cavedon , Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Santa Barbara Security Web
Baaz: A System For Detecting Access Control Misconfigurations Tathagata Das , Ranjita Bhagwan , Prasad Naldurg None Security Access
Cling: A Memory Allocator To Mitigate Dangling Pointers Periklis Akritidis None Security
Staying Safe On The Web Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow Sid Stamm None Security Web
Cryptography Hovav Shacham None Security
Zkpdl: A Language-Based System For Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs And Electronic Cash Sarah Meiklejohn , C. K¸pḠ, Theodora Hinkle , Anna Lysyanskaya None Security
P4P: Practical Large-Scale Privacy-Preserving Distributed Computation Robust Against Malicious Users Yitao Duan , John Canny , Justin Zhan None Security
Sepia: Privacy-Preserving Aggregation Of Multi-Domain Network Events And Statistics Martin Burkhart , Mario Strasser , Dilip Many , Xenofontas Dimitropoulos None Security
The Evolution Of The Flash Security Model Peleus Uhley None Security
Internet Security Steven M. Bellovin None Security
Dude, Wheres That Ip? Circumventing Measurement-Based Ip Geolocation David Lie , Phillipa Gill , Yashar Ganjali None Security
Idle Port Scanning And Non-Interference Analysis Of Network Protocol Stacks Using Model Checking Roya Ensafi , Jong Chun Park , Deepak Kapur , Jedidiah R. Crandall None Security Analysis
Building A Dynamic Reputation System For Dns David Dagon , Manos Antonakakis , Roberto Perdisci , Wenke Lee , Nick Feamster None Security
Understanding Scam Victims: Seven Principles For Systems Security Frank Stajano None Security
Real-World Security William R. Cheswick Scantegrity II Municipal Election at Takoma Park: The First E2E Binding Governmental Election with Ballot ... Security
Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks On Printers Michael Backes , Saarland University , Markus D¸rmuth , Sebastian Gerling , Manfred Pinkal , Caroline Sporleder None Security
Security And Privacy Vulnerabilities Of In-Car Wireless Networks: A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Case Study Ishtiaq Rouf , Rob Miller , Hossen Mustafa , Travis Taylor , Sangho Oh , Wenyuan Xu , Marco Gruteser , Wade Trappe , Ivan Seskar None Security Wireless Privacy Monitoring
Vulnerable Compliance Dan Geer None Security
Poster Session & Happy Hour Poster Patrick Traynor "Don't miss the cool new ideas and the latest preliminary research on display at the ... Security
Web Security Helen Wang None Security
Vex: Vetting Browser Extensions For Security Vulnerabilities Sruthi Bandhakavi , Samuel T. King , P. Madhusudan , Marianne Winslett None Security Browser
Securing Script-Based Extensibility In Web Browsers Vladan Djeric , Ashvin Goel None Security Web
Adjail: Practical Enforcement Of Confidentiality And Integrity Policies On Web Advertisements Mike Ter Louw , Karthik Thotta Ganesh , Venkat Venkatakrishnan None Security Web
How Cyber Attacks Will Be Used In International Conflicts Scott Borg None Security
Securing Systems Alex Halderman None Security
Realization Of Rf Distance Bounding Kasper Bonne Rasmussen , Srdjan Capkun , Eth Zurich None Security
The Case For Ubiquitous Transport-Level Encryption Dan Boneh , Andrea Bittau , Michael Hamburg , Mark Handley , David Maziëres None Security
Automatic Generation Of Remediation Procedures For Malware Infections Roberto Paleari , Lorenzo Martignoni , Emanuele Passerini , Drew Davidson , Matt Fredrikson , Jon Giffin , Somesh Jha None Security Malware
Grid, Phd: Smart Grid, Cyber Security, And The Future Of Keeping The Lights On Kelly Ziegler None Security
Using Humans Lucas Ballard None Security
Re: Captchas\Xc3\Xb3Understanding Captcha-Solving Services In An Economic Context Damon Mccoy , Marti Motoyama , Kirill Levchenko , Chris Kanich , Geoffrey M. Voelker , Stefan Savage None Security
Chipping Away At Censorship Firewalls With User-Generated Content Nick Feamster , Sam Burnett , Santosh Vempala None Security
Fighting Coercion Attacks In Key Generation Using Skin Conductance Payas Gupta , Debin Gao None Security