BsidesManchester 2016 Aug. 18, 2016 to Aug. 18, 2016, manchester,uk

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Breaking out of the Infosec echo chamber Gavin Millard N/A
Breaking and Entering: Hacking Consumer Security Systems Dominic Chell , Hacker Fantastic N/A
21st Century War Stories! Ben Turner N/A
Building your own hardware for hardware hacking Steve Lord N/A
From CSV to CMD to qwerty Jerome Smith N/A
Hunting Asynchronous Vulnerabilities James Kettle N/A
Hooking the Linux Kernel without getting caught Gregory Fudge N/A
Exploring & Exploiting Video Game Security Elliot Ward N/A
Enforcing Web security and privacy with zero-knowledge protocols Ignat Korchagin N/A
What’s in your pocket? Henri Watson N/A
Accessing the personal details of InfoSec professionals & Responsible Disclosure process. Grigorios Fragkos N/A
What can Information Security learn from DevOps James Mckinlay N/A
Basic Malware Analysis – dispelling Malware FUD Ian Trump N/A
Gender Diversity in Cyber Security: What Works? Jane Frankland N/A
Vehicle cyber security and innovative assessment techniques Andy Davis , David Clare N/A
Exploiting P2P protocols for fun and profit! Matthew Di Ferrante N/A
Ensuring Password Cracking Ain’t Easy REDUX Michael Jack N/A
Hacking the Mitsubishi Outlander. A lesson in automotive IoT security Ken Munro , Dave Lodge N/A
Designing systems to be hard to attack Richard Crowther N/A
Object Oriented Exploitation - new techniques in Windows mitigation bypass Sam Thomas N/A
Flash it baby! Soroush Dalili N/A
Three laws of cyber. Thou shalt not pass! Daniel Dresner N/A
12 Steps to affordable effective Forensics Lab Oxana Sereda N/A