Takedowncon 2016 July 18, 2016 to July 19, 2016, huntsville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Address Eric Lopez , Greg Lester N/A
All Your Base Still Belong To Us: Physical Penetration Testing Tales From The Trenches, Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
Imnurnet: Control of your IPv4 Network with IPv6, Jeff Carrell N/A
Hacking Web Apps, Brent White N/A
Structure-based Memory Analysis, Adam Schwalm N/A
Reverse Engineering RF Protocols at HiTB AMS, Marc Newlin N/A
Hacking Network APIs, Dan Nagle N/A
Finding the Sweet Spot: Counter Honeypot Operations (CHOps), Jon Creekmore N/A
Keynote -WiFi Data Leakage: How your phone, laptop, and smart device can reveal where you live, work, and places you’ve visited via 802.11 interception, Solomon Sonya N/A
Ransomeware and the Exploision in the Midwest, Weston Hecker N/A
Putting the Intelligence back in Threat Intel, Edward Mccabe N/A
Hunting Layered Malware, Raul Alvarez N/A
True Cost Economics of Attribution, Daniel Uriah Clemens N/A
Break IT Down, Joshua Smith N/A