USENIX 2016 Aug. 10, 2016 to Aug. 12, 2016, austin,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks and Awards Stefan Savage , Thorsten Holz N/A
Keynote Address Thorsten Holz N/A
Crashing Drones and Hijacked Cameras: CyberTrust Meets CyberPhysical Jeannette M. Wing Cyber-physical systems are engineered systems that require tight conjoining of and coordination between the computational ...
Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the Software Stack Bart Preneel , Kaveh Razavi , Erik Bosman , Ben Gras , Cristiano Bos N/A
One Bit Flips, One Cloud Flops: Cross-VM Row Hammer Attacks and Privilege Escalation Yinqian Zhang , Yuan Xiao , Xiaokuan Zhang , Radu Teodorescu N/A
PIkit: A New Kernel-Independent Processor-Interconnect Rootkit Yongdae Kim , Hyunwoo Choi , Wonjun Song , John Kim , Junhong Kim , Eunsoo Kim N/A
Verifying Constant-Time Implementations Manuel Barbosa , Gilles Barthe , François Dupressoir , José Bacelar Almeida , Michael Emmi N/A
Secure, Precise, and Fast Floating-Point Operations on x86 Processors Ashay Rane , Calvin Lin , Mohit Tiwari N/A
überSpark: Enforcing Verifiable Object Abstractions for Automated Compositional Security Analysis of a Hypervisor Limin Jia , Anupam Datta , Amit Vasudevan , Petros Maniatis , Sagar Chaki N/A
Undermining Information Hiding (and What to Do about It) Herbert Bos , Georgios Portokalidis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Cristiano Giuffrida , Enes Göktaş , Robert Gawlik , Benjamin Kollenda N/A
Poking Holes in Information Hiding Herbert Bos , Elias Athanasopoulos , Cristiano Giuffrida , Angelos Oikonomopoulos N/A
What Cannot Be Read, Cannot Be Leveraged? Revisiting Assumptions of JIT-ROP Defenses Michael Backes , Christian Rossow , Giorgi Maisuradze N/A
zxcvbn: Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation Daniel Lowe Wheeler N/A
Fast, Lean, and Accurate: Modeling Password Guessability Using Neural Networks Lorrie Faith Cranor , Lujo Bauer , Nicolas Christin , Blase Ur , Saranga Komanduri , William Melicher , Sean M. Segreti N/A
An Empirical Study of Textual Key-Fingerprint Representations Matthew Smith , Sascha Fahl , Dominik Schürmann , Yasemin Acar , Sergej Dechand , Karoline Busse N/A
Making HTTPS the Default in the World's Largest Bureaucracy Eric Mill The US government is in the process of requiring secure connections to its public web ...
Off-Path TCP Exploits: Global Rate Limit Considered Dangerous Zhiyun Qian , Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy , Yue Cao , Zhongjie Wang , Tuan Dao , Lisa M. Marvel N/A
Website-Targeted False Content Injection by Network Operators Gabi Nakibly , Jaime Schcolnik , Yossi Rubin N/A
The Ever-Changing Labyrinth: A Large-Scale Analysis of Wildcard DNS Powered Blackhat SEO Kehuan Zhang , Haixin Duan , Zhou Li , Kun Du , Hao Yang N/A
A Comprehensive Measurement Study of Domain Generating Malware Daniel Plohmann , Elmar Gerhards-padilla , Khaled Yakdan , Michael Klatt , Johannes Bader N/A
Enhancing Bitcoin Security and Performance with Strong Consistency via Collective Signing Bryan Ford , Philipp Jovanovic , Eleftherios Kokoris Kogias , Nicolas Gailly , Ismail Khoffi , Linus Gasser N/A
Faster Malicious 2-Party Secure Computation with Online/Offline Dual Execution Mike Rosulek , Peter Rindal N/A
Egalitarian Computing Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich N/A
Post-quantum Key Exchange—A New Hope Peter Schwabe , Leo Ducas , Thomas Pöppelmann , Erdem Alkim N/A
When Governments Attack: Malware Targeting Activists, Lawyers, and Journalists Eva Galperin Targeted malware campaigns against activists, lawyers, and journalists are becoming extremely commonplace. These attacks range ...
Automatically Detecting Error Handling Bugs Using Error Specifications Suman Jana , Yuan Kang , Samuel Roth , Baishakhi Ray N/A
APISan: Sanitizing API Usages through Semantic Cross-Checking Taesoo Kim , Yeongjin Jang , Xujie Si , Changwoo Min , Insu Yun , Mayur Naik N/A
On Omitting Commits and Committing Omissions: Preventing Git Metadata Tampering That (Re)introduces Software Vulnerabilities Reza Curtmola , Justin Cappos , Anil Kumar Ammula , Santiago Torres-arias N/A
Defending against Malicious Peripherals with Cinch Andrew j. Blumberg , Joshua b. Leners , Michael Walfish , Sebastian Angel , Riad S. Wahby , Max Howald , Michael Spilo , Zhen Sun N/A
Making USB Great Again with USBFILTER Patrick Traynor , Adam Bates , Kevin Butler , Dave Tian , Nolen Scaife N/A
Micro-Virtualization Memory Tracing to Detect and Prevent Spraying Attacks Davide Balzarotti , Mariano Graziano , Andrea Lanzi , Stefano Cristalli , Mattia Pagnozzi N/A
The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work Phillip Rogaway Cryptography rearranges power: it configures who can do what, from what. This makes cryptography an ...
Request and Conquer: Exposing Cross-Origin Resource Size Frank Piessens , Wouter Joosen , Mathy Vanhoef , Tom Van Goethem N/A
Trusted Browsers for Uncertain Times Hovav Shacham , David Kohlbrenner N/A
Tracing Information Flows Between Ad Exchanges Using Retargeted Ads William Robertson , Christo Wilson , Muhammad Ahmad Bashir , Sajjad Arshad N/A
Virtual U: Defeating Face Liveness Detection by Building Virtual Models from Your Public Photos Fabian Monrose , Jan-michael Frahm , Yi Xu , True Price N/A
Hidden Voice Commands Micah Sherr , David A. Wagner , Wenchao Zhou , Nicholas Carlini , Tavish Vaidya , Yuankai Zhang , Clay Shields , Pratyush Mishra N/A
FlowFence: Practical Data Protection for Emerging IoT Application Frameworks Atul Prakash , Amir Rahmati , Mauro Conti , Earlence Fernandes , Justin Paupore , Daniel Simionato N/A
Privacy and Threat in Practice: Mobile Messaging by Low-Income New Yorkers Ame Elliot Is a theoretically-secure system any good if it doesn’t address users’ real-world threat models? Is ...
ARMageddon: Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss , Raphael Spreitzer , Stefan Mangard , Moritz Lipp N/A
DRAMA: Exploiting DRAM Addressing for Cross-CPU Attacks Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss , Stefan Mangard , Peter Pessl , Michael Schwarz N/A
An In-Depth Analysis of Disassembly on Full-Scale x86/x64 Binaries Herbert Bos , Victor Veen , Asia Slowinska , Dennis Andriesse , Xi Chen N/A
Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs Ari Juels , Michael K. Reiter , Thomas Ristenpart , Fan Zhang , Florian Tramèr N/A
Oblivious Multi-Party Machine Learning on Trusted Processors Manuel Costa , Cedric Fournet , Felix Schuster , Kapil Vaswani , Olga Ohrimenko , Aastha Mehta , Nowozin N/A
Thoth: Comprehensive Policy Compliance in Data Retrieval Systems Deepak Garg , Peter Druschel , Anjo Vahldiek-oberwagner , Eslam Elnikety , Aastha Mehta N/A
The Unfalsifiability of Security Claims Cormac Herley There is an inherent asymmetry in computer security: things can be declared insecure by observation, ...
Dancing on the Lip of the Volcano: Chosen Ciphertext Attacks on Apple iMessage Matthew Green , Christina Garman , Ian Miers , Michael Rushanan , Gabriel Kaptchuk N/A
Predicting, Decrypting, and Abusing WPA2/802.11 Group Keys Mathy Vanhoef , Frank Piessens N/A
DROWN: Breaking TLS Using SSLv2 Sebastian Schinzel , J. Alex Halderman , Nadia Heninger , Christof Paar , Juraj Somorovsky , David Adrian , Emilia Kasper , Shaanan Cohney , Nimrod Aviram , Maik Dankel , Jens Steube , Luke Valenta , Viktor Dukhovni , Susanne Engels , Yuval Shavitt N/A
All Your Queries Are Belong to Us: The Power of File-Injection Attacks on Searchable Encryption Jonathan Katz , Charalampos Papamanthou , Yupeng Zhang N/A
Investigating Commercial Pay-Per-Install and the Distribution of Unwanted Software Elie Bursztein , Damon Mccoy , Niels Provos , Lucas Ballard , Moheeb Abu Rajab , Panayiotis Mavrommatis , Kurt Thomas , Jean-michel Picod , Robert Shield , Juan Manuel Crespo , Nav Jagpal , Ryan Rasti , Cait Phillips , Marc-andré Decoste , Chris Sharp , Fabio Tirelo , Ali Tofigh , Marc-antoine Courteau N/A
Measuring PUP Prevalence and PUP Distribution through Pay-Per-Install Services Juan Caballero , Leyla Bilge , Platon Kotzias N/A
UNVEIL: A Large-Scale, Automated Approach to Detecting Ransomware Collin Mulliner , William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Sajjad Arshad , Amin Kharaz N/A
Towards Measuring and Mitigating Social Engineering Software Download Attacks Manos Antonakakis , Roberto Perdisci , Terry Nelms , Mustaque Ahamad N/A
Teaching Computer Security: Thoughts from the Field Tadayoshi Kohno , David Evans , Zachary Peterson , Colleen Lewis Many researchers and engineers first learn about computer security in a classroom. In this interactive ...
Specification Mining for Intrusion Detection in Networked Control Systems Emmanuele Zambon , Frank Kargl , Robin Sommer , Johanna Amann , Marco Caselli N/A
Optimized Invariant Representation of Network Traffic for Detecting Unseen Malware Variants Karel Bartos , Michal Sofka , Vojtech Franc N/A
Authenticated Network Time Synchronization Douglas Stebila , Greg Zaverucha , Benjamin Dowling N/A
fTPM: A Software-Only Implementation of a TPM Chip Stefan Saroiu , Himanshu Raj , Alec Wolman , Paul England , Ronald Aigner , Jeremiah Cox , Chris Fenner , Kinshuman Kinshumann , Jork Loeser , Dennis Mattoon , Magnus Nystrom , David Robinson , Rob Spiger , Stefan Thom , David Wooten N/A
Sanctum: Minimal Hardware Extensions for Strong Software Isolation Victor Costan , Srinivas Devadas , Ilia Lebedev N/A
Ariadne: A Minimal Approach to State Continuity Raoul Strackx , Frank Piessens N/A
Finding and Fixing Security Bugs in Flash Natalie Silvanovich Over the past couple of years, Adobe Flash has been repeatedly targeted by attackers in ...
The Million-Key Question—Investigating the Origins of RSA Public Keys Vashek Matyas , Petr Svenda , Matúš Nemec , Peter Sekan , Rudolf Kvašňovský , David Formánek , David Komárek N/A
Fingerprinting Electronic Control Units for Vehicle Intrusion Detection Kang G. Shin , Kyong-tak Cho N/A
Lock It and Still Lose It —on the (In)Security of Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Systems Timo Kasper , Flavio D. Garcia , David Oswald , Pierre Pavlidès N/A
OblivP2P: An Oblivious Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing System Prateek Saxena , Tarik Moataz , Yaoqi Jia , Shruti Tople N/A
AuthLoop: End-to-End Cryptographic Authentication for Telephony over Voice Channels Patrick Traynor , Bradley Reaves N/A
You Are Who You Know and How You Behave: Attribute Inference Attacks via Users' Social Friends and Behaviors Bin Liu , Neil Zhenqiang Gong N/A
Report from the Field: A CDN's Role in Repelling Attacks against Banking Industry Web Sites Bruce Maggs This talk describes several types of attacks aimed at content delivery networks (CDNs) and their ...
Internet Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Trackers: An Archaeological Study of Web Tracking from 1996 to 2016 Tadayoshi Kohno , Franziska Roesner , Adam Lerner , Anna Kornfeld Simpson N/A
Hey, You Have a Problem: On the Feasibility of Large-Scale Web Vulnerability Notification Martin Johns , Michael Backes , Ben Stock , Christian Rossow , Giancarlo Pellegrino N/A
You've Got Vulnerability: Exploring Effective Vulnerability Notifications Damon Mccoy , Stefan Savage , Vern Paxson , Frank h. Li , Michael Bailey , Zakir Durumeric , Mohammad Karami , Jakub Czyz N/A
Mirror: Enabling Proofs of Data Replication and Retrievability in the Cloud Frederik Armknecht , Ghassan O. Karame , Jens-matthias Bohli , Ludovic Barman N/A
ZKBoo: Faster Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits Claudio Orlandi , Irene Giacomelli , Jesper Madsen N/A
The Cut-and-Choose Game and Its Application to Cryptographic Protocols Jonathan Katz , Yan Huang , Abhi Shelat , Ruiyu Zhu N/A
AMD x86 Memory Encryption Technologies David Kaplan This talk will introduce the audience to two new x86 ISA features developed by AMD ...
On Demystifying the Android Application Framework: Re-Visiting Android Permission Specification Analysis Patrick Mcdaniel , Michael Backes , Sven Bugiel , Damien Octeau , Erik Derr , Sebastian Weisgerber N/A
Practical DIFC Enforcement on Android Somesh Jha , William Enck , Adwait Nadkarni , Benjamin Andow N/A
Screen after Previous Screens: Spatial-Temporal Recreation of Android App Displays from Memory Images Dongyan Xu , Golden Iii , Xiangyu Zhang , Brendan Saltaformaggio , Rohit Bhatia N/A
Harvesting Inconsistent Security Configurations in Custom Android ROMs via Differential Analysis Wenliang Du , Xiao Zhang , Yousra Aafer N/A
Identifying and Characterizing Sybils in the Tor Network Roya Ensafi , Nick Feamster , Philipp Winter , Karsten Loesing N/A
k-fingerprinting: A Robust Scalable Website Fingerprinting Technique Jamie Hayes , George Danezis N/A
Protecting Privacy of BLE Device Users Kang G. Shin , Kassem Fawaz , Kyu-han Kim N/A
Privacy in Epigenetics: Temporal Linkability of MicroRNA Expression Profiles Michael Backes , Mathias Humbert , Pascal Berrang , Anna Hecksteden , Andreas Keller , Tim Meyer N/A