WOOT 2016 Aug. 8, 2016 to Aug. 9, 2016, austin,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Retelling the Retail Security Story Wendy Nather In retail, everyone is a Target, but that doesn’t mean what it used to. Anyone ...
Acceleration Attacks on PBKDF2: Or, What Is inside the Black-Box of oclHashcat? Jeff Yan , Andrew Ruddick N/A
Nonce-Disrespecting Adversaries: Practical Forgery Attacks on GCM in TLS Juraj Somorovsky , Aaron Zauner , Philipp Jovanovic , Hanno Böck , Sean Devlin N/A
How to Break Microsoft Rights Management Services Jörg Schwenk , Christian Mainka , Martin Grothe , Paul Rösler N/A
Putting LTE Security Functions to the Test: A Framework to Evaluate Implementation Correctness David Rupprecht , Kai Jansen , Christina Pöpper N/A
Eavesdropping One-Time Tokens Over Magnetic Secure Transmission in Samsung Pay Daeseon Choi , Younho Lee N/A
How to Phone Home with Someone Else’s Phone: Information Exfiltration Using Intentional Sound Noise on Gyroscopic Sensors Yossi Oren , Benyamin Farshteindiker , Nir Hasidim , Asaf Grosz N/A
Eavesdropping on Fine-Grained User Activities Within Smartphone Apps Over Encrypted Network Traffic Dongyan Xu , Xiangyu Zhang , Qi Zhang , John Qian , Brendan Saltaformaggio , Yonghwi Kwon , Hongjun Choi , Kristen Johnson N/A
Hardware-Assisted Rootkits: Abusing Performance Counters on the ARM and x86 Architectures Matt Spisak N/A
AVLeak: Fingerprinting Antivirus Emulators through Black-Box Testing Jeremy Blackthorne , Alexei Bulazel , Andrew Fasano , Patrick Biernat , Bülent Yener N/A
malWASH: Washing Malware to Evade Dynamic Analysis Mathias Payer , Kyriakos K. Ispoglou N/A
Non-Deterministic Timers for Hardware Trojan Activation (or How a Little Randomness Can Go the Wrong Way) Mahesh v. Tripunitara , Frank Imeson , Siddharth Garg , Saeed Nejati N/A
Stagefright: An Android Exploitation Case Study Joshua j. Drake Last year, Joshua disclosed multiple vulnerabilities in Android's multimedia processing library libstagefright. This disclosure went ...
Fillory of PHY: Toward a Periodic Table of Signal Corruption Exploits and Polyglots in Digital Radio Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed , Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini , Debanjum S. Solanky N/A
SoK: XML Parser Vulnerabilities Jörg Schwenk , Christian Mainka , Vladislav Mladenov , Christopher Späth N/A
Abusing Public Third-Party Services for EDoS Attacks Songqing Chen , Huangxin Wang , Zhonghua Xi , Fei Li N/A
DDoSCoin: Cryptocurrency with a Malicious Proof-of-Work Eric Wustrow , Benjamin Vandersloot N/A
A Rising Tide: Design Exploits in Industrial Control Systems Reid Wightman , Alexander Bolshev , Jason Larsen , Marina Krotofil N/A
This Ain't Your Dose: Sensor Spoofing Attack on Medical Infusion Pump Yongdae Kim , Yunmok Son , Hocheol Shin , Youngseok Park , Dohyun Kim N/A
Sampling Race: Bypassing Timing-Based Analog Active Sensor Spoofing Detection on Analog-Digital Systems Yongdae Kim , Yunmok Son , Hocheol Shin , Youngseok Park , Yujin Kwon N/A
Truck Hacking: An Experimental Analysis of the SAE J1939 Standard André Weimerskirch , Yelizaveta Burakova , Bill Hass , Leif Millar N/A
Controlling UAVs with Sensor Input Spoofing Attacks Drew Davidson , Thomas Ristenpart , Hao Wu , Robert Jellinek , Vikas Singh N/A