BalCCon 2016 Sept. 9, 2016 to Sept. 11, 2016, novi sad,serbia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Ceremony Jelena Georgijević Krasojevic N/A
Introduction to BalCCon2k16 badge Voja N/A
Memory Corruption: Why We Can't Have Nice Things Gannimo N/A
Automated Web Attacks Using Headless Browsers Ben herzberg , Dima Bekerman N/A
From Ruby to Elixir Igor Šarčević N/A
Contemporary Webserver Configuration - A Serving Suggestion Leyrer , @maclemon apt-get install apache2 is not enough anymore
Predictive CVE Hunting Robert Simmons N/A
Autonomous vehicles - Present or the future Nemanja Stefanovic N/A
Introduction to cyber-attacks on vehicles Dn5 vircar
Kernel exploitation and hardening: why we could have nice things! Anil Kurmus N/A
Hacking Attacks Mane Piperevski The power of IPv6 driven malware
Story about "Makers" Novi Sad Nenad Četić N/A
Nature, Darwin and Bug Bounty Hunting Danijel Grah N/A
Data integration made easy with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Shekeriev N/A
Build a Geiger Counter Radu Environmental monitoring with Open Source Hardware
The IT of another Europe Arjen Kamphuis Building systems we can trust again
Does not compute: why doctors hate IT Christina And what to do about it
Hardware production and outsourcing Radu Focus on the big picture, while scaling your production
Numbering Stations Abakalov Crack the Cold War Code And Win the Ham Radio Moonshine
Hacking hardware to talk with Android Kost Can i make that toaster talk to Android?
A close look on cyborgs: basics of cell-chip coupling Anna Czeschik N/A
when the digital hair stands up in your neck Aluc N/A
Windows in windows in......... Leyrer , @maclemon A beginners guide to tmux(1)
Nifty Tricks for ARM Firmware Reverse Engineering Travis Goodspeed N/A
Lets create a game with Godot Alket N/A
Exploring the IoT attack surface Tonimir Kišasondi Breaking or Liberating the brave new IoT world.
Digging within .git Sarup Banskota Let's understand how git works!
FLOSS way of funding a hackerspace Meka Don't ignore hackerspace IQ financially
Black market value of patient data Christina N/A
How to NOT run a Hackspace Hetti Problems of Hackspaces evaluated
[Real] Private browsing Sharkey Protect your privacy and security while browsing the web
Brace Yo'Self: DDoS Is Coming Ben herzberg DDoS Workshop
NodeJS and electronic world development for N00bs Onuralp Sezer Introduction to NodeJS and Web Techologies for Connection -> Electronics
Introduction to Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Shekeriev N/A
Advanced SSH Leyrer , @maclemon Productivity- and Security Tipps for SSH
DDoS Attack Landscapes Marko Panc N/A
99 Problems Vyrus writing multi - platform spyware