BSidesColombia 2016 Sept. 14, 2016 to Sept. 17, 2016, bogota,colombia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
City Challenges Route N N/A
KEYNOTE Giovanni Cruz N/A
War Encryption Rodriguez Katitza N/A
adJ 5.9: Looking stack to be secure, fast and highly available Rails applications Vladimir Támara N/A
Attack is old, defense is cooler! Juan Garrido N/A
Misfortune Cookie is Alive! Ruben Molina N/A
Security applications in agile projects Leonardo Agudelo N/A
What good is your public information? - OSINT Daniel Romo N/A
What a sniffer you can count Carlos Fernandez N/A
Reversing Ransomware Andres Osorio N/A
Defeating Analytics Using Netfilter API Marcos Schejtman N/A
Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Computer Security Daniel Penna N/A
ISP Platforms, Hardware Hacking, security, privacy! Fernando Quintero N/A
Let's Encrypt (SSL) Seth Schoen N/A