DerbyCon 2016 Sept. 21, 2016 to Sept. 25, 2016, derby,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Ceremony Derbycon Team N/A
Key Note Lee Holmes , Jeffrey Snover N/A
Thinking Purple Carlos Perez N/A
Internet of Things, Voice Control, AI, and Office Automation: BUILDING YOUR VERY OWN J.A.R.V.I.S. Ed Skoudis N/A
Metasploit Townhall Tod Beardsley , David thelightcosine Maloney , James Lee , Brent Cook , Lance Sanchez N/A
Data Obfuscation: How to hide data and payloads to make them "not exist" Parker Schmitt N/A
Go with the Flow Jason Smith N/A
Abusing RTF Devon Greene N/A
Writing malware while the blue team is staring at you Mubix "rob" Fuller N/A
Mind Reading for Fun and Profit using DISC Christopher Hadnagy N/A
Stagefright: An Android Exploitation Case Study Jduck N/A
Top 10 2015-2016 compromise patterns observed & how to use non-traditional Internet datasets to detect & avoid them James Pleger , Arian J Evans N/A
Information Security Proposed Solutions Series - 1. Talent Aaron Lafferty N/A
DNSSUX Alfredo Ramirez N/A
Macs Get Sick Too Tyler Halfpop , Jacob Soo N/A
Hunting for Exploit Kits Joe Desimone N/A
Rotten Potato - Privilege Escalation from Service Accounts to SYSTEM Stephen Breen , Chris Mallz N/A
+1,000,000 -0: Cloning a Game Using Game Hacking and Terabytes of Data Nick Cano N/A
Nose Breathing 101: A Guide to Infosec Interviewing Wartortell , Aaron Bayles N/A
Android Patchwork William Mclaughlin N/A
A Year in the Empire Will Schroeder , Matt Nelson N/A
Next Gen Web Pen Testing: Handling modern applications in a penetration test Kevin Johnson , Jason Gillam N/A
DevOops Redux Ken Johnson , Chris Gates N/A
To Catch a Penetration Tester: Top SIEM Use Cases Ryan Voloch , Peter Giannoutsos N/A
Is that a penguin in my Windows? Spencer Mcintyre N/A
Real World Attacks VS Check-box Security Tim Roberts , Brent White N/A
PowerShell Secrets and Tactics Ben0xa N/A
Beyond The ?Cript: Practical iOS Reverse Engineering Michael Allen N/A
.... and bad mistakes I've made a few..... Jayson E. Street N/A
No Easy Breach: Challenges and Lessons from an Epic Investigation Nick Carr , Matthew Dunwoody N/A
ARRR Maties! A map to the legal hack-back Natalie Vanatta N/A
Hacking and Protecting SharePoint Michael Wharton , Project Mvp N/A
CrackMapExec - Owning Active Directory by using Active Directory Marcello Salvati N/A
Adaptation of the Security Sub-Culture Rockie Brockway , Adam Hogan N/A
Better Network Defense Through Threat Injection and Hunting Zach Grace , Brian Genz N/A
Hacking Lync (or, 'The Weakest Lync') Nyxgeek N/A
Responder for Purple Teams Kevin Gennuso N/A
Metaprogramming in Ruby and doing it wrong. Ken Toler N/A
Exploiting First Hop Protocols to Own the Network Paul Coggin N/A
Outlook and Exchange for the Bad Guys Nick Landers N/A
It's Never So Bad That It Can't Get Worse Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
AWSh*t. Pay-as-you-go Mobile Penetration Testing Nathan Clark N/A
Evolving your Office's Security Culture Nancy Snoke N/A
Confronting Obesity in Infosec Michael "theprez98" Schearer N/A
Defeating The Latest Advances in Script Obfuscation Mark Mager N/A
From Commodity to Advanced (APT) malware, are automated malware analysis sandboxes as useful as your own basic manual analysis? Michael Gough N/A
BurpSmartBuster Patrick Mathieu N/A
Advanced Persistent Thirst (APT) Patrick Marshall , Carlos Pacho N/A
Breaking Credit Card Tokenization Without Cryptanalysis Tim Malcomvetter N/A
Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) Bill V N/A
Business Developement: The best non-four letter dirty word in infosec. Joshua Marpet , Scott Lyons N/A
Tool Drop 2.0 - Free As In Pizza Jason Lang , Scot Berner N/A
We're a Shooting Gallery, Now What? Joseph Tegg N/A
Malicious Office Doc Analysis for EVERYONE! Doug Burns N/A
Attacking EvilCorp: Anatomy of a Corporate Hack Will Schroeder , Sean Metcalf N/A
Living Off the Land 2: A Minimalist's Guide to Windows Defense Matt Graeber , Jared Atkinson N/A
Point of Sale Voyuer- Threat Actor Attribution Through POS Honeypots Kyle Wilhoit N/A
The Art of War, Attacking the Organization and Raising the Defense Jeremy Mio , David Lauer , Mike Woolard N/A
The 1337 Gods of Geek Mythology Justin Herman , Anna-jeannine Herman N/A
Open Source Intelligence - What I learned by being an OSINT creeper Josh Huff N/A
Phishing without Failure and Frustration Jay Beale N/A
I don't give one IoTA: Introducing the Internet of Things Attack Methodology. Larry “@haxorthematrix” Pesce N/A
Anti-Forensics AF int0x80 Dual Core N/A
Managed to Mangled: Exploitation of Enterprise Network Management Systems Deral Heiland , Matthew Kienow N/A
Finding Your Balance Joey Maresca N/A
Hashcat State of the Union Evilmog N/A
New Shiny in Metasploit Framework Egypt N/A
Five year checkup: the state of insulin pump security Jay Radcliffe N/A
Penetration Testing Trends John Strand N/A
Garbage in, garbage out Matthew Sullivan , Ellen Hartstack N/A
Establishing A Foothold With JavaScript Casey Smith N/A
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (even if you're totally faking it) Jesika Mcevoy N/A
Embrace the Bogeyman: Tactical Fear Mongering for Those Who Penetrate Fuzzynop N/A
Introducing DeepBlueCLI, a PowerShell module for hunt teaming via Windows event logs Eric Conrad N/A
Using Binary Ninja for Modern Malware Analysis Jared Demott , Josh Stroschein N/A
Fuzzing to break software Scott M N/A
Security v. Ops: Bridging the Gap Craig Bowser N/A
From Gaming to Hacking The Planet Chris "lopi" Spehn N/A
How to Social Engineer your way into your dream job! Jason Blanchard N/A
Attackers Hunt Sysadmins - It's time to fight back Lee Holmes N/A
Scripting Myself Out of a Job - Automating the Penetration Test with APT2 Adam Len Compton , Austin Lane N/A
Hacking for Homeschoolers: STEM projects for under $20 Branden Miller N/A
SQL Server Hacking on Scale using PowerShell Scott Sutherland N/A
Dive into DSL: Digital Response Analysis with Elasticsearch Brian Marks , Andrea Sancho Silgado N/A
Make STEHM Great Again David healwhans Schwartzberg , Chris Sistrunk N/A
Python 3: It's Time Charles L. Yost N/A
DNS in Enterprise IR: Collection, Analysis and Response Philip Martin N/A
Need More Sleep? REST Could Help Drew Branch N/A
Making Our Profession More Professional Bill Gardner N/A
How are tickets paid for? Abe Miller N/A
Breaking Android Apps for Fun and Profit Bill Sempf N/A
So You've Inherited a Security Department, Now What? Amanda Berlin , Lee Brotherston N/A
Reverse engineering all the malware... and why you should stop. Brandon Young N/A
Body Hacking 101 (or a Healthy Lifestyle for Security Pros) Nathan Magniez N/A
Security Automation in your Continuous Integration Pipeline Jimmy Byrd N/A
Cruise Ship Security OR Hacking the High Seas Chad M. Dewey N/A
Attacking ADFS Endpoints with PowerShell Karl Fosaaen N/A
The 90's called, they want their technology back Stephen Hilt N/A
Web Security for Dummies Lee Neely N/A
I Love myBFF (Brute Force Framework) Kirk Hayes N/A
Nobody gets fired by choosing IBM... but maybe they should. Cameron Craig , Keith Conway N/A
Shackles, Shims, and Shivs - Understanding Bypass Techniques Mirovengi N/A
Introducing PowerShell into your Arsenal with PS>Attack Jared Haight N/A
Recharging Penetration Testing to Maximize Value James Jardine N/A
Poetically Opaque (or other John Updike Quotes) Hypervista N/A
Hack Yourself: Building A Pentesting Lab David Boyd N/A
Abusing Linux Trust Relationships: Authentication Back Alleys and Forgotten Features Ronnie Flathers N/A
Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers, Flaws and Issues Salvador Mendoza N/A
Hardening AWS Environments and Automating Incident Response Alex Mccormack , Andrew Krug N/A
Yara Rule QA: Can't I Write Code to do This for Me? Andrew Plunkett N/A
Java RATS: Not even your Macs are safe Anthony Kasza N/A
The Advanced Persistent Pentester (All Your Networks Are Belong 2 Us) Beau Bullock , Derek Banks , Joff Thyer N/A
Fire Away! Sinking the Next Gen Firewall Russell Butturini N/A
Invoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques & How To (Try To) D""e`Tec`T 'Th'+'em Daniel Bohannon N/A
Mobile Device Forensics Dav Wilson N/A
Hashview, a new tool aimed to improve your password cracking endeavors. Casey Cammilleri , Hans Lakhan N/A
Hardware Hacking the Easyware Way Brian Fehrman N/A
PacketKO - Data Exfiltration Via Port Knocking Matthew Lichtenberger N/A
Ransomware: An overview Jamie Murdock N/A
MariaDB: Lock it down like a chastity belt Ben Stillman N/A
IoT Defenses - Software, Hardware, Wireless and Cloud Aaron Guzman N/A
Static PIE: How and Why Brent Cook , Adam Cammack N/A
Finding a Weak Link: Attacking Windows OEM Kernel Drivers Braden Hollembaek , Adam Pond N/A