HackerHalted 2016 Sept. 15, 2016 to Sept. 16, 2016, atlanta,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening and Announcement of Winners of Global Cyberlympics, Eric Lopez , Jay Bavisi N/A
Privacy vs. Security Debate Kurt Opsahl , Jack Daniel , Amar Singh , Steve Bongardt , Mitzi Hill N/A
The Shoulders of the InfoSec Project Jack Daniel N/A
What’s Hot – Wifi Data Leakage: How your phone, laptop, and smart device can reveal where you live, work, and places you’ve visted via 802.11 inception, Solomon Sonya N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack -The Dark Side of PowerShell, George Dobrea N/A
All Things Technical – It walks, It talks and it will conduct economic espionage, Greg Carpenter N/A
What’s Hot – Defending Against 1,000,000 Cyber Attacks, Michael Banks N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Evolution of Malware and Attempts to Prevent, Michael Vien , Greg Hanis N/A
All Things Technical – False Flags, Erin Owens N/A
What’s Hot – How to Get into ICS Security, Chris Sistrunk N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Lateral Movement: How attackers quietly traverse your Network, Xavier Ashe N/A
All Things Technical – Charity: A Secret for Cyberspace, Henry Wanjala , Jonathan Creekmore N/A
What’s Hot – Out Go The Lights: An enlightening discussion of IoT automation security, Deral Heiland N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – SWAT Style – Live Network Crypto Hacking and Exploitation, Wayne Burke N/A
All Things Technical -Hacker Quantified Security, Alex Rice N/A
The Less Hacked Path, Samy Kamkar N/A
Security in the Cognitive Era: Why it matters more than ever, Shelley Westman N/A
Security a New Era in Computing: Acceleration using the Supply Chain Principles – Ingrid Centurion N/A
Cybersecurity & Security: Concepts of Behavioral Profiling from the FBI’s first Cyber Profiler – Steve Bongardt N/A
What’s Hot – Exploring LTE security and protocol exploits with open source software and low-cost software radio, Roger Piqueras Jover N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Hallowed by thy Packets, Paul Coggin N/A
All Things Technical -All Your Base Still Belong To Us: Physical Penetration Testing Tales From The Trenches, Valerie Thomas , Harry Regan N/A
What’s Hot – Tour of the Dark Web, Chad Hunt , Keith Thomas N/A
Cut the Crap Show me the Hack – Building a Mobile Assault Kit, Kevin Cardwell , Wayne Burke N/A