SecureWorldCincinati 2016 Sept. 8, 2016 to Sept. 8, 2016, cincinatti,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
SecureWorld Plus - Sept. 7th - Handling & Managing Security Incidents - (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) John O'leary N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Cybersecurity 2.0 - Thought Leadership for Changing Times Christopher Pierson N/A
Managing Your Security Career; Which Hill Will You Climb? Mike Rock N/A
OpenDNS, Part of Cisco: How to Block Threats Before, During & After an Attack Paul Singleton N/A
Selling a Product? Don’t Be The Breach! Jon Litchfield N/A
Arbor Networks: The DDoS Shakedown: Extortion is Alive and Well Sean Brady N/A
Radware: Cyber War Chronicles - Stories From the Virtual Trenches Jeff Dolence N/A
Securing Payment Card Transactions with PCI Emma Sutcliffe N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Radware The Current Economics of Cyber Attacks Ron Winward N/A
Panel: Current Threatscape Kevin Dye N/A
Collaborative Security Awareness Programs Jd Rogers , Amy Zimmerman N/A
Privacy and Data Security Law Update: Data Breach & Cyber Incident Response Preparedness Jack Greiner N/A