H2K 2000 July 15, 2000 to July 16, 2000, USA

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Why Hacking Nasa Is A Stupid Idea The Cheshire Catalyst For some reason, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a favorite hacker target. Hackers, ... Security
Selling Out: The Pros And Cons Of Working For The Man Anonymous There's lots of talk in the media about hackers who get straight jobs in the ... Security Media
Secrets Of The Dnc/Rnc Anonymous For the first time, a HOPE conference is taking place just prior to the two ... Security
Ethics In Military And Civilian Software Development Winn Schwartau , Robert Steele , Sam Nitzberg The quality with which systems are developed for either civilian or military purposes has systemic, ... Security Development
Gsm And Cdma Jason Hillyard Curious about the next generation of mobile phone technology currently being developed and deployed around ... Security Wireless
High School Horror Tales Anonymous We've all read the letters from high school kids who have their copies of 2600 ... Security
Counterfeiting Ids And Identity Theft Anonymous You may be surprised by some of the things Bootleg will tell you about how ... Security
Mtv - How Did It Happen? Weld Pond , Tommee Pickles We all know about the travesty that MTV put out on its "True Life" series ... Security
Hacking Consciousness: Back Cover Text Chris Mckinstry What would be the "ultimate hack"? Breaking into the computers of the Pentagon? The CIA? ... Security
Hacktivism - Terrorism Or A New Hope? Anonymous We've all heard the phrase but what does it mean? Is there such a thing ... Security Web
The Legal Panel Martin Garbus , Ed Hernstadt , Robin Gross What is illegal these days? What isn't? Just how many of these crazy laws are ... Security Panel Legal
Internet Security Using Open Source Software Justin Cheung , Don Marti Some practical advice on out-of-box Linux security via access control, setting up landmines, etc. Why ... Security Access
Cyber Civil Disobedience Dan Orr Discusses the roots of civil disobedience from the Boston Tea Party to Martin Luther King ... Security
Decss And The Dmca - Hackers Vs. Corporate America Jon Johansen , Macki. , Emmanuel Goldstein There has never been a case like this in the history of the hacker world. ... Security
Becoming The Media - How The Web Is Changing Everything Macki , Space Rogue People like Matt Drudge are often held up as examples of how the web has ... Security Web Media
Cracking The Hacker Myth: A Scientific Study To Find The Real Story Anonymous In the past, many misunderstood groups in society have reaped the rewards of public backlash ... Security Media
Freedom Downtime Anonymous Two years in the making, the 2600 documentary will finally be premiered at H2K on ... Security Community
Security Through Gaming: The Cyberwar Game Anonymous Security is no game, that's for sure. But by using Gaming techniques, we can learn ... Security Cyberwar
Low Power Fm (Lpfm) Pete Yoder Have you ever wanted to set up your own radio station? For the first time ... Security Community
The Old Timer Panel Cheshire Catalyst , Captain Crunch , Bootleg. Hard as it may be to believe, there are hackers who have been active for ... Security Panel
Low Bandwidth Access To The Internet Anonymous A continuation of Cheshire Catalyst's Beyond Hope discussion that will disparage flashy graphics and shockwaved ... Security Access
Retrocomputing Sam Nitzberg , Mr. Ohm , The Nightstalker This panel will discuss and explore "obsolete computers" such as TRS-80s and Atari 800s. It ... Security Panel
How I Got My Own Area Code Anonymous The Cheshire Catalyst has pulled off what HAS to be considered "The Ultimate Hack." He ... Security
Keynote: Jello Biafra Anonymous Former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys Jello Biafra may appear to have little to ... Security
The Hacker'S Code Greg Newby This session will ask audience members to work together on a "Hacker's Code." Is it ... Security
The King'S Mob Open Source Mediamaking Panel Anonymous NYC's Do-it-Yourself new media and movie studio, King's Mob Multimedia, will present a panel discussion ... Security Panel
The Robotic Graffiti Writer Anonymous The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) is a politically motivated robotics collective which develops technologies ... Security
Ethics In The Hacker/Phreaker Community The Prophet Join us for a panel on hacking and phreaking ethics. Are hacking and phreaking skills ... Security Community
Cult Of The Dead Cow Extravaganza Anonymous None Security
Shortwave Radio - Precursor To The Net Craig Yoder Nearly a century before the Internet and before any of us were born, shortwave radio ... Security
Hardware & Electronics Q&A Panel Anonymous Do you have questions about basic electronics, embedded systems, secure hardware design, smart cards, hardware ... Security Panel
Hackers And The Media Anonymous Hear straight from the mouths of journalists why hackers seem to always get such bad ... Security Media
Napster: A New Beginning Or Beginning Of The End? Anonymous We've read the papers and seen the hysteria. Many of us have also been affected ... Security Business
Nootropics Anonymous "Nootropics" are chemicals that enhance one's abilities such as memory retention and thought creation. A ... Security
Mock Trial - The Mpaa Vs. 2600 Anonymous When we first scheduled this, our REAL trial wasn't supposed to happen until December. Then ... Security Legal
Spy Stuff: Everything You Never Believed But Wanted To Ask About... Anonymous Robert Steele, Bruce Sterling Security
Bypassing Modern Ids Products Ron Gula A review of Network, Hostbased, and Honeypot IDS technologies. Techniques will be discussed which attempt ... Security
The Internet - The View From Overseas Cheshire Catalyst Five or six people will be selected from H2K registrants coming from overseas. The discussion ... Security Web
Being A Good Samaritan Online Anonymous The Data and Network Security Council, a UK not for profit campaign group, has been ... Security
Telephone Systems Of The World Billsf A discussion of telephone systems from the earliest rotary dial to the modern digital systems. ... Security Development
Information On The Masses Anonymous How much information is out there on every one of us? Who is able to ... Security Access
Introduction To Computer Viruses Robert J. Lupo This talk covers how virus's work. Bootsector, multi-parti, file infectors, macro, Trojan, and fakes will ... Security
Parents: Are They Your Enemies? Anonymous A panel of parents in the community discussing how they try to give guidance and ... Security Panel Community
Pirate Radio 101 Professor Klystron , Mr. E , Ken-zo , Dj Anne Animus A demonstration and presentation of a portable microradio station providing live, wireless audio transmissions throughout ... Security Wireless Panel
The Jon Johansen Story Anonymous On January 24, 16-year-old Jon Johansen and his father were both arrested by Norwegian authorities ... Security Web
The Web Is A Harsh Mistress Bryan Maloney Nations that exist in meatspace do so by the virtue of one thing: physical force. ... Security Web
Number System Conversion Don Scott An in depth discussion of the binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal number systems and the ... Security
Social Engineering Panel Anonymous Home of the first social engineering panel back in 1994, we continue the tradition this ... Security Panel
Internet Radio Fearfree , Porkchop While it's true that radio space on the dial is controlled by fewer and fewer ... Security
Lockpicking Anonymous Barry "The Key" is one of Europe's leading experts on locks. In his first presentation ... Security
Hackers Of Planet Earth Rop Gonggrijp , Andy Adamson , Cyberjunkie You thought hacking was an American thing? Think again. There are hackers in every nook ... Security