Brucon 2016 Oct. 27, 2016 to Oct. 28, 2016, brussels,belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Building a Successful Internal Adversarial Simulation Team Chris Gates , Chris Nickerson N/A
What Does the Perfect Door or Padlock Look Like? Deviant Ollam N/A
New Adventures in Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures and Hacking Back John Strand N/A
NO EASY BREACH:Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Epic Investigation Matthew Dunwoody N/A
Decepticon The Rise and Evolution of an Intelligent Evil Twin…!!! Rushikesh Nandedkar , Amrita Iyer , Krishnakant Patil N/A
Hello to the Dark Side: Understanding YOUR Adversaries without All Those Expensive Threat Intel Tools" L. Grecs N/A
Security through design - Making security better by designing for people Jelle Niemantsverdriet N/A
Esoteric Web Application Vulnerabilities Andrès Pablo Riancho N/A
Invoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques Daniel Bohannon N/A
Virtual Terminals, POS Security and becoming a billionaire overnight Grigorios Fragkos N/A
Hacking KPN: Lessons from the trenches Jeremy Goldstein , Bouke Van Laethem N/A
Scraping leaky browsers for fun and passwords Stefaan Truijen , Adrian Toma N/A
Smart Sheriff, Dumb Idea. The wild west of government assisted parenting Abraham Aranguren , Fabian Fäßler N/A
Anti-Forensics AF Dualcore N/A
The Control Things Workshop Justin Searle N/A
Hacking The Enterprise Wim Remes , Nathan Magniez N/A
Brewcon Chris Lytle N/A
Hunting Malware with osquery at scale Erik Waher , Jackie Bow , And Nick Anderson N/A
Analyzing Malicious Office Documents Didier Stevens N/A
Incident Response Workshop Maxim Deweerdt , Erik Van Buggenhout N/A
Crowdsourced Malware Triage Sergei Frankoff , Sean Wilson N/A
How to securely build your own IoT enabling embedded systems Jens Devloo , Vito Rallo , Jean-georges Valle N/A
802.11 Leakage: How passive interception leads to active exploitation Solomon Sonya N/A