BsidesPortland 2016 Oct. 14, 2016 to Oct. 15, 2016, portland,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hardening AWS Environments and Automating Incident Response for AWS Compromises, Andrew Krug N/A
Margarita Shotgun - Automating Memory Capture, Joel Ferrier N/A
Automating Attacks Against Office365, Karl Fosaaen N/A
Keynote Ron Wyden N/A
Cryptowarez: a survey of Open and Closed Hardware Crypto Devices, Josh Datko N/A
TPM: trojan horse or boat anchor?, Vim N/A
High Assurance Cryptography, Joey Dodds N/A
Elk All The Things:Security Analytics for the Masses Travis Smith N/A
DDoS Defense for a Community of Peers, Jem Berkes N/A
Latest evasion techniques in fileless malware, Virginia Robbins N/A
Blacklisting Badguys With IPTables, Gary Smith N/A
Exploring the IoT for fun Bob Lohil N/A
HORSEPILL: a New Kind of Linux Rootkit, Michael Leibowitz N/A
NumChecker: A System Approach for Kernel Rootkit Detection and Identification, Xueyang Wang , Xiaofei Guo N/A
The Tao of Hardware, The Te of Implants, Joe Fitzpatrick N/A
Experiments with Optical Covert Channels, Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A
Using LangSec in Penetration Testing, Falcon Darkstar Momot N/A
Mad Data Science: Threat Hunting with Machine Learning, Ken Westin N/A
Firmware Tools for Security Researchers, Lee Fisher N/A
The Modern SOC: Adapting the Security Operations Model to How We Work Josh Pyorre N/A
Secret BFFs: Security and Usability, Morgan Miller N/A
Selling the Brooklyn Bridge: Can historic scams, cons and flimflam teach us ways to stop social engineering and educate end-users on cybercrime?, Kevin Haley N/A
Securing the End User - Patching the End User, Isaac Robinson N/A
Hands-on embedded programming with Black Magic and the lights on Piotr Esden-tempski N/A
Sending the Elevator Back Down: Getting Youth Interested in Security, Travis Smith N/A
Privacy, Security and Crayons - Security Concepts for Kids, Tiberius Hefflin N/A
A "Divergent"-themed CTF and Urban Race for Introducing Security and Cryptography, Wu-chang Feng N/A
So, you want to build an application security practice?, Ian Melven N/A
101 ways to brick your hardware in 10100 minutes, Joe N/A
Securing the Software Engineering Process, Jeff Costlow N/A
Why I hate the Raspberry Pi, Travis Paakki N/A
Vulnerability Hunting in Access Control Systems, Bobby Kuzma N/A