BSidesPR 2016 Oct. 6, 2016 to Oct. 6, 2016, san juan,puerto rico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Jugando con datos en tiempo real (OSINT) Claudio Caracciolo N/A
Catch me if you can -The cat & mouse game.” Técnicas avanzadas de evasión utilizadas por malware y hackers. Roberto Martinez N/A
Kick-Ass XSS: Beyond alert(1) Avishay Zawoznik N/A
PSN AppSec – Started from the bottom now we’re here Emilio A. Escobar N/A
Need More Sleep? REST Could Help Drew Branch N/A
Attacking Patient Health: The Anatomy of Hospital Exploitation Jacob Holcomb N/A
HTTPS Removal Techniques for Non-Browser Applications Jacob Thompson N/A
Keynote: Hunting for Bad Guys Pentesting Joff Thyer N/A
Keynote: The Journey from Security Expert to Security Leader Michael Santarcangelo N/A
Keynote:Thinking Purple Carlos Perez N/A
Password Cracking Jose Quinones N/A
Harware Hacking: Garage Door Openers Ramiro Vidal N/A
Ready it or Not, Here I Come! Rick Ramgattie N/A
Security 101 (Firetalk) Rene Rivas M. N/A
The Security Assessment Process & Best Practices: A Practitioner’s Approach Kellep Charles N/A
Can you protect my Credit Card data? (PCI-DSS) Kelvin Medina N/A