H2K2 2002 July 12, 2002 to July 14, 2002, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Abuse Of Authority Bernie S , Shapeshifter Over the years, there have been many stories in the hacker world of law enforcement ... Security Panel
Access Control Devices Michael D. Glasser There are all kinds of access control devices that we come in contact with every ... Security Access
The Argument Against Security Through Obscurity For The Non-Digital World Greg Newby In the world of networked computers, security through obscurity is generally ineffective. Hiding algorithms, protecting ... Security Risk Analysis
Black Hat Bloc Or How I Stopped Worrying About Corporations And Learned To Love The Hacker Class War Gweeds Hackers must deal with governments and ultimately the corporations that wield most of the decision ... Security Media Business
Bullies On The Net - The Ford And Nissan Cases Emmanuel Goldstein , Eric Grimm , Uzi Nissan We could fill the entire weekend with stories like these and we have no doubt ... Security
Caller Id Spoofing Lucky225 , Tray Smee A demonstration of how Caller ID works as well as methods that can be used ... Security
The Conscience Of A Hacker The Mentor Probably the most famous single essay about what it's like to be a hacker is ... Security Community
Conspiracies Gonzo , Leo , Rev. Sergey Technology can be a wonderful thing, but it can be quite harmful as well. Unenlightened ... Security Panel
Crypto For The Masses Matt Blaze , Greg Newby , Anatole Shaw This panel will approach cryptography from the perspective of enabling a "digital world" where key ... Security Panel Cryptography
Cult Of The Dead Cow Extravaganza cDC This year, the megamerican computer hackers of patriotism, Cult of the Dead Cow, honor our ... Security
Databases And Privacy Steven Rambam Once again, world renowned private eye Steve Rambam will enlighten and frighten attendees with the ... Security Privacy
A Day In The Life Of A Directory Assistance Operator The Cheshire Catalyst Odds are most of us take things about the phone companies for granted. But there ... Security
The Decss Story Emmanuel Goldstein , Ed Hernstadt , Robin Gross At our last conference, we were preparing to go on trial for daring to have ... Security Web
Digital Demonstrations: Criminal Ddos Attack Or Cyber Sit-In? Anonymous Being able to carry political opinions to the public by showing them on the street ... Security Legal
Dmca Legal Update Mike Godwin , Eric Grimm , Robin Gross Since we last met, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has claimed more victims and been ... Security Legal
Domain Stalking Renderman Ever wanted to legally have a $900 million dollar company in your debt? Intellectual property ... Security
Educating Lawmakers - Is It Possible? Declan Mccullagh , Matt Blaze Trying to educate Congress about technology is approximately as useful as teaching a pig to ... Security
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spying And Did Not Know Who To Ask.... Robert Steele This is pure balls-out fun. Former spy Robert Steele will answer questions about any aspect ... Security
Face Scanning Systems At Airports: Ready For Prime Time? Richard M. Smith A talk about the technical problems of face scanning systems being used at airports to ... Security
Freedom Downtime Anonymous A presentation of the 2600 documentary on the Free Kevin movement followed by a Q&A ... Security
Freedom: File Not Found Bryan Maloney Since the explosion of the world network in the early 1990's, visionaries and pundits have ... Security Routing
Fucking Up The Internet At Icann: Global Control Through The Domain Name System And How To Escape Andy Mueller-maguhn Did you know that the entire Internet domain structure is controlled by a mysterious group ... Security Access
Fun With 802.11B Dragorn , Porkchop , Static Fusion Would you be surprised if you could turn on your laptop anywhere in the city ... Security Wireless Panel Monitoring
Fun With Pirate Radio And Shortwave Craig Harkins , Allan Weiner Too few people take the time to appreciate shortwave radio. Even fewer have the opportunity ... Security Panel
Gnu Radio: Free Software Radio Collides With Hollywood'S Lawyers Eric Blossom , Matt Ettus The GNU Radio project is building a platform for experimenting with software radios - systems ... Security
H2K2 Closing Ceremonies Anonymous A final review of the events of the weekend along with all kinds of guests, ... Security
Hacking For Community Radio Pete Tridish , Josh Marcus , Dave Arney , Roland Aguilar , K. Clair The technical and political struggle to take back the airwaves for the community. A panel ... Security Community
Hacking Nanotech Anonymous Nanofabrication technology is an up and coming field that will revolutionize the way humans live ... Security Analysis
Hacking National Intelligence: Possibilities For A Public Intelligence Revolution Robert David Steele Robert David Steele, author of two books on intelligence reform and sponsor of the Council ... Security
Hacking The Invisible World Bernie S , Craig Harkins , Barry Wels Everything you could possibly want to know about the workings of scanners, frequency counters, intercepting/spoofing ... Security
Hardware Q&A Javaman Explore a different form of hacking and interface directly with fellow electronics enthusiasts. Javaman and ... Security
How To Start An Imc In Your Town Jello Biafra At H2K, Jello Biafra urged attendees to become the media. Since then, many people have ... Security
Human Autonomous Zones: The Real Role Of Hackers Doug Rushkoff How the role of hackers in society has changed. They used to be a necessary ... Security
I Am Against Intellectual Property Nelson Denoon In the words of host Nelson Denoon: "Quit fucking apologizing for filesharing. Intellectual property is ... Security
The Ins And Outs Of Webcasting Lee Azzarello , Lynea Diaz-hagan , Tarikh Korula , Lazlow , Kevin Prichard While the airwaves have been almost completely taken over by corporate interests, there is a ... Security
Introduction To Computer Viruses Robert V1ru5 Lupo Understanding the fundamentals of how to identify, remove, and defend against hostile code. Robert Lupo ... Security
Jello Biafra'S State Of The World Address Jello Biafra Since his keynote address at the H2K conference in 2000, Jello Biafra has witnessed further ... Security Keynote Exploitation
Keynote: Aaron Mcgruder Aaron Mcgruder Just about everyone has at one time or another read the daily comic strip "The ... Security Access
Keynote: Life In A Distributed Age Siva Vaidhyanathan Distributed information systems of all kinds are challenging cultural and political assumptions. The moral of ... Security
Lockpicking Barry Wels Barry "The Key" Wels returns from The Netherlands to provide details of some high security ... Security Panel
Lpfm Basics Pete Tridish , John Ramsey Learn exactly how to navigate the LPFM licensing process. Pete Tridish of the Prometheus Radio ... Security Community
Magical Gadgets: The Profound Impact Of Yesterday'S Not-So-Trivial Electronics On Our Digital World Jay Hanson , Paul Zurek Rewind to an age when electronics had originality; the era when a new product was ... Security
Magic Lantern And Other Evil Things Rudy Rucker Jr A talk by Rudy Rucker Jr. on the BadTrans worm and the FBI's Magic Lantern ... Security
Making Money On The Internet While Still Saying Fuck Anonymous Pud of fuckedcompany.com will speak about his experiences setting up and maintaining a popular Web ... Security
Negativland - Past, Present, Future Anonymous If there is any one group who personifies the concept of "fair use," that group ... Security Media
The New Fbi And How It Can Hurt You Declan Mccullagh , Mike Levine , Robert Steele On May 29, the Federal Bureau of Investigation dramatically changed its focus. Now, instead of ... Security
Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual Tyler ( Txs ) Shields The OSSTMM came about as a need for an open, free security testing methodology in ... Security Testing
Owned Jennifer Read A new film on the hacker culture, produced and directed by Jennifer Read. From the ... Security
The Password Probability Matrix Jon Erickson A winnowing method for brute-force password cracking using lossy compression. Cryptologist Jon Erickson will present ... Security
The Patriot Act Anonymous Members of the New York City People's Law Collective will be discussing the dangers of ... Security Legal
Protection For The Masses Rop Gonggrijp Host Rop Gonggrijp gives updates on two projects designed to help people protect their privacy ... Security Mail Privacy
Proximity Cards: How Secure Are They? Anonymous They're used everywhere but they could be making you even more vulnerable to privacy invasion. ... Security Access Privacy
Report From Ruckus Anonymous Very recently, history was made in California as The Ruckus Society held its first-ever Tech ... Security Others
Retrocomputing Sam Nitzberg , Mr. Ohm , Bernie S , Nightstalker This year's retrocomputing panel will focus on hardware hacking and cloning such systems as the ... Security Panel
Secure Telephony: Where Are The Secure Phones? Rop Gonggrijp , Eric Blossom Panel participants will take a look at the history of secure phones, what's worked and ... Security
The Shape Of The Internet: Influence And Consequence Javaman Network researchers have discovered strong power law relationships in the Internet. These can be interpreted ... Security
Social Engineering Anonymous A tradition started at the first HOPE conference in 1994, the social engineering panel remains ... Security Panel
Standing Up To Authority John Young , Deborah Natsios "How is it you folks have gotten away with not getting shut down by the ... Security
Steganography: Wild Rumors And Practical Applications Peter Wayner Is Osama bin Laden sending coded messages in the pictures of goods for sale on ... Security
Strategic Thought In Virtual Deterrence And Real Offense: The Computer'S Role Sam Nitzberg , Wanja Eric Naef Computers are pivotal components in modern society: daily life, banking, and military. What must be ... Security
Teaching Hacker Ethics With A Common Curriculum Greg Newby An introduction of a new proposed curriculum guideline for teaching information ethics to students in ... Security
Technomanifestos: Visions Of The Information Revolutionaries Adam Brate Author Adam Brate discusses the seminal works of the information age, from Norbert Wiener's Cybernetics ... Security
Tracking Criminals On The Internet Richard M. Smith How certain criminal investigations have been investigated in the past couple of years with perps ... Security Web
The Ultimate Co-Location Site Ryan Lackey , Avi Freedman Sealand was founded as a sovereign principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off ... Security