CSIcyberseed 2016 Oct. 10, 2016 to Oct. 11, 2016, conecticut,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks from UConn and Comcast Ramesh Sepehrrad , Kazem Kazerounian , Mun Y. Choi , Joe Courtney , Joan Hartley N/A
Industry Keynote Address:AI Ambient Virtual Assistant Coordination and Negotiation with the Network's Edge Scott Amyx , Laurent Michel N/A
Using an Expanded Cyber Kill Chain Model to Increase Attack Resiliency Sean Malone N/A
Comcast Keynote Address:The Third Wave Sridhar Solur , John Chandy N/A
IoT Security via Data Analysis in Real World May Wang N/A
Social Engineering Panel: Mr. Robot Tech Team - How the hackers behind the show get it so right Dave Kennedy , Ryan Kazanciyan , Andre Mcgregor , James Plouffe , Patrick Mcgranaghan N/A
CyberSEED Challenge Commencement Ramesh Sepehrrad , Laurent Michel , John Chandy N/A
Panel: Rise of Ransomware James Trainor , Michael Mullen , David Corlette , Mark Ruiz N/A
Panel: Open Source Vulnerabilities and Rise of Cybercrime Alina Oprea , Don Anderson , Laurent Michel , Ken Schneider N/A
Panel: 2016 Politics and Geopolitical Security John Chandy , Waël Hassan , Alex Schwarzmann N/A
Panel: Securing DevOps Joseph Feiman , Jon Ramsey , Steven Grossman , Vinod Vasudevan , Chuck Hudson N/A
Panel: Workforce Challenges M.j. Vaidya , Mark Ruiz , Quentin Orr , Eric Burger N/A
Integrated DevOps Security: Attacking and Defending DevOps Ramesh Sepehrrad , Alec Gleason N/A
Comcast Keynote Address:Secure By Design: Building a Culture of Security Kazem Kazerounian , Noopur Davis , Richard Blumenthal N/A