EMENA 2016 Oct. 3, 2016 to Oct. 5, 2016, saidia,morocco

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
IPv6-Only based 5G Mobile Wireless Internet enabled thruSDN-NFV, IoT and Fog Computing Latif Ladid N/A
Online experimentation: technologies, examples, and perspectives Maria Teresa Restivo N/A
Research Challenges in Information Security –Engaging Students at all levels Edgar Weippl N/A
Security challenges in IOT and internet-IPV6 Antonio J. Jara N/A
The Essential Need to Embed Privacy – by Design, into Big Data Analytics Ann Cavoukian N/A
E-learning Foresight for Renewable Energy Technology in Higher Education in Morocco Amina Laaroussi , Souad Ajana , Soumia Bakkali , Kenza Faraj , Omar Cherkaoui N/A
Cooperative m-learning based on EXPROLM Protocol Karima Aissaoui , El Hassane Ettifouri , Mostafa Azizi N/A
Toward a New Approach: Extending a Game-Based Learning Authoring Tool eAdventure to Multiple Mobile Devices Lamyae Bennis , Said Benhlima N/A
Serious game to enhance and promote youth entrepreneurship Rachid Lamrani , El Hassan Abdelwahed , Souad Chraibi , Sara Qassimi , Meriem Hafidi , Abdelaziz El Amrani N/A
Best Practices in Distance Education: An Investigation of a Hybrid Faculty Development Program Ebony Terrell Shockley , Izolda Fotiyeva N/A
Educational Data Mining: a literature review Carla Silva , José Fonseca N/A
Units’ Categorization Model: the Adapted Genetic Algorithm for a Personalized E-Content Naoual Chaouni Benabdellah , Mourad Gharbi , Mostafa Bellafkih N/A
Researching of the problem of solution automation of software systems compatibility Denis Polikashin , Arslan Enikeev , Victor Georgiev N/A
Digit Recognition Using Different Features Extraction Methods Khalid Zine Dine , M’barek Nasri , Mimoun Moussaoui , Soukaina Benchaou , Fouad Aouinti N/A
A multiple ontologies based system for answering natural language questions Anas El-ansari , Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Mostafa Saadi N/A
Toward a Model Driven Approach for generating multi platform applications with ZeroCouplage Framework El Hassane Ettifouri , Sarra Roubi , Mohammed Erramdani , Toumibouchentouf N/A
QVT transformation rules to get PIM model from CIM model Imane Essebaa , Salima Chantit N/A
Individualized learning path through a services-oriented approach Mohamed Bendahmane , Brahim El Falaki , Mohammed Benattou N/A
Creating a Personal Learning Ecosystem: The Double-Edged Sword of Algorithms and Automation to Support Serendipitous Learning Helene Fournier , Rita Kop , Heather Molyneaux N/A
An ontology to assess the performances of learners in an E-Learning Platform based on Semantic Web Technology: Moodle case Study Badr Hssina , Belaid Bouikhalene , Abdelkrim Merbouha N/A
Toward a framework for Designing AEHS based on Agile Learning Design approach Amal Battou , Driss Mammass N/A
Cell Phone for Classroom Learning: Challenges and Recommendations in a Developing Country Context Maria Miiro Kafuko , Fatuma Namisango , Gorretti Byomire N/A
An Approach for the Identification and Tracking of Learning Styles in MOOCs Brahim Hmedna , Ali El Mezouary , Omar Baz N/A
An approach to improving student retention in a programming course that is constructively aligned around automatic online assessment Heikki Hyyrö N/A
Features extraction for offline handwritten character recognition M’barek Nasri , Soukaina Benchaou , Ouafae El Melhaoui N/A
Construction of an Evaluation Tool for the Use of the Smart City by Music Professionals and Music Teaching Soraya Mohamed Mohamed , Laila Mohamed Mohand , María Gomez N/A
Model Transformations in the MOF Meta-modeling Architecture: From UML to CodeIgniter PHP Framework Sarra Roubi , Mohammed Erramdani , Oualid Betari , Karim Arrhioui , Samir Mbarki N/A
A Comparative Study of Three Population-Based Metaheuristics for Solving the JSSP Abdelhamid Bouzidi , Mohammed Essaid Riffi N/A
Optimization of RDF Data Preprocessing for METIS Partitioning Siham Benhamed , Safia Nait-bahloul N/A
Toward incorporating Bio-signals in online education case of assessing student attention with BCI Abdelmajid Dargham , Simohamed Serrhini N/A
Developing a dashboard for evaluating higher education indicators (in Morocco) Kamal Zouhri , Saad Elouardirhi , Abdellah Youssfi N/A
First Adaptation of Hunting Search Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem Mohammed Essaid Riffi , Amine Agharghor N/A
A new hybrid face recognition system via Local Gradient Probabilistic Pattern (LGPP) and 2D-DWT Abdellatif Dahmouni , Nabil Aharrane , Karim El Moutaouakil , Khalid Satori N/A
The detection of smell in spoiled meat by TGS822 gas sensor for an electronic nose used in rotten food Nihad Benabdellah , Mohammed Bourhaleb , Naima Benazzi1 , M’barek Nasri1 , Sanae Dahbi N/A
A new image steganography method based on Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform Youssef Taouil , El Bachir Ameur , Moulay Taib Belghiti N/A
Building HMM independent isolated speech recognizer system for Amazigh language Safaa El Ouahabi , Mohamed Atounti , Mohamed Bellouki N/A
Setting up an intelligent IDS based on Markov chains theory El Hassane Ettifouri , Noureddine Rahmoun , Ayachi Yassine , Berrich Jamal , Bouchentouf Toumi N/A
Performance Evaluation of LT codes for Wireless Body Area Network Nabila Samouni , Abdelillah Jilbab , Driss Aboutajdine N/A
Wireless Sensor Networks in Biomedical: Wireless Body Area Networks Abdelillah Jilbab , Bahae Abidi , Mohamed El Haziti N/A
Information Technology Governance in Public Sector Organizations Amine Laita , Mustapha Belaissaoui N/A
Toward a Big Data platform to get public opinion from French content on the Web/CMS El Hassane Ettifouri , Abdelkader Rhouati , Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi , Toumi Bouchentouf N/A
Parallel implementation of the multi capacity VRP on GPU Abdelhamid Benaini , Achraf Berrajaa , El Mostafa Daoudi N/A
Business intelligence, & Data Mining by Analytical Software Solutions in Microfinance Institutions and Banks Tarik Hajji , Sidi Jazouli , Jamal Mbarki , El Miloud Jaara N/A
A New Model of Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Khalid El Makkaoui , Abdellah Beni-hssane N/A
A clustering algorithm for Detecting and Handling Black Hole Attack in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Badreddine Cherkaoui , Mohammed Erritali N/A
A multi agent system for service restoration based on resilience policy in critical infrastructure Yaou Hamida , Baina Amine , Bellafkih Mostafa N/A
Improvement of SPEKE Protocol Using ECC and HMAC for Applications in Telecare Medicine Information Systems Taoufik Serraj , Moulay Chrif Ismaili , Abdelmalek Azizi N/A
Performance analysis of an Intrusion Detection Systems based of artificial neural network Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi , Mohammed Saber , Ilhame El Farissi , Sara Chadli , Mohamed Emharraf N/A
Cloud-RSA: An Enhanced Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Khalid El Makkaoui , Abdellah Beni-hssane N/A
Backslide based correction for MAC layer misbehavior in wireless Networks Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Mostafa Saadi , Mohamed El Fissaoui N/A
Impact of Location Data Freshness on Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Mohammed Erritali , Rania Khadim , Ansam Ennaciri , Abdelhakime Maaden N/A
Detecting text similarity using MapReduce framework Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Mohammed Erritali , Marouane Birjali , Youness Madani N/A
CIMP: Cloud Integration and Management Platform Omar Sefraoui , Mohammed Aissaoui , Mohsine Eleuldj N/A
Improvement of the HEFT Algorithm by Lookahead Technique for Heterogeneous Resource Environments Mohsine Eleuldj , Soukaina Khaldoune N/A
Assessing cost and response time of a web application hosted in a cloud environment Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Karim Abouelmehdi , Zakaria Benlalia , Abdellah Ezzati , Abdelmajid Moutaouikkil N/A
Towards a novel privacy-preserving access control model based on blockchain technology in IoT Aafaf Ouaddah , Anas Abouelkalam , Abdellah Ait Ouahman N/A
A fair comparison between several cipher in characteristics, safety and speed test Youssef Harmouch , Rachid El Kouch N/A
Multi-Layer Neural Network for EMV Evaluation Tarik Hajji , Abdelmalek Azizi , Noura Ouerdi , Amina Yahia N/A
Access Control System in campus combining RFID and biometric based smart card technologies Mostafa Azizi , Mohamed El Beqqal , Mohammed Amine Kasmi N/A
Smart intrusion detection model for the Cloud Computing Mohsine Eleuldj , Mostapha Derfouf , Saad Enniari , Ouafaa Diouri N/A
Challenge of High Imperceptibility in Image Steganography Ayidh Alharbi1 , Tahar M Kechadi N/A
Gateways Selection for integrating Wireless Sensor Networks into Internet of Things Hassan El Alamii , Abdellah Najid N/A
Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing using Energy Oualid Khatbi , Ahmed Mouhsen , Zakaria Hachkar N/A
Implementation of Clustering Metrics in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Abdelali Touil , Fattehallah Ghadi N/A
An efficient heuristic to build inference graphs from a binary relation Noura Ouerdi , Amina Yahia N/A
Big Data challenges in Healthcare Abderrahim Beni-hssane , Mostafa Saadi , Karim Abouelmehdi , Hayat Khaloufi N/A