The Fifth HOPE 2004 July 9, 2004 to July 11, 2004, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
As/400: Lifting The Veil Of Obscurity Stankdawg The AS/400 system from IBM is a powerful system that is in widespread use. Despite ... Security
Automotive Networks Nothingface This presentation provides an introduction to the electronic networks present on late model automobiles. These ... Security Privacy
Bloggers At The Dnc Brad Johnson The Democratic National Convention has become a sclerotic, television-driven celebrity parade. This year bloggers - ... Security Panel SQL
Building Hacker Spaces Gweeds , Javaman , Binary Diff , Count Zero , Freqout , Mangala , Shardy This is a panel discussion on how to build and maintain a hacker space, hosted ... Security Panel
Building The Anti-Big Brother Peter Wayner This will be a talk on how databases can do useful work and serve society ... Security
Bypassing Corporate Restrictions From The Inside Barbwire Working for an organization can be annoyingly restrictive. As they feel they need to cater ... Security Web Panel
Cheshire'S Rant Session Cheshire Catalyst When the Cheshire Catalyst spoke about problems at his Directory Assistance job at H2K2, corrections ... Security
The Cryptophone Rop Gonggrijp , Barry Wels Trying to keep government out of everyone's phone calls is a lost battle. What little ... Security Cryptography
Cult Of The Dead Cow Hactivism Panel Eric Grimm , Sharon Hom , Dr. James Mulvenon , Oxblood Ruffin , Nart Villeneuve Over 40 years ago Marshall McLuhan declared that the Third World War would be an ... Security Panel
Digital Rights Management Michael Sims Digital Rights Management is quickly becoming pervasive in electronic devices of all sorts. This minimally-technical ... Security
Distributed Password Cracking Api David "Bernz" Bernick The low-cost of the modern PC, the proliferation of the Internet, and the speed of ... Security
Encryption Key Signing Seth Hardy It's a surprising fact that a large number of attendees at this very conference, even ... Security Web
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spying, 9-11, And Why We Continue To Screw Up Robert Steele Two 30 minute PowerPoint slide shows will be presented, followed by as much discussion as ... Security
The Fifth Hope Closing Ceremonies Anonymous Another one of our traditions is to gather everyone together in one room and bid ... Security
Friday Keynote: Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick None Security
Frustrating Os Fingerprinting With Morph Kathy Wang Sun Tzu once stated "Know your enemy and know yourself, and in a hundred battles ... Security Analysis
Hack Nano Jim ( cipz ) This is a continuation of Jim's presentation at H2K2 on hacking nanotechnology. This year there ... Security
Hacker Radio Sl1pm0de Hacker radio is a growing phenomenon throughout the world. Hackers are discussing the current issues ... Security Others Community
Hackers And The Law Wendy Seltzer , Annalee Newitz , Dr. D. Kaloper This panel will cover current legal crises around privacy, free speech, and intellectual property, with ... Security Panel Legal
Hackers In Modern Imperialist America Vs. Barbarians In The Holy Roman Empire Christopher Davis In the time the Roman Empire controlled most of western civilization, the barbarians were known ... Security
Hacking Cdma Prls The Prophet CDMA is the dominant mobile phone technology in North America and is operated by Alltel, ... Security
Hacking More Of The Invisible World Barry Wels , Bernie S An update on the H2K2 panel focusing on HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave signals. You ... Security Panel
Hacking National Intelligence: Power To The People Robert Steele Do you want to live in a nation where decision makers lie, cheat, and steal? ... Security
Hacking The Grid Porkchop , Greg Newby One of the biggest projects in computing for big science and enterprises these day is ... Security Business
Hardware Bus Security In Embedded Systems Dan Matthews Surprisingly, every individual comes into contact with over 100 embedded computer systems every day. A ... Security Access Risk
Homeland Security And You: Harry Potter Meets Reality Marc Weber Tobias A study of how conference participants can use their expertise to assist private industry and ... Security
How The Great Firewall Works Bill Xia China currently puts in the most effort to censor information on the Internet. Bill was ... Security Firewall
How The Net Worked Anonymous The Fifth HOPE network has been in the planning stages for many months. Did it ... Security
How To Break Anonymity Networks Nick Mathewson Today's anonymous communication software (such as Mixmaster, Mixminion, Nymservers, JAP, Tor, Anonymizer, etc.) allows people ... Security Anonymity
How To Send Encrypted Email Joshua Teitelbaum One day you wake up and you have the sinking feeling that someone may be ... Security Analysis
How To Talk To The Press Stephen Cass Whether you're an activist planning a campaign, a hacker caught in a legal squabble, or ... Security Legal
Incentive Structures: Mechanisms Of Control Jason Kroll Where do incentive structures come from? How do political elites use incentives to make us ... Security
Indymedia 2004 Anonymous How are hundreds of independent journalists from around the country going to work together to ... Security Media
An Introduction To Dissembler Jon Erickson A presentation of a tool called dissembler, which can be used to generate printable ASCII ... Security
The Kismet Story Dragorn Hear the tale of how the widely acclaimed wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection ... Security Wireless Development
Lockpicking Marc Weber Tobias , Matt Blaze , Barry Wels Lockpicking is becoming popular as a sport/hobby among hackers throughout the world. In a special ... Security
Making Use Of The Subliminal Channel In Dsa Seth Hardy This talk will focus on one reason why it's extremely important to verify the trustworthiness ... Security
Media Intervention Via Social And Technical Hacking Nathan Martin , Tyler Nordgren The Carbon Defense League (CDL) and Conglomco are two tactical media arts collectives engaged in ... Security Media
Mischief And Mayhem At The Rnc Shapeshifter Back in 2000 at H2K, Bernie S. and ShapeShifter led a discussion on secrets of ... Security Panel
Non-Lethal Technology Gonzo Technology is neutral. The patterns to which it is submitted are what determines if it ... Security Panel
Off The Hook Special Broadcast Cast (of off the hook) As part of the 2600 20th anniversary and the HOPE tenth anniversary, we're putting on ... Security
Packet Purgatory - Twist Your Packets Before You Set Them Free Todd Macdermid Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own custom IP stack readily ... Security Development
Phreaking In The Early Days The Cheshire Catalyst , Captain Crunch Captain Crunch and his friend The Cheshire Catalyst will tell some "war stories" from the ... Security
Phone Losers Of America Pla The PLA was created in 1994 as a general hacker/phreaker group. They eventually started PLA ... Security Panel
Pirate Radio: Running A Station And Staying On The Air B9punk , Monk A guide to the setup and operation of a pirate radio station and how to ... Security Panel
Preserving Digital History - A Quick And Dirty Guide Jason Scott Knowledge doesn't move forward without history and while there have been many steps to capture ... Security
Privacy - Not What It Used To Be Steven Rambam Steve has been at every one of our conferences and each time he's outdone himself ... Security Privacy
Prometheus Radio Project Pete Tridish , Josh Marcus , Dharma Dailey , Hannah Sassaman The Prometheus Radio Project started with radio pirates fighting for local groups to be able ... Security Wireless Panel Community Media
Propaganda In Art And Media B9punk , Lazlow , Mike Castleman , Frederic Guimont We see propaganda around us every day, some of it a lot more obvious than ... Security Media
Retaliation With Honeypots Laurent Oudot Most of the time a honeypot is considered to be a security resource whose value ... Security Legal
Retrocomputing Sam Nitzberg , Richard Cheshire , Steve Wozniak The focus of the Retrocomputing panel will be computing technologies from the 1980s and even ... Security Panel
Saturday Keynote: Steve Wozniak Steve Wozniak None Security
Secure Instant Messaging Phar A look at the evolution of secure instant messaging and how AOL tried to shake ... Security Community
Security, Liberties, And Trade-Offs In The War On Terrorism Bruce Schneier Since 9/11, we have the Patriot Act, tighter screening at airports, a proposed national ID ... Security
Security Through Automated Binary Analysis Weld Pond , Dildog Automated binary analysis techniques have become sufficiently advanced so that having the source to software ... Security Analysis
Security Through Diversity Javaman Establishing a diversity of operating systems and software on the Internet is now being viewed ... Security
Slaying The Corporate Litigation Dragon: Emerging The Victor In An Intellectual Property Cybersuit Atom Smasher Have you ever wanted to tackle a corporate giant and live to tell about it? ... Security Web Legal
Social Engineering Emmanuel Goldstein , Kevin Mitnick This has always been one of the more popular panels since we started it at ... Security
Sunday Keynote: Jello Biafra Jello Biafra None Security
Tactical Media And The New Paranoia Mike Bananno , John Henry The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA), The Yes Men, and the Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) ... Security Media
Technology In Romania Catalin Acio An overview of the ten year period in Romania from 1989 to 1999 and the ... Security Access
Ten Years Of Practical Anonymity Len Sassaman Strong anonymity systems have been available for public access on the Internet for the last ... Security Anonymity
Terrorism And Hackers Greg Newby This presentation will put forth a full range of activities in which hackers can apply ... Security Media
Today'S Modern Network Killing Robot Viki Navratilova This is an overview of the new generation of DDoS tools. Back in the day, ... Security Media Botnets
Urban Exploring: Hacking The Physical World John Leita Urban exploring is the art of going places off limits to most and unseen by ... Security
When Corporations Attack Wendy Seltzer , Acidus , Virgil Griffith , Dan Morgan We all know the wrath that major corporations are capable of unleashing when the actions ... Security Panel Legal
Where'D All That Spam Come From? John Draper A study of the mechanisms spammers use to flood your mailbox along with what some ... Security