HOPE Number 6 2006 July 21, 2006 to July 23, 2006, USA

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2600 Meetings: A Valuable Resource Or A Waste Of Time? Rop Gonggrijp , Emmanuel Goldstein , Lexicon , Others Since they began in 1987, 2600 meetings have sprung up all around the world. They ... Security Community
Aether Madness With The Prometheus Radio Project Pete Tridish , Dharma Dailey , Hannah Sassaman , Andy Gunn , Anthony Mazza The Prometheus Radio Project started with radio pirates fighting for local groups to be able ... Security Wireless Panel Access Community Media
Alienation And Engagement Jason Kroll The hacker sense of social responsibility is undermined by our alienation from the mainstream. From ... Security
The Art Of Electronic Deduction Stankdawg None Security
Basics Of Forensic Recovery Kall Loper This presentation will introduce the basic model for forensic recovery of data in civil and ... Security Analysis
Binary Revolution Radio Stankdawg Binary Revolution Radio is a weekly Internet radio show that has been around since early ... Security Community
Bin Laden, National Intelligence, And How Not To Spend The Taxpayer'S Treasure Robert Steele This presentation will address the Ten Threats, Twelve Policies, and Eight Challengers. And if you ... Security Keynote
Biometrics In Science Fiction Constanze Kurz The buzzword at the moment is biometrics. Everyone is talking about it and consumers get ... Security
Breaking Down The Web Of Trust Seth Hardy The web of trust best known for its use in PGP is now used in ... Security Web
Building A Hacker Space Dragorn , Porkchop , Harry Hoffman , Nick Binary By pooling resources, hackers can get bigger and more impressive toys to accomplish bigger and ... Security
Building The Anti-Big Brother Databases Peter Wayner Databases don't need to be huge collections of personal information waiting to be exploited. This ... Security
Can Security Detectors Be Hacked? Paul F. Renda Today we are challenged by a multitude of security detectors. But can they be beaten? ... Security
Citizen Engineer - Consumer Electronics Hacking And Open Source Hardware Phillip Torrone , Ladyada This is a hands-on session on all the things you're not supposed to do (but ... Security
Comparison Of Wan Routing Protocols Miles Nordin A comparison of three members of a class of WAN routing protocols called "interior gateway ... Security Routing
Constructing Cryptographic Protocols J Salvatore Testa II This lecture wilhow how to construct advanced cryptographic protocols. Beginning with a set of requirements ... Security Analysis
Coupon Hacking Sam Pocker The price of everything has become too expensive. As retailers feel they need to cater ... Security
The Cryptophone Project Frank Rieger , Barry Wels In 2003 a group of enthusiasts turned a standard PDA phone into a military grade ... Security
E-Gold - As Misunderstood As Hackers Richard Cheshire , Oddsman Internet Commerce is a wonderful concept. So is Internet Privacy. They clash where the government ... Security Access
Exploring Your World With Open Source Gis, Gps, And Google Maps Mike Dvorak , Pauuda Digital mapping is the ideal information sharing medium for urban explorers, war walkers, and travelers ... Security
Europe Has Hackers Too Mc.fly , Frank Rieger , Rop Gonggrijp There are hackers on the other side of the pond too! This is a view ... Security
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spying And Intelligence Robert Steele This is an update of Robert's famous informal presentation, completely unstructured, which will address alorts ... Security
Flash Sucks For Advertisers - The Digital Divide Richard Cheshire , Gerald Greene While the contention is that Macromedia Flash sucks for consumers who can't download Flash, it ... Security Access
The Future Of Wireless Pen Testing Renderman , Dragorn , Frank ("Thorn") Thornton The future of wireless pen testing and vulnerabilities of 802.11 networks, RFID, and Bluetooth, including ... Security Wireless Testing
The Geek Comedy Tour 3000 Chris Barylick , Frank Hong , Jimmy Meritt , Justin Schlegel , Evan Valentine , Danny Rouhier , Joe Deeley , Pauchorsch , James Jones , Erin Conroy , Ryan Conner Picture what happens when you give the kids who were picked last for dodge ball ... Security
The Geeky, Personal, And Social Impact Sides Of Creating Defensive Technology Mitch Altman , Ladyada Ever wish you had the power to turn off a TV in a restaurant or ... Security
Ghosts (And Zombies) In The Machine Brad Johnson What do dark fiber, zombie networks, web ghosts, and net spooks have in common? They're ... Security Rootkits Web
Hack The Palate! How To Set Up A Kitchen Hack Lab Gweeds Chefs are a lot like hardware hackers. Both geek out, absorbing the specs of vegetables/technology ... Security
Hackers And Academia Matt Blaze , Adam Javaman , Gillian Andrews In many ways, the hacker community and the academic community don't appear to get along. ... Security Panel Community
Hackers In Prison Kevin Mitnick , Mark Optik , Bernies For the first time ever, the three most famous imprisoned hackers of the 90s appear ... Security Media
Hacking Copyright And Culture Fred Benenson Taking things apart, reusing, and remixing the old in order to create the new are ... Security Access
Hacking The Mind: Hypnosis, Nlp, And Shellcode Mike Murray The similarities between the methods used to exploit a computer network and the language patterns ... Security
The Hope Net: What Worked And What Didn'T Anonymous This is where we review what it took to put the network together. There are ... Security
Hope Number Six Closing Ceremonies Anonymous The tradition continues. Instead of going home early, we encourage people to stay late and ... Security
How To Steaomeone'S Implanted Rfid - And Why Yod Want To Annalee Newitz , Jonathan Westhues Annalee will talk about how she got an RFID implant to demonstrate some of the ... Security Access
How To Talk To The Mainstream Media Stephen Cass Blogs, vlogs, podcasts, RSS, even old school web sites and mailing lists - there's never ... Security Media
Iboc Vs. Dab-T: In-Band Vs. Multiplexed Digital Radio Russell Trafford-jones More and more U.S. stations are going digital using "In Band On Channel" methods where ... Security Community
Kevin Mitnick Unplugged Kevin Mitnick In this interactive talk, Kevin updates the world on how his life has changed since ... Security Community
Keynote Address Friday Free Software And The Hacker Community Richard Stallman None Security Keynote
Keynote Address Saturday Using Ebooks To Break Down The Bars Of Ignorance And Illiteracy Michael Hart None Security Keynote
Keynote Address Sunday Hacked By Uncle Sam, Vote Fraud, And The End Of Democracy Jello Biafra None Security Keynote
Law Enforcement Wiretaps: Background And Vulnerabilities Sandy Clark , Matt Blaze , Eric Cronin , Micah Sherr The politics of wiretapping is a hot topic (again) lately. But how do the police ... Security Legal
The Life And Times Of Alan Turing, Father Of The Computer Karamoon Alan Turing was an intriguing guy whose life was as tragic as it was amazing. ... Security Cryptography
Lockpicking: Exploits For Mechanical Locks Marc Weber Tobias , Barry Wels Every mechanical lock, no matter how sophisticated, can be bypassed. And here you will learn ... Security Community
Low Level Firmware Analysis And Hacking John Maushammer A presentation using examples from John's experience reverse engineering disposable digital cameras. Hardware disassembly, reading ... Security Analysis
Magnetic Stripe Technology And The New York City Metrocard Joseph Battaglia Curious what's on all those magnetic stripes in your wallet? Learn how magnetic stripes work ... Security
Making Reliable Links Using Wifi Catonic Cinotac Ever wondered exactly how much engineering goes into professionally installing WiFi links to 99.999 percent ... Security Analysis
Managing Your Company'S Intellectual Property: An Introduction To It Security Daniel Estrada Data is every company's most valuable asset and its protection is imperative for survival. This ... Security Business
The Monochrom Collective Johannes Grenzfurthner , Roland Gratzer A talk medley from monochrom, a worldwide operating collective from Vienna dealing with technology, art, ... Security Media
Network Monitoring And The Law Alexander Muentz A discussion of federal and state criminal law as well as civil penalties, expectations of ... Security Monitoring
The New Engineers Of Graffiti James Powderly , Evan Roth , Theodore Watson , Evan Harper The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, street artists, and protesters with ... Security Panel Development
Off The Hook - The Indecent Version Cast (of off the hook) Yes, that's right, the acclaimed WBAI radio show does an edition that the FCC won't ... Security Media
Password Cracking And Time-Memory Tradeoff Jason Davis An in-depth explanation of the applications of time-memory tradeoff when applied to password cracking and ... Security
Phone Phreaking 101 Black Ratchet Have you ever caught yourself thinking "Gee, I wonder how this phone thingy works?" Do ... Security
Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It Steven Rambam , Gerard Keenan , Reginald "Reggie" Montgomery , Kevin Noppinger , Kelly Riddle This will be a wide-ranging lecture covering databases, privacy, and "computer-aided investigation." Steven is the ... Security Privacy
Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It Revisited Steven Rambam When the Steve Rambam talk at HOPE Number Six was disrupted by his arrest minutes ... Security Privacy
Privacy Through Technology: A Hands-On Paul Wouters , Aldert Hazenberg Until recently, using cryptography to protect your privacy when using the web, email, or instant ... Security Privacy
Proactively Secure Programming Techniques J Salvatore Testa II This lecture will teach several proactively secure programming methods that can be applied to direct-memory ... Security
Project Mf Mark Abene This project began in late 2005, when the website www.phonetrips.com came to Mark's attention. On ... Security Routing
Pseudonymous Software Development And Strong Distribution V. Alex Brennen A talk and tutorial on cryptographically strong pseudonymous software development and distribution models with the ... Security Development
Quantum Cryptography And Computation Syzygy Quantum based computation and cryptography provide capabilities beyond their classical counterparts. Quantum computers are exponentially ... Security Cryptography
Radio Communications For Hackers, Amateurs, And Activists Bernies , Joseph Battaglia , Linh , Skip Arey Sometimes cell phones, telephone lines, and Internet connectivity just aren't good choices for communications. Whether ... Security Panel
Retrocomputing Jason Scott , Sam Nitzberg , Cheshire Catalyst , Sellam Ismail A regular feature of HOPE conferences, this year's retrocomputing panel will reminisce about bulletin board ... Security Panel
Rfid Privacy - Old Threats And New Attacks Karsten Nohl A look at the challenging requirement of anonymity in RFID systems. After a discussion on ... Security Privacy
Selfness-Copyfight: From Censorship To New Business Models Jorge Cortell , Alvaro Gonzalez Pro-copyright cartels use direct extortion, among other methods, to keep their outdated business models and ... Security Business
Social Engineering Emmanuel Goldstein Once again we continue the tradition of not only explaining what social engineering is, but ... Security Business
Tracksploits Josh ( savant ) Brashars , Lance James In a time where bureaucracy can hold you back against a foe that is more ... Security Malware Forensics
Under The Desk At Mit V. Alex Brennen A formal announcement of the creation of the Public Domain Software Foundation (PDSF). The PDSF ... Security
Underground Documentaries: The Art Of The Interview And The Access Jason Scott , Julien Mcardle This panel will cover what it takes to make your own underground indy documentary - ... Security Access
Urban Exploring: Hacking The Physical World John ( jur1st ) Benson , Laura Leita A continuation of The Fifth HOPE talk that will cover more urban exploring. Topics will ... Security
Virtual Private Servers And The (Free) Open Source Pbx Mark Skram Mark wilhow how VPS virtuaerver technology can combine with the Asterisk PBX to replace your ... Security
Voip Unlocking Tprophet Voice over IP (VoIP) services such as Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, and Packet8 have recently gained ... Security
Vulnerabilities In A Connected Future Sysmin , Quigon This presentation deals with the vulnerabilities of emerging connected technologies and their uses. As manufacturers ... Security
Weird Technology Leo , Gonzo This panel will deal with technology that is a bit off the beaten path, technology ... Security Panel