BSidesLisbon 2016 Nov. 11, 2016 to Nov. 11, 2016, lisbon,portugal

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote:The Smart Fuzzer Revolution Dan Guido N/A
Keynote:Hacking Portugal and making it a global player in Software development Dinis Cruz N/A
Semi-Offline Attack on the Android Full-Disk Encryption Oliver Kunz N/A
Lessons Learned from a Bug Bounty Operator Jonathan Claudius N/A
Malware Investigations 101 Valter Santos N/A
The way of the bounty David Sopas N/A
Brace YoSelf: DDoS is Coming Dima Bekerman N/A
Memory Corruption is for Wussies! Pedro Vilaça N/A
MTLS in a Microservices World Diogo Mónica N/A
Breaking bad apps Herman Duarte , Cláudio André , Dalila Lima N/A
From your PC to your nearest ATM: a history of the sneakiest financial malware David Sancho N/A
I for one welcome our new Cyber Overlords! An introduction to the use of machine learning in cybersecurity Tiago Balgan Henriques , Florentino Bexiga , Filipa Rodrigues , Ana Barbosa N/A
Attackers Gh0st st0ries Filipe Bernardo N/A
Hacking Python Francisco Ribeiro N/A