The Last HOPE 2008 July 18, 2008 to July 20, 2008, USA

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Advanced Memory Forensics: Releasing The Cold Boot Utilities Jacob Appelbaum This talk will cover some of the issues involved with Cold Boot attacks. A description ... Security
The Art Of Do-Foo Matt Joyce The one thing that sets a nerd apart from a hacker, a dork, or anyone ... Security Others Statistics
The Attendee Meta-Data Project Lexicon , Matt Joyce , Daravinne , Neo Amsterdam , Aestetix , Echo , Dementia , Christopher Petro The Attendee Meta-Data (AMD) project is a large scale study of the movement, demographics, participation ... Security Web Others Development
Autonomously Bypassing Voip Filters With Asterisk: Let Freedom Ring Blake Cornell , Jeremy Mcnamara Foreign governments and ISPs within Panama, Belize, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, the UAE, China, India, ... Security Others Access
Bagcam - How Did Tsa And/Or The Airlines Manage To Do That To Your Luggage? Algormor Ever wonder exactly how TSA or the airlines managed to destroy your luggage or what ... Security
Biohacking - An Overview Chris Seidel Biological systems are large assemblies of parts that function together following rules of basic chemistry. ... Security
Botnet Research, Mitigation And The Law Alexander Muentz This talk will discuss current U.S. federal laws that affect botnet researchers and IT professionals ... Security Legal
Building A Better Ballot Box Smoke We all know by now the folly of current election technologies from Premier and Sequoia ... Security
Building Hacker Spaces Everywhere: Your Excuses Are Invalid Nick Friends Four people can start a sustainable hacker space. Whether you're in an urban area where ... Security
Citizen Engineer - Consumer Electronics Hacking And Open Source Hardware Phillip Torrone , Limor ( Ladyada ) Fried In addition to the future of DIY, building hardware, open source hardware, and a roundup ... Security
A Collaborative Approach To Hardware Hacking: Nycresistor Bre Friends In this panel, 18 members of NYCResistor will each, in turn, speak about a piece ... Security Infrastructure
Community Fabrication Far Mckon In the 1970s, computers were still the foray of big business and government. They were ... Security Community
A Convergence Of Communities John Strauchs Most people in either industry already know something about the relatively recent convergence of computer ... Security Analysis
Crippling Crypto: The Debian Openssl Debacle Dino Dai Zovi , Karsten Nohl , Jacob Appelbaum In May 2008, a weakness in Debian was discovered which makes cryptographic keys predictable. A ... Security Panel Cloud
Death Star Threat Modeling Kevin Williams In the field of Information Security, the terms vulnerability, threat, and risk have specific meanings ... Security Risk Development
Dirty New Media: Art, Activism, And Computer Counter Cultures Jake Elliott This talk presents a short history of electronic art by illustrating connections between artists, activists, ... Security
Earth Intelligence Network: World Brain As Earthgame Robert Steele The first speaker at the first HOPE in 1994 will describe the emergence of the ... Security
E-Mail: Descendant Of The Telegram The Cheshire Catalyst The former telex hacker will take us on a verbal tour of yesteryear when telegrams ... Security
The Emperor Is Naked Michael Kemp Virtualized technologies are being lapped up left, right, and center by corporates committed to the ... Security
Escaping High Security Handcuffs Ray Davidson Everybody knows normal police handcuffs are no real challenge for lockpickers, even though it helps ... Security Risk
Evil Interfaces: Violating The User Gregory Conti In a perfect world, interfaces help users accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. However, in the ... Security Web
Exploration Of Possibilities: Brain Hacking Dot.ret The human brain is an incredibly complex and advanced central processing system. Interestingly enough, in ... Security
Featured Speaker - Jello Biafra Jello Biafra A regular speaker at HOPE since 2000, Jello provides a unique and charismatic look at ... Security
Featured Speaker - Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick The ìworldís most dangerous hackerî and subject of our documentary Freedom Downtime (along with many ... Security
Featured Speaker - Steven Rambam Steven Rambam (Part I), (Part II) (Part I), (Part II) Hopefully there will be no surprises this ... Security Panel Privacy
Featured Speaker - Adam Savage Adam Savage The esteemed co-host of the popular TV show Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel and "a ... Security
From A Black Hat To A Black Suit - How To Climb The Corporate Security Ladder Without Losing Your Soul Myrcurial You want it all. You can see the brass ring and you want to jump ... Security
Ghetto Ids And Honeypots For The Home User Black Ratchet Have you ever wondered what the heck was pounding on your Internet connection? Or what ... Security
Graffiti Research Lab Extravaganza Anonymous GRL's presence at HOPE this year will be represented by Graffiti Research Lab in Utah. ... Security Workshops
Grand Theft Lazlow - Hacking The Media By Laughing At Them Lazlow A talk by Grand Theft Auto IV cowriter and coproducer Lazlow focusing on that phenomenal ... Security Media
Hackateer Premiere Mark Abene , John Threat Hackateer is an episodic adventure series about a team of hackers who are being chased ... Security
A Hacker'S View Of The Freedom Of Information Act (Foia) Phil Lapsley As part of his book on the history of phone phreaking, Phil submitted hundreds of ... Security
Hacker Space Design Patterns Jens Ohlig How do you get a hacker space started? How do you manage it once you ... Security
Hackers And Planet Earth Peter Jackson Technological innovations of the last few centuries have changed our relationship with Planet Earth. With ... Security
Hacking Cool Things With Microcontrollers Mitch Altman Microcontrollers can do your bidding. This presentation will show a few fun, simple projects that ... Security
Hacking Democracy: An In Depth Analysis Of The Es&S Voting Systems Sandy Clark , Matt Blaze , Eric Cronin , Gaurav Shah , Micah Sherr , Pavol Cerny , Adam Aviv Last Fall, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner commissioned Project EVEREST, a comprehensive security review ... Security Analysis
Hacking International Networks And System(S) Using Voip Da Beave , Jfalcon There is an entire world of PSTNs out there that most people never bother to ... Security Media Legal
Hacking The Mind, Hacking The Body: Pleasure C4bl3fl4m3 (Part I), (Part II) (Part I), (Part II) A continuation of the infamous ìhacking Sexî ... Security
Hacking The Price Of Food: An Urban Farming Renaissance Bicyclemark With the global price of food rising dramatically around the world, the number of people ... Security Community Risk Business
Hacking The Young Lady'S Illustrated Primer: Dispatches From The Field Of Educational Technology Ivan Krstic , Gillian "Gus" Andrews The takeaway message of this panel will be that the critical element in teaching with ... Security Panel
The History Of Phone Phreaking, 1960-1980 Phil Lapsley This talk will give a brief history of phone phreaking from 1960 to 1980 the ... Security
Home Is Where The Heart Is? The Question Of Jurisdiction Douglas Spink A presentation on the subject of corporate legal jurisdictions and related topics. While this sounds ... Security Privacy Legal
How Do I Pwn Thee? Let Me Count The Ways Renderman The business world has spawned a new kind of creature, the mobile, traveling worker. This ... Security Wireless Business
How Piracy Feeds A Starving Audience Michael Perkins This talk will present observations of the relationship between technology and art in a comprehensive ... Security
How To Talk To The Mainstream Media Stephen Cass Why bother with the mainstream media? Because that's where the audience is. Only a tiny ... Security Media
Identification Card Security: Past, Present, Future Doug Farre Come learn how identification cards have taken over our lives, how they can be manufactured ... Security Legal
The (Im)Possibility Of Hardware Obfuscation Karsten Nohl This talk will discuss several different approaches to reverse engineering proprietary algorithms from hardware. It ... Security Cryptography
The Innermost Unifier: Today It'S The Corporate Anthem Johannes Grenzfurthner Using different historical and current examples (especially from the area of the hardware/software-industry), Johannes will ... Security
Installation Art In Hope Space Daravinne , Albert Hwang , Randy Polumbo , Erik Sanner , Sean Mongomery In an effort to continue the knitting together of the art scene and the tech ... Security
The Intersection Of Culture Jamming, Hacking, And Hacktivism Pan , Phineas Narco , Tim Maloney , Fred Church , Steev Hise , Ricardo Dominguez , Bernardo Attias , Mark Hosler (Part I), (Part II) (Part I), (Part II) Over the past nearly 20 years, the ... Security Web Panel Media
Introduction To Mcu Firmware Analysis And Modification With Msp430Static Travis Goodspeed The Texas Instruments MSP430 is a low-power, 16-bit microcontroller which is rapidly gaining in popularity ... Security Analysis
Introduction To The Open Web Application Security Project Tom Brennan This talk will provide attendees with an introduction to the Open Web Application Security Project ... Security Web
Ipv6, The Next Generation Network Playground - How To Connect And Explore Joe Klein A replacement for IPv4 was first imagined after the 1990 report warning of IP address ... Security Firewall IPv6
Keynote Address - Steven Levy Steven Levy The author of Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and chief technology writer and a ... Security Keynote
Kitchen Hack Lab: Interactive Food Disassembly Gweeds Open source recipe development vs. secret restaurant techniques, hacked hardware vs. expensive science toys. Food ... Security Development
The Last Hope Closing Ceremonies Anonymous (Part I), (Part II) (Part I), (Part II) This is where it all comes to ... Security
Macro Social Engineering Lexicon Macro social engineering is using social interactions, mass media, and other methods to affect wide ... Security Community
Maintaining A Locksporting Organization And Breakthroughs In The Community Doug Farre , Jon King This presentation will go into detail about how to start and maintain a locksport organization ... Security Community
Methods Of Copying High Security Keys Barry Wels , Han Fey In this two hour workshop you will learn some new and advanced opening techniques for ... Security Analysis
Monumental Women Who Influenced Today'S Technology L33tphreak An historical summary of females who either participated in or were pioneers of advancements that ... Security
The New York City Taxi System: Privacy Vs. Utility Nick Leghorn When people think of New York City, three icons come to mind: the Statue of ... Security Privacy
No-Tech Hacking Johnny Long The best way to describe this talk is to simply quote some of what we ... Security
Ìoff The Grid Voice/Data Communications Bernies , Skip Arey It's Orwellian. We're so conditioned to believe we've little choice but to rely on government-regulated, ... Security
One Last Time: The Hack/Phreak History Primer Jason Scott In 2008 2600 is 24 years old, the computer bulletin board system is a 30 ... Security
Packing And The Friendly Skies - Why Transporting Firearms May Be The Best Way To Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly Deviant Ollam After a particularly horrible episode of airport theft, Deviant made the decision to never again ... Security
Pen Testing The Web With Firefox Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer , John "DaKahuna" Fulmer Hacking the web has never been easier. Whether you're using Firefox as a standalone tool ... Security Web Testing
Pentest Labs Using Livecds Thomas Wilhelm Despite being discussed in both books and a magazine article, the Pentest LiveCD project ... Security
Pgp Versus Pki Laura Raderman Both PGP and PKI take advantage of public key technology, but they are fundamentally different ... Security Cryptography
Phone Losers Of America Murd0c , Rob T Firefly , I-ball , Sidepocket The Phone Losers of America's 15th anniversary panel will include video presentation of various prank ... Security Panel
Phreaking 110: The State Of Modern Phreaking I-ball An intermediate talk about phreaking today. Discussion will include information about INWARDS operators and how ... Security Access Legal
Phreaks, Confs, And Jail Tprophet In the mid to late 90s, phreaks spent a lot of time on teleconferences (known ... Security Infrastructure
Policy Hacking: Taking Back Public Sector It Arjen Kamphuis On January 1st, 2002, Arjen tried to access the website of the Dutch national railway ... Security Others Access
Port Knocking And Single Packet Authorization: Practical Deployments Michael Rash Port Knocking and its big brother, Single Packet Authorization (SPA), can provide a robust additional ... Security Anonymity
Postal Hacking Cypherghost A review of the United States Postal Service discusses numerous mail-related issues. What is the ... Security Mail Automation
Programming Your Mobile Phone For International Calling The Cheshire Catalyst Many people are not aware of the nuances of setting up their mobile telephone for ... Security
Project Telephreak Da Beave , Jfalcon , Slestak. Notkevin , Gid , R0d3nt Telephreak was a group that was never meant to be. That is, it wasn't started ... Security Panel
Pseudonymization Methodologies: Personal Liberty Vs. The Greater Good Jon-michael C. Brook Think of four facts that can separate you from the rest of the general populous: ... Security Privacy
Real Id Act And Rfid: Privacy And Legal Implications Tiffany Strauchs Rad Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a practical and useful technology for locating items without the ... Security Privacy Legal
Reprimand Panel I-ball , Gonzo One would think that, after being online for six years, an e-zine would have a ... Security Panel
Riaa Litigations: How The Tech Community Can Help Ray Beckerman , Zi Mei This talk will be an update on RIAA litigations against ordinary individuals based on allegations ... Security Community
Safecracking Eric "Unlocked" Schmiedl Despite many appearances in film and television, fairly little is widely known about how safes ... Security
Sharing Your Love Of Technology With Normal People - Prometheus Radio Project Tips Pete Tridish , Steph99 Prometheus Radio Project, based in West Philly, builds radio stations with farmworkersí unions, civil rights ... Security Others Access Media
Simulating The Universe On Supercomputers Mark Vogelsberger This talk will describe recent progress in the field of cosmic structure formation and will ... Security
The Singularity: Focus On Robotics And Hackers Ben Mr-sk The 1970s was an era of technological breakthroughs. Exciting projects and groundbreaking discoveries were made ... Security
Social Engineering Emmanuel Goldstein In a tradition that began at the very first HOPE conference, the art of social ... Security
Spy Improv: Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask And Did Not Know Who To Ask Robert Steele (Part I), (Part II) (Part I), (Part II) The recovering spy and ass-kicking critic of ... Security
Starting Your Own Con For Fun And No Profit: A How-To Paul "Froggy" Schneider , Jodie "Tyger" Schneider One of the core values of the hacker scene is the concept of DIY. If ... Security
Strengths And Weaknesses Of (Physical) Access Control Systems Eric "Unlocked" Schmiedl , Mike Spindel Access control systems are widely used in security, from restricting entry to a single room ... Security Access
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Tscm) - A Brief Primer On The Arcane Art And Science Of Electronics Surveillance And Ìbugî Detection Marty Kaiser The spooky world of covert electronic surveillance and countermeasures by governments, corporations, and individuals is ... Security Privacy
Undoing Complexity - From Paper Clips To Ball Point Pens Marc Weber Tobias , Matt Fiddler This talk will be a systematic approach to dissecting and disabling multiple layers of physical ... Security Development
Vlans Layer 2 Attacks: Their Relevance And Their Kryptonite Kevin Figueroa , Marco Figueroa , Anthony L. Williams Proper network infrastructure configuration is a crucial step in a successful in depth defense strategy ... Security Infrastructure
Voip (In)Security: Italians Do It Better Alessio L.R. Pennasilico Various VoIP vulnerabilities will be described here using some real case histories. There will be ... Security
Warrantless Laptop Searches At U.S. Borders Decius U.S. customs agents have begun randomly searching the contents of laptops carried by individuals across ... Security Privacy Legal
What And Who Is Ìanonymousî? Alex (demine0) , Dusk , Little Sister , Mike (sethdood) , Pokeanon , Atkins , Ryan "Dr3k" Hannigan Anonymous is an anti-group which takes nothing too seriously and values free speech in the ... Security
Wikipedia: You Will Never Find A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy Virgil Griffith Not only the world's largest text-based MMO, Wikipedia is a staple of the Internet user's ... Security
Youtomb - A Free Culture Hack Oliver Day , Dean Jansen , Quentin Smith , Christina Xu YouTomb ( scans sections of sites where popular videos pop up (Digg, Technorati, YouTube, etc.) ... Security