GroundZero 2016 Nov. 5, 2016 to Nov. 8, 2016, colombo,sri lanka

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Shekhar Sinha N/A
Chief Guest Address Shri Rajnath Singh N/A
Special Address Shri Alok Joshi N/A
Air Marshal - Chief: Western Air Command Sb Deo N/A
National Cyber Security Coordinator Gulshan Rai N/A
Exposing Cyber Espionage: Hello from Pakistan- IIC Session Jiten Jain N/A
Catch me if you can: TOR tricks for bots, shells and general hacking Jan Seidl N/A
"Panel Discussion on Cyber Arms Control Aks Sahani , Shri Jayadeva Ranade , Shri Raghuraman , Shri Alok Vijayant , Shri Lamba N/A
Sanctioned to Hack: Your SCADA HMIs Belong to Us! Aditya K. Sood N/A
Exploiting GSM With SDR to Pwn your Phone Manuel Moreno N/A
Cyber Security in Hospitals:Hospitals Under Seige Anirudh Duggal N/A
Wolves Among Sheep: Defeating Targeted Attacks With Deception Sahir Hidayatullah , Raviraj Doshi N/A
Special Interview :, Ex-Anonymous Hacker & Lulzsec Co-Founder Sabu , Hector N/A
Chellam – a Wi-Fi IDS/Firewall for Windows Vivek Ramachandran N/A
Head, IT Cell - BJP Shri Arvind Gupta N/A
Make in India for Makers of India: Moderator : Kashish, Panelists: Nandakumar Sarvade , Sachin Burman , Govind , Bikram Singh , Shri B.j Srinath N/A
Trailing Terror in the Darknets Shesh Sarangdhar N/A
Hacking RFIDs under 2000INR Jayesh singh Chauhan N/A
Economics of Post Quantum Crypto Systems : Do we really Need it Ajit Hatti N/A
OSINT Black Magic: Listen who whispers your name in the dark!!! Nutan Panda , Sudhanshu Chauhan N/A
RFID/NFC for the masses Nahuel Grisolía N/A
Novel Algorithm for Encoding and Decoding in Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Single Sign-on Mechanism Aneesha N/A
Credit Card frauds - The Money Making Ecosystem for cyber criminals Abhinav Singh N/A
Thanks for free cookies! Anshul Saxena , Nishant Yadav N/A
Dissecting Android Malware Anto Joseph N/A
Authentication flaw in Automatic Bank Passbook Printing Machine Indrajeet Bhuyan N/A
XSS - The art of evading web application filters! Anirudh Anand N/A
Browser based Malware attacks Harsh Daftary N/A
r00tKidz and Hacking Triveni Singh , Lea ruben Paul N/A
RFID / NFC Hacking Nahuel Grisolía N/A
ICS/SCADA Security 101 Jan Seidl N/A
Hacking The Droids Anto Joseph N/A
Malware Development & Reversing Karthik Varma N/A
Basics to Advanced Cryptography & PKI for Penetration Testers and Auditors Ajit Hatti N/A
Windows Memory Forensics Boonlia Prince Komal , Boonlia Prince Komal" N/A
Web App Security Himanshu Sharma , ​​nipun Jaswal , Harpreet Singh N/A