Powerofcommunity 2016 Nov. 10, 2016 to Nov. 11, 2016, seoul,south korea

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
“Cyber Grand Shellphish: Shellphish and the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge” Kevin Borgolte N/A
“Analysis of iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak & Security Enhancements of iOS 10” Pangu N/A
“Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the Software Stack" Ben Gras N/A
“Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles: Contactless Attacks against Sensors of Self-Driving Vehicles” Wenyuan Xu , Chen Yan , And Jianhao Liu N/A
“The Million-Key Question – How RSA Public Key Leaks Its Origin” Petr Svenda N/A
“The Great Train Cyber Robbery” Gleb Gritsai N/A
“Effective Patch Analysis for Microsoft Updates” Brian Pak N/A
“qemu+kvm & xen pwn: virtual machine escape from 'Dark Portal'” Wei Xiao , Qinghao Tang N/A
Papa Said They Used To Find Vulnerabilities Manually... Sslab N/A
“Forcing LTE Cellphone into Unsafe Network” Lin Huang , Wanqiao Zhang N/A
“Scaling to the Adversary: Machine Learning Driven Mining of Threat Intel from the Darkweb” Paulo Shakarian N/A
badWPAD Maxim Goncharov N/A
“White Rabbit in Mobile: Effect of Unsecured Clock Source in Smartphone OS and Apps” Shinjo Park N/A
“Exploiting PHP-7: teaching a new dog old tricks” Yannay Livneh N/A
“Hacking Phones from 2013 to 2016” Keen Lab N/A
“Escape Plans: A Year's Journey with Microsoft Edge Sandbox” Yuki Chen , Mj0011 N/A